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The Prophecy (ch 11-12/28)

Title: The Prophecy

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: SG-1 (AU)

Pairing: Sam/Janet (implied), Janet/OFC

Rating: NC17

Summary: Months after Janet Fraiser is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. They find something they never expected.

Spoilers/Timeline: AU. Starts immediately after Heroes II, so anything before then is fair game. However, since this is AU canon may or may not be followed.

Archive: Only with permission

Disclaimer: Stargate and its characters belong to MGM and Gekko, not me. No copyright infringement intended, no money being made.

A/N1: Special thanks to [info]oxfordshoes2 for the beta!


Chapter 11

Janet stood and took Kris’s face into her hands raising it so she could look into those impossibly dark eyes. “I understand that when Lena died your bond was severed... at a cost. I understand the damage has brought on the visvium which is affecting your higher brain functions and you’ll die if nothing is done.” Using her thumbs she tenderly wiped away a few tears that trailed down Kris’s cheeks. “Let me help you... because I love you.” She lowered her head and gently brushed her lips against Kris’s.


Kris was at the point of no return. She could not hold off the effects of the visvium any longer. In truth, this moment had been inescapable; it had only been a matter of time. She’d been surprised it had taken over two years. She had a choice to make... succumb to the visvium... or inflict herself on Janet. And the longer she took to decide, the less control she had over her mind... or body. She looked up at Janet, begging her to understand. “Too far along... no control... I could hurt... you...” Tears streamed down her face and her whole body began to shake.


Janet, standing between her knees, pulled Kris to her, cradling her head against her chest. She kissed the top of her head. “Shhh... don’t fight it anymore. Just let it happen.”




It was a long time later when Kris came to her senses. She found herself cradled in Janet’s arms, the beat of her friend’s heart beneath her ear... resonating through her body and mind. As Janet slept soundly, Kris took a couple of slow, deep breaths and tried to clear her mind. She knew she had made it through the worst of the effects of visvium, but the way her mind still burned from the scent of the other woman it was clear that she was not entirely over it. She opened her eyes... and her heart froze.


She recoiled when she saw Janet’s arm draped across her own; Kris felt like she’d been dumped into a tub of ice. She carefully slipped out of Janet’s embrace and sat up. Tears welled in her eyes as she saw bruises littering other places on Janet besides her arm. She retrieved the stimulator from the medkit on the nightstand and began running it over the bruises. Kris moved the covers to heal the bruises on the lower half of Janet’s body causing her to wake up.


Janet opened her eyes and smiled. “Hey. You’re awake,” she said sweetly.


She simply nodded and continued to work on the bruises. Unable to look Janet in the eyes, Kris concentrated on the task at hand. Finally she asked Janet to turn over onto her stomach so she could get at the rest of the bruises. When she placed the stimulator on the nightstand Janet turned back over again and looked at Kris as she ran the medical scanner over her for a final check.


“All done?”


She nodded and returned the scanner and the stimulator to the medkit. “Feel better?”


Janet sat up. “Yes.” She paused as she reached out to put her hand on Kris’s arm to stop her as she started to get out of bed. “And how are you? Is the visvium over?”


She didn’t look at her, but simply shook her head. “Not completely... but the worst has passed... I... I’m in control of myself now...” She took a deep breath and let it out. “I’m going to take a shower.” She abruptly rose from the bed and went into the bathroom.


Once under the cascading water of the shower she let her tears finally fall. She was so upset about the bruises she’d found on Janet’s body – knowing she’d been the cause of them. After several minutes she got out of the shower, slipped on her robe, and walked back into her bedroom. She still couldn’t look Janet in the eye.




“Yeah, I am.”


“I’ll fix something to eat while you take your shower.”


“Actually, I think I’ll take a bath,” Janet replied.


“Probably a good idea. It’ll help ease your sore muscles. Take your time.” Kris quickly left the bedroom.


Janet was a confused by Kris’s behavior, her distance. She frowned as she got out of bed and went into the bathroom. She drew a bath and eased herself down into the hot water, letting the heat leach the soreness from her body. She laid her head back and placed a folded washcloth over her eyes.


