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The Prophecy (ch 7/28)

Title: The Prophecy

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: SG-1 (AU)

Pairing: Sam/Janet (implied), Janet/OFC

Rating: eventually NC17

Summary: Months after Janet Fraiser is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. They find something they never expected.

Spoilers/Timeline: AU. Starts immediately after Heroes II, so anything before then is fair game. However, since this is AU canon may or may not be followed.

Archive: Only with permission

Disclaimer: Stargate and its characters belong to MGM and Gekko, not me. No copyright infringement intended, no money being made.

A/N1: Special thanks to [info]oxfordshoes2 for the beta!

Chapter 7

Kris got up before the sun and silently left the house without disturbing her housemate. She began her four hour trek.


When Janet awoke she didn’t want to get up or go to work. But then realized going to work was better than just sitting about the house and brooding. She didn’t want to think about what the day represented. She dressed and knocked quietly on her housemate’s bedroom door. When there was no answer she opened it and was surprised to see that Kris was apparently already up and had left for the day.




By lunchtime Janet was convinced she was having one of the worst days of her life. She already had to deliver some bad news to a patient and had to rush another patient into surgery. Of course, it didn’t help that she was in a foul mood to begin with. She pinched the bridge of her nose and considered calling it a day. She looked at the pile of folders on her desk and gave up the notion of leaving for the day; however, needing to get out for a while, she did decide to go for a walk during her lunch break.


Janet walked through the village and absentmindedly acknowledged the people who waved at or greeted her. She actually let out a breath of relief when she reached Kris’s school. Even though both she and Kris had made other friends on Jidiri, there were things they only discussed with each other. She knew some time talking with Kris would help her feel better.


She opened the door and entered the school. There wasn’t a class in session, but there were a few students in the main room practicing on the mats. Janet walked on back to the office since she didn’t see Kris anywhere. She jumped