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The Prophecy (ch 21-22/28)

Title: The Prophecy

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: SG-1 (AU)

Pairing: Sam/Janet (implied), Janet/OFC

Rating: NC17

Summary: Months after Janet Fraiser is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. They find something they never expected.

Spoilers/Timeline: AU. Starts immediately after Heroes II, so anything before then is fair game. However, since this is AU canon may or may not be followed.

Archive: Only with permission

Disclaimer: Stargate and its characters belong to MGM and Gekko, not me. No copyright infringement intended, no money being made.

A/N1: Special thanks to [info]oxfordshoes2 for the beta!


Chapter 21



Sam told Kris about Thor and the prophecy that brought SG-1 to Jidiri. That, and the fact that they believed it referred to Kris and Janet.


“Interesting theory, but I see a couple of problems with it.”




“Well, first off, your prophecy, or any prophecy for that matter, doesn’t take into account free will. What if I choose to stay right where I am? I have seen and combated things more vile and evil than you can possibly imagine, and I did it for more years than anyone at your SGC has been in uniform. My own uniform bears the rank of admiral. As they used to say in your time, ‘I’ve done my bit for king and country.’ I deserve the right to retire and live in peace with my wife. Secondly, I’ve been through the files of the SGC. They record Janet’s death in the line of duty. There is nothing in them to indicate she ever returned. Surely if we were meant to return with you to the SGC Janet’s remarkable return from the dead would have been noted in the files, as was Dr. Jackson’s when he returned from ‘life as a non-corporal being living on another plane of existence.’”


“Wait a minute. How did you access the SGC’s files?”


“I simply downloaded them from my ship’s memory core.”


“Why would our files be in your ship’s memory? I mean no offence, but it’s possible that not all our files would be shared with your world.”


Kris let out a sigh. “You don’t understand. My homeworld may not yet be known to Humans in your time, but my wife Lena and I made our home in Montana where she grew up. We were both in the Allied Fleet.”


A look of comprehension finally crossed Sam’s face as she sat back. “Dare I ask just how far in our future you’re from?”


“500 years, give or take.”


Sam closed her eyes and started rubbing her temples. “And you’re sure there’s nothing that indicates Janet returned after her death?”


“I’ve reviewed the files. There’s no mention of her at all after her death. There is one file I never accessed though.”


“Why not?”


“My security code would not allow me to access it,” Kris said with frown.


“Then maybe that file is the one that indicates Janet returns,” Sam argued.


“You don’t understand; there’s no way my code should not have been able to access the file.”


“If you don’t have clearance–”


“That’s just it, Sam, I do have clearance – the highest clearance there is.”


“Hmm. Is it possible the file was damaged or corrupted when your ship crashed?”


“It’s possible. The Phoenix file was a fairly large one.”


“Did you say Phoenix?”


“Yes. Why?”


“Thor said, ‘Earth’s Guardian and mate will be born again, of the heart and in life. They are a phoenix. They become as one.’ I understand you have your own opinions about prophesies, but you have to admit there are a lot of coincidences if nothing else. Janet was dead and revived – ‘born again in life.’ You lost your first wife – ‘born again of the heart.’ And you told me yourself how you and Janet are connected, a bond that can’t be broken except through death – ‘they become as one.’ And now the one file you couldn’t access on the SGC is a file name Phoenix – ‘they are a phoenix.’”


Kris just looked at Sam. “And all this is supposed to make me leave the life Janet and I have made for ourselves here and go back to Earth some 500 years in my past and become a Guardian of Earth based on some vague alien prophecy?”


Sam sighed. “Well, when you put it that way...”


Kris gave the blonde a tired smile. “You’re right about one thing, Sam. I did lose my first wife. When Lena died you have no idea how close I came to dying too. Janet’s love has given me a new life. She’s my heart and soul. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”


“And if she decides she wants to return home?”


Kris pinned Sam with a look. “This is our home.”