As she soaked she thought about the last two years and everything that had happened. She’d been killed while tending a wounded soldier in the field; woken up in a crashed spaceship on an unknown planet, her fatal wounds healed; sat by helplessly as the woman who’d saved her life watched her own wife die; been integrated into a community made up of several alien races; and... fell in love with her roommate.


She let out a sigh. She didn’t know if Kris felt the same way, but she knew that she couldn’t sit back and do nothing. Not when she realized what was going on with Kris... regardless of what it might mean for their friendship. She’d rather lose their friendship than allow Kris to die.


At first, she’d been a little shocked when she’d read the DAT entry on visvium: its cause, its ‘treatment,’ and the outcome – if it were to be left untreated. Visvium was caused when the bond between mates was severed, but a remnant remained behind. Inevitably it led to the survivor’s death, after a decline of his/her mental faculties, if an Areth mind-healer was not able to treat the survivor. The only other thing that could save the survivor was to establish a new bond... with a mate.


The fact that Kris’s condition had improved indicated that their ‘coupling’ had been successful, but Janet didn’t feel any... she didn’t feel anything that indicated a bond had formed between them. And that brought her back to Kris’s behavior, and the distinct distance she seemed to be putting between them. Maybe she resents that it was me. Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed her. She felt the backs of her eyes sting.




When Janet entered the living room she found Kris sitting on the floor in front of the couch, staring into the fire she’d lit in the fireplace. Janet didn’t know what to say to the woman. After a couple of moments she went into the kitchen and found some cut up fruit and a sandwich sitting on the table waiting for her. She sat down and started eating.


“Mm, this is good. Have you eaten?”


“Yes,” Kris fibbed – she didn’t have an appetite.


When Janet was done eating she cleaned up and put everything away. She was still confused by Kris’s aloofness. Not knowing what else to do she decided to take the bull by the horns. She walked over and sat on the couch next to Kris’s shoulder. She took a deep breath and let it out. “Kris, did I do something wrong?”


“Oh, God. No!” Tears ran down her face as she looked up at Janet. “I did.” She broke down sobbing.


Janet immediately slid off the couch and enveloped Kris in her arms, holding her tight as she cried. “Oh, honey, what’s wrong?” She rocked her and kissed her temple, trying to comfort her.


“I never wanted to hurt you.”


“Shhh... you didn’t hurt me.”


Kris pulled back and looked at Janet in disbelief. She then turned back to stare into the fire. “I think those bruises proved otherwise.”


Janet sensed she really needed to convince Kris that everything was alright, to get her past this stumbling block. She moved to straddle Kris’s lap and lifted her chin so she could make eye contact.


“Listen to me, and don’t say anything until I’m done. You did not hurt me. So I got a few bruises; I’ve experienced much worse at the hands of others. I made a choice, a choice I would happily make again. Losing you was not, and is not, an option. I love you. Neither of us were born yesterday or were virgins. I endured much rougher sex with my ex-husband. I chose to be with you out of love. So quite frankly, even though you were not yourself and it was all about biology, I didn’t notice any of the bruising at the time.” She cupped Kris’s face in both her hands, gazing intently into her impossibly dark eyes. “I have no regrets.” She paused for a couple of beats. “Do you?”


Kris was stunned. Even while in the grip of the visvium she had not actively sought contact with Janet’s mind. She didn’t feel she had that right since Janet had acted out of friendship... or so she had believed. So to hear that Janet loved her and to see the sincerity in her eyes left her feeling bewildered. How could she be so incredibly fortunate for a second time in her life?


“No,” she whispered. “I love you,” she added.


Janet lowered her head and tenderly kissed Kris. Kris wrapped her arms around the doctor and held her close. After a couple of minutes they parted due to a lack of oxygen. They rested their foreheads together as they both tried to catch their breath.


“Not exactly how I imagined our first time together.”


After a moment Janet pulled back and looked down into Kris’s eyes. “You imagined us together?” she asked with a pleased, and teasing, smile.


Kris blushed. “When I realized I’d fallen in love with you... well, of course I did...” she couldn’t keep from smiling, “... frequently.”


The doctor’s smile widened. “And just when were you going to make your feelings known to me?”


“In time. Actually, I had planned on courting you.” She took a deep breath and let it out. “But then this all started and... well...” She hung her head.


Janet kissed Kris’s forehead and ran fingers through silky hair, then wrapped her arms around Kris’s head and shoulders, pulling her close. Kris closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath as she tucked her face into the crook of the doctor’s neck. After her bath Janet must have reapplied her perfume – it’s scent tickled Kris’s senses as she inhaled slowly and smiled with pleasure. When she exhaled it was almost a sigh.


“What is that perfume you’re wearing?”


“It’s the vanilla scented one.”


Kris smiled. “I love the way it smells on you. It’s my favorite.”


“I know. That’s why it’s the only one I wear anymore.”


Kris started nuzzling her throat. Janet’s breathing changed when Kris’s lips found a particularly sensitive spot at the base of her throat. Janet pulled back and claimed those lips in a hungry kiss. When they parted Kris gazed up into soft, brown eyes. She reached up and caressed Janet’s cheek.


“I want to share something with you.”




“I want you to know exactly how I feel about you.” Through the bond that had been established during their coupling, Kris touched Janet’s mind and shared her feelings directly with her newfound lover.


Janet’s eyes widened and she let out a quiet gasp as her mind was filled with the love Kris felt for her. Her heart skipped a beat as she actually felt Kris’s feelings. It was unbelievably exhilarating.


[Never doubt my love for you, my beloved.]


Her eyes closed and she basked in the absolute truth and purity of being utterly loved. Then it dawned on her that she had heard Kris’s words in her mind, but it was different from the mind-touch they’d shared before. She took a breath, opened her eyes, and looked at her.


[This isn’t is a mind-touch, is it?]






Kris nodded. [Yes, we are bonded.]


[Then you can feel my love for you as well.]


She smiled. [Yes, I can. With time and practice you’ll learn to control the level of connection we share through our bond. Your private thoughts will remain private unless you wish it otherwise. But there will always be an awareness of each other.]


[So I am your...]


[My beloved... my Janet... my mate.] Tears of joy filled her eyes and she let all the love and joy she felt flow through their bond... and felt it returned in full. [And by the traditions and laws of my homeworld – my wife.]


They both smiled and shed a few joyful tears as they started kissing. Kris untied Janet’s robe, slid her hands inside, resting them on Janet’s hips, and pulled her closer. She ran her hands up Janet’s sides as she rained her neck and throat with kisses, focusing on the sensitive pulse point she’d found earlier. Kris’s hands cupped her breasts, thumbs lightly teasing her erect nipples.


“Mmmm... I still need you.”


“I’m right here, my love.”




Chapter 12


Kris kissed her way down to Janet’s breasts and took a nipple in the moist heat of her mouth. Janet let out a pleasurable moan as she suckled. After a couple of minutes they kissed again, deeply. When they had to part due to a lack of oxygen Kris laid her head back on the couch for a few moments as she panted.


“Let’s get a little more comfortable.”


In a matter of seconds they had all the couch cushions and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. Added to that was the fleece blanket always kept on the couch and they were quite comfortably stretched out. Janet was on her back and Kris was lying on top of her. They had already shed their robes. Kris kissed, licked, and nipped her way down to her breasts and latched onto one of her nipples again. Janet moaned and her hips began to rock of their own volition. After a couple of minutes Kris kissed her way back up as her hand trailed down and along a shapely thigh.


She lifted her head and gazed down into Janet’s eyes. “I won’t lose control this time... I’m beyond that point now.”


“It’s alright if–” Janet’s voice hitched as questing fingers discovered how wet she was, “you do.” Her eyes closed in pleasure as fingertips lightly ran up and down wet folds a few times then circled her clit. Her eyes opened when Kris withdrew her hand. “Please... don’t stop...”


“Shhh... don’t worry. We’re just starting, my love.” She kissed Janet tenderly. “There’s more to the visvium than...” Her eyes closed as her voice trailed off, shame at her earlier behavior filling her.