Janet came in the front door with a concerned look on her face. “Honey? What’s wrong?” she asked as she immediately crossed the room and knelt in front of Kris.


Kris closed her eyes and took a slow, deep breath. She opened her eyes, her expression softening as she gazed into Janet’s dark, brown eyes. “Nothing. I was just telling Sam that Jidiri is our home.”


Janet smiled and reached up to cup her wife’s cheek. “Yes, it is,” she said with a smile. She rose up and kissed Kris very lovingly.


Sam had to look away and swallow around the lump that suddenly grew in her throat. It hurt to think that Janet might really elect to stay on Jidiri rather than return to Earth. Despite the time she’d spent with Janet and Kris, she was still struggling with the fact that Janet was with someone else.




After dinner, while Kris cleaned up, Janet and Sam went into the living room. Janet confronted her friend about whatever it was she had said or done that had upset her wife so much.


“Alright, Sam, what did you say to Kris just before I got home?”


“I-I simply told her about the prophecy.”


“What prophecy?”


“The one Thor told us about. The whole reason we came to Jidiri.”


“That’s not all of it, Sam,” Janet said with certainty.


“I asked what she would do if you decided to come home.”


Janet’s eyes flashed with anger. “I am home.”




“Sam, my place is with my wife, and Kris is happy here. I won’t leave Jidiri unless it’s something she wants to do.” She abruptly stood up and walked into the kitchen. She slipped her arm around Kris’s waist. [Come for a walk with me. Please.]


[Anything for you.]


Sam was surprised when Janet and Kris silently walked out the front door arm in arm.




“So, you care to tell me what brought on your sudden desire to go for a walk?”


Janet sighed. “Sam...”


“Ah. Well, she hasn’t had five years to deal with losing you and to move on.”


“It’s not that exactly.” She paused. “Do you remember what you said about Jidiri when we first arrived here?”


“That it seemed too good to be true.”


“But it’s turned out to be exactly as advertised.”


“Yes, it has.”


“I love it here.”


“So do I, Janet.”


“Sam said she told you about the prophecy.”




Janet stopped and moved to face her wife. “I want you to know that I have no intention of leaving Jidiri unless you want to.”


Kris reached up and tenderly cupped Janet’s cheek. “And rest assured that my place is by your side... wherever that may be, beloved.” She leaned in and they kissed.




Sam wasn’t around when Janet and Kris returned home. They retired to bed early that night.


After leisurely making love Kris rested her head on Janet’s chest, listening to her heart. Janet carded her fingers through her wife’s dark, silky hair.






“I need to go back to work.”


Janet smiled. “I wondered how long it was going to take you to bring it up.” She paused for a beat. “I’m concerned that your strength and stamina aren’t what they used to be.”


“And they won’t be if I don’t start actively pushing myself.”


“I know. Just promise me you’ll do it right, Kris.”


“I will, love.”




In the morning Janet got up early, letting Kris sleep. She wanted to fix breakfast for her wife since Kris was going to go to the school. Sam, who must have come in sometime after they’d gone to bed, got up while Janet was setting the table.


“Good morning.”


“Good morning. Go ahead and have a seat. I’m going to go wake Kris.”


Janet returned, with Kris in tow, after only a couple of minutes. The three women started eating breakfast.


“I’m going into work today, Sam, would you care to join me?” Kris asked.


“You might enjoy yourself, Sam,” said Janet. “Kris teaches at the martial arts school.”


“Sounds interesting. Sure.”




The first class of the day included some of the youngest students. When Kris stepped into the room discipline went out the window amongst shouts of “Uzhinn! Uzhinn!”


Kris couldn’t keep from smiling even as she gently admonished them for breaking form. They all crowded around her trying to hug her at the same time. She finally got them to settle down and then she introduced Sam to them.


“Have you all been practicing and meditating like you have been taught?”


“Yes, Uzhinn.”


“So how many of you can avoid the stings of the practice remote blindfolded?”


No hands went up.




“Yes, Tala?”


“Is it really possible?”


“Is what possible?”


“Is it really possible to avoid being stung by the practice remote when one is blindfolded?


“Yes, Tala, it is. In fact, not only can you successfully avoid the sting of the practice remote, as you progress you will be able to handle at least four remotes at the same time. However, you will only be able to do so when you are calm and at peace within yourself. When you get frustrated or angry you will not succeed.” She looked at all of them. “So, with that in mind, it’s time for all of you to continue your lesson with Chuzu.” She nodded at Chuzu to go ahead and continue the class. Kris and Sam stepped out of the room.


“So what are these practice remotes the kids were talking about?” Sam asked.


“I’ll show you.” Kris led the blonde into another smaller room. She retrieved one of the remotes which looked like a pencil-sized laser pointer. She turned it on and it began to hover.


Sam’s eyes widened and she smiled. “Some kind of anti-gravitational field I take it.”


Kris nodded. “I’ll put it on the lowest setting.” It started to move around Sam in a completely random pattern. Suddenly it zapped her with a mild static discharge.


“Whoa!” she exclaimed out of surprise rather any pain.


“The idea is to not be where the next zap will be.”


“I get the picture.”


Kris let Sam play with it for a few minutes. Sam managed to avoid a couple of zaps, but got stung the rest of the time.


“There’s no pattern to its movement or the timing of the zaps.”


“No, there’s not.” Kris turned it off.


“And you expect those children to avoid this thing blindfolded?!”


“In fact, they will before they can graduate to the next level. It’s actually far easier for a child than it is for an adult.”




“Because children still believe that anything is possible. Adults have already decided it’s impossible.”


Sam thought about it for a moment. “I think I see your point.”




Chapter 22


Jack was climbing the walls. He’d lost any and all patience with the situation. They’d been on Jidiri for weeks. Although, according to Carter, it could actually be a shorter amount of time – time being relative and all that. Either way it felt like forever since they’d arrived on Jidiri. Also according to Sam, Dr. Fraiser and her wife – he still hadn’t gotten used to that concept – were not giving any indication of being willing to return to Earth; just the opposite in fact. And on top of all that the stargate was no longer in the white room they’d arrived in. ‘Colin’ assured him it would ‘reappear when it was time.’


Jack needed to get away from everyone and all their... niceness or else he couldn’t be held responsible for his actions. So, he went for a walk, one that specifically took him out of the village and away from any people. Of course, that meant he ended up going in the direction that took him to the only active archeological dig on Jidiri. It was actually a system of underground caverns they were exploring.


Since he wasn’t in the mood to be around people he simply waved and was about to continue on his way when there was a loud commotion by the dig. A big billow of smoke and dust and an acrid stench came up out of the caverns. He ran over to see what the problem was. There was a lot of yelling and disorganization. There had been a cave-in and some people were unaccounted for.


The only way down into the cavern was by rope and they needed more, especially if they needed to haul any injured people out. Jack radioed back to his team to bring some more rope. Daniel and Teal’c both radioed back that they would bring more rope. Since Sam was at the school Kris heard the radio call.


“Come on, I know exactly where they are.” [Janet! There’s been a cave-in at Taran’s dig site. You better get a team out there now.]


[I’ll take care of it, honey.]


[See you there.]


[Be careful, Kris.]




Since the site was on the opposite side of the village as the school, Teal’c and Daniel arrived before Sam and Kris. Daniel joined Jack down in the cavern and helped him get everyone out that they could. When Sam and Kris arrived the guys were just being hauled up out the cavern. A headcount revealed there was still one person unaccounted for – Taran.


“I didn’t see anyone else down there,” Jack said.


“Taran was in the second cavern,” said Vesh.


“The entrance to the next cavern was caved-in.”


Kris turned to Teal’c. “Lower me down.” There was no way that Kris could stand by without attempting to rescue her friend. She was quickly joined by Sam, Daniel, and Jack. They moved rocks one at a time. While they worked Janet and some other medical personnel arrived and started helping the injured.