Janet reached up and took Kris’s face in both her hands. “Shhh... it’s okay.” She pulled Kris down into a kiss.


“There are benefits to the bonding.” [A true blending: physically, emotionally, psychically. To be as one...]


The connection they shared was once again expanded as they began to slowly explore each other’s bodies and discover what made them moan and whimper with want and need. The pleasure experienced was intensified by the fact that these sensations now were shared through their bond... touching and being touched, kissing and being kissed, licking and being licked, penetrating and being penetrated... physically and mentally all melded into an exquisitely mind-blowing experience.


Eventually, they drifted to sleep in an exhausted and sweaty tangle of limbs.




It was morning when they woke. After some languid lovemaking and a joint shower – which turned into some more lovemaking – they finally got dressed. Kris contacted Chuzu at the school and arranged for him to take over all her classes for a few days. Janet, of course, was already scheduled off for a few days. Since it was a beautiful day out, a day that matched the way they felt on the inside, they decided to go out for lunch.


After lunch they went to the central building to the registrar’s office. They filled out the paperwork and then got into line. Fortunately the line wasn’t very long and it was soon their turn. They handed over their paperwork.


“What name do wish to have on the marriage certificate?”


“Janet Fraiser.”


The man nodded and entered the information. He then looked at Kris. “And what name do you want on the certificate?”


“Kris Fraiser.”


Janet’s head snapped around in shock. “Kris, are you sure?”


Kris smiled at her. “Yes.” She reached up and tenderly caressed Janet’s cheek. “I’m very sure.”


The clerk finished. “Sign here,” he instructed.


They signed their names and were sent on their way with their certified copy of their marriage certificate.




They walked through the park, hand in hand and with wide smiles, stopping frequently to kiss.


Janet chuckled after they came up for air. “I feel as giddy as a teenager.”


“So do I, and it’s been a lot longer for me since I was a teenager than it’s been for you.”


As she carded her fingers through short, dark hair Janet gazed into Kris’s eyes, smiled and then pulled her in for another kiss. “Mmmm... Kris?” she murmured around their kiss.




“Take me home... and make love to me.”


“Mmmm... okay.”




Sometime the next morning they were cuddling on the couch, naked with just the fleece blanket tossed over them. Kris was leaning back into the corner of the couch with Janet’s body curled into hers. She kissed the top of the head that was tucked under her chin and continued to run her fingers through the soft, brown hair.


“I know everything has happened so quickly–”


“Not so quickly.”




“I’ve been in love with you for a while.”


“And just when were you going to make your feelings known to me?” Kris asked.


Janet chuckled at having her own question turned back on herself. “It just took me a while to get up the courage to say anything.”


Kris gave her a squeeze.


“I was afraid you didn’t feel the same way, and I was afraid of hurting our friendship.”


“I know exactly what you mean. I’m glad you were braver than I was.”


Janet tilted her head back so she could look up into Kris’s eyes, she brought her hand up to caress her wife’s cheek before their lips met in a kiss. She readjusted back into place after the kiss.


“Anyway... what I was going to say was, with everything happening the way it did, because of the visvium, we kind of skipped the whole dating and courtship and wedding bit. We basically went from ‘I love you’ to married all in one fell swoop.” Kris could feel Janet’s concern growing as she talked. She shifted a little so she could look down into her soft, brown eyes. “And no, I have no doubts or regrets. I love you, Janet, and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much.” [Don’t ever forget this,] she added through their bond with all the emotional force behind it.


Janet nodded.


“I just don’t want you to ever feel like you’ve missed out on anything.”


“Like what?” she asked, confused.


Kris smiled. “Like a wedding.”


Janet still looked a little confused.


“You know, an event you plan, invite friends to, have a reception afterwards, and celebrate.”


She swatted Kris’s arm. “I know what a wedding is, smart ass.” She paused. “Honey, I don’t require some ceremony to make me feel any more married to you than I already do. I had all that when I married my ex-husband. But I realize we come from different worlds. I want to give you whatever your customs or heritage would call for.”