As soon as there was an opening in the rubble Kris called out to her friend. “Taran, can you hear me?”

“Kris, is that you?”

“Yes. We’re coming to get you. Are you alright?”


“I think my leg’s broken.”


“Okay. Sit tight.”


Once the hole was big enough Kris crawled through to the other side.


“Hey there.”


“Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes.”


Kris smiled. “Well, we have to get you out of here before dinnertime; otherwise your wife will have my hide.”


“Delsie’s going to kill me.”


“Probably, but let’s worry about that later. Now let me take a look at your leg.”


Taran let out a yelp.


“Yep, it’s definitely broken. Let’s get this splinted and then get you out of here.” [Janet? Can you have a splint sent down so I can get Taran out of here?]


[You got it, love.]


A splint was sent down. Once Kris had it in place she helped Taran up and over to the opening. There was only room for one person to get through the opening at a time so she helped Taran into the opening first. Jack and Sam got hold of Taran and pulled her the rest of the way through barely in time to avoid a second cave-in. Jack and Sam saw the tons of rock fall before their eyes. Jack caught a last glimpse of Kris as she threw her arms over head and tried ducking for protection. Shocked, the colonel did not see any possible way that Kris could have survived that cave-in.


Daniel, Sam, and Jack scrambled to get Taran up to the surface with Teal’c’s help. Once they were hauled up to the surface Jack looked over at where Janet was working on a patient.


“How the hell am I supposed to tell Doc?” Jack hung his head and rubbed the back of his neck.


Before Jack could figure out what he was going to say Janet turned and rushed over to the edge of the cavern. It was apparent from the look on her face that she sensed something had happened.


“Doc, I need to talk to you a minute.”


“Tell me what happened, Jack.”


“I don’t know any way to tell you this other than to just say it. So... Kris was helping with the rescue, but she was caught in the last cave-in. I’m afraid there’s no way she could have survived it.”


Janet took a deep breath and let it out. “She may be hurt, but she’s not dead.”


“Doc, I saw the cave-in happen, no one could’ve survived it.”


“You’re wrong, Jack. She’s not dead. If she was I would know it.”


Jack was at a loss of how to handle Janet – thinking she was being irrational. Sam came over when she realized something was going on.


Janet looked at Sam, “She’s not dead, Sam. I’d know it if she were.” She tapped her temple. “I can still feel her here. If she were dead our bond would be broken, and it’s not.”


Sam nodded. “Colonel, if Janet says Kris is alive then she is. We have to try to dig her out.”


Jack looked at Sam incredulously. “Carter, you saw that cave-in.”


“I know, but I also know that we have to try.” She turned around and walked back over to the cavern. Teal’c lowered her down and she started to work.


Daniel and Teal’c quickly joined Sam... as did a number of the locals. Jack finally joined them even though he didn’t believe Kris could be alive. It was several hours before they finally found her. She was in a very deep healing meditation so Jack was convinced Kris was dead. They brought her up and laid her on a work table.


“I am afraid we were too late, Dr. Fraiser.”


Janet moved to her wife’s side and took her hand in her own. “No, it’s alright. She’s not dead.”


“But she is not breathing and has no pulse.”


“She’s in a deep healing meditation similar to your kelnorim, Teal’c.” Janet tenderly caressed Kris’s cheek.


Suddenly Kris drew in a deep breath and opened her eyes, looking up at Janet. “Beloved.” She returned her wife’s smile. “You’re not going to believe this.”


A small, bright light emerged from her body and hovered between Kris and Janet. Then several large, bright lights appeared and surrounded the two of them.


“What the–”


“Whatever you do, do not interfere,” Daniel cut Jack off.


The large light-beings that surrounded Janet and Kris picked them up and carried them away.


Jack, Teal’c, and Sam all turned to Daniel. “Daniel, what the hell just happened?”


“I don’t know, Jack.”


“Why not? You used to be one of those glowy things! Are they going to bring Doc and her wife back?”