Kris let out a soft chuff of amusement. “I have such a mixed heritage,” she said with a smile. “But we’ve already bonded, and as is the custom on my homeworld, such things are always done in private. However, there is one tradition from our common heritage that I wouldn’t mind though.”






Janet smiled widely and nodded. “I’d like that, too.”


“We can go looking after lunch at the café.”


“But that means getting up and getting dressed,” Janet said as she snuggled up tighter against Kris.


Kris chuckled and kissed Janet’s forehead. “True, but then I’ll get to undress you all over again.”


Janet didn’t move... or rather she didn’t move to get up. She cupped Kris’s breast, lightly teasing the nipple. “I like having you already undressed,” she said with mischievousness in her tone of voice.


“Don’t you need some fresh air and something to eat?”


She looked up into ebony eyes. “I have everything I need right here,” she said softly, before their lips met in another deep kiss.


They finally got up from the couch. Once they were dressed they headed out to the nearby café and enjoyed a nice lunch. They then went shopping for their wedding rings. Since there were so many different cultures and races represented on Jidiri, there was a wide selection of types and styles of wedding rings, and their equivalents, available in the local jewelry shops. Janet and Kris had looked in two of the three closest shops and were both feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of the garishness of some of the selections.


They were both relieved to find the third shop catered to the less flamboyant population of the planet. The gentleman who waited on them, Teshen, was very nice and patient as they took their time. A lot of the rings contained gem stones set in different metals. While they were all quite beautiful, none of them seemed to be quite right. Teshen sensed they could use a few moments alone and stepped away.


“What do you think, Janet?”


“They’re all quite beautiful.”


“Is there one that you particularly like?”


Janet hesitated. “What about you? Which one do you like?”


“I agree, they are all quite beautiful.”




“But, I don’t think our rings are among them.”


Janet gave her a smile. “I don’t think so either.”


“I was thinking perhaps something more–”




Kris smiled and nodded.


“Just a simple band; something that I wouldn’t have to remove for any reason, even at work,” Janet said.




Teshen, seeing both women nod, assumed they’d come to a decision and again approached. “So, have you two decided on which rings you would like?”


“Actually, these are all beautiful, but what we’re looking for isn’t here,” Kris said. “But we’re hoping you can still help us.”


“Go on.”


“What we want is something very basic, with no stones or fancy carvings. You see, Janet is a doctor and she needs something that won’t catch on anything or scratch anyone, so she won’t have to remove it while at work. And I teach over at the martial arts school.”


Teshen smiled. “I understand. Do you have a preference in the metal they’re made out of?”


“Something strong, to represent our bond,” Janet answered.


Kris and Teshen both smiled at her answer.


“We can make the bands out of any metal, but the strongest metal available would ventinium. It is available in both a silver and a gold tone.”


“How about both?” Kris asked.


“That would be perfect!” Janet agreed.


“Alright. All we need to do is get your sizes, and have you pick out the width and style of band you want. It’s early and we don’t have any other special orders, so we should have them done for you tomorrow,” Teshen informed them with a smile.




The next day Janet and Kris excitedly made their way to the jewelry story to pick up their rings. Teshen smiled as they entered the store.


“Good afternoon, ladies.” He reached under the counter and pulled out a small velvet box. “I have your rings right here.” He opened the box and showed them the two rings sitting side by side within. They were perfect.


Teshen took them out of the velvet box and gently laid one in each of their palms. He had knowingly placed Janet’s ring in Kris’s palm and Kris’s ring in Janet’s palm. They smiled as they slipped the rings on each other’s finger. They gazed into each other’s eyes and then kissed.


They couldn’t stop smiling all the way home. When they got back to the house, Kris stopped Janet from going inside.


“What?” Janet asked.


“I should have done this before.”




Kris scooped her up in her arms and carried her inside. “Carried you over the threshold,” she said with a grin.”


They both chuckled as Kris sat down on the couch with Janet still in her arms.


Janet held up her left hand and admired her new wedding ring.


“So you like it?” Kris asked.


“I love it; it’s perfect.” She cupped Kris’s cheek. “I’ve never been happier,” she said before kissing her.




Chapters 13 and 14

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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

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