“That depends?”


“On what?”


“On why they took them. Oma Desala took Shifu to keep him safe. According to Sam, Orlin said they wiped out all the people on P4X-636 because they misused the knowledge he gave them.”


“Dr. Fraiser and Kris Fraiser both appeared to be very joyful as they were taken. I do not believe they are in any danger,” observed Teal’c.


“So what do we do now?” asked Jack.


“We wait,” answered Teal’c.


“Why don’t we wait at their house? I’m sure they’ll go home whenever they get back from... wherever,” suggested Sam.


They all agreed.




SG-1 was already fatigued from the rescue effort and since it was the middle of the night, they decided to get some sleep. They took turns so that someone would be up when the women returned home.


Jack was on watch but Sam couldn’t sleep, so they were both sitting at the table. Daniel was asleep on the couch and Teal’c was sitting in the corner deep in kelnorim.




“What’s on your mind, Carter?”


“Janet. What’s going to happen to her if she does return with us?”


“What do you mean?”


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Is she going to return to face a court martial?


He took a breath a let it out. “Hammond would never do that to her.”


“What if it’s not up to him? You know how the NID and Kinsey are always poking into everything. And don’t forget who’s in the White House right now.”


“I know, but I seem to recall that the President signed a treaty recognizing off-world marriages.”


“But that treaty is with our allies.”


Jack nodded. “We’ll figure something out.”


Suddenly a very bright light flared in the living room, bright enough to wake Daniel and rouse Teal’c from his kelnorim. After the light died down to a bearable level they saw Janet and Kris standing the center of the room facing each other, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes as if nothing else in the world existed. There was a softly glowing aura that surrounded them that eventually faded.


After several moments of silence Jack spoke. “Welcome back, ladies.”


“Are you alright?” Sam asked.


Kris nodded.


“We’re just fine,” Janet replied.


“I am pleased that you have returned safely,” said Teal’c.


“We were never in any danger,” Kris said.


“We’re going to get some sleep since we’ll be returning to Earth with you tomorrow,” said Janet.


With that they walked arm in arm into their bedroom and closed the door. The others looked at each other in shock.


Finally Jack broke the silence. “Well, I guess we’ll head back to the house and get some shut eye ourselves. Looks like we finally get to go home. The general is probably wondering what’s happened to us. Carter, stay here and bring Doc and Kris to the house tomorrow. Let’s give them a chance to get a decent night’s sleep. Let’s say we meet up at 1100 hours.”


“Yes, sir.”




Janet and Kris couldn’t take their eyes off of each as they undressed and slipped into bed. They came together and wrapped their arms around each other. They both felt a little awestruck by what they’d experienced while with the ascended Ancients.


[The time has come for you to leave this place. Your destiny awaits. Earth needs her Guardian.]


[So the prophecy is true,] thought Janet.




The Ancients cut off Kris’s next thought before she could even form it. [And no, no one’s future is written in stone. Your preparation has not been complete, for it was not foreseen that through your love you would bring Elyssa into being.]


Both women felt sorrow at the mention of their lost daughter.


[When your body could no longer sustain her we welcomed her into our midst, for one conceived of such love and selflessness is a gift to all those she will one day encounter. Your Elyssa lives on among us.]


Tears of joy rolled down the cheeks of both women.


[Accept these gifts from us: health, long life, wisdom, love that never fades, courage, and compassion. Our gifts to you, and help that will be sent to you, will help prepare you for your roles. Remember, it is from each other you draw your greatest strength.]


When Janet and Kris made love that night their bond seemed to connect them on a much deeper level than they’d ever experienced before.





Chapters 23 and 24

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  • A meme...

    Snertched from debrakla * Comment on this entry saying Rhubarb!, and I'll pick three things from your profile interests or tags. * Write about…

  • Personalized Easter Icons -- CLOSED

    THIS OFFER IS CLOSED. Here are some Easter icons available for personalization. I will personalize up to 3 icons per person. Just let me

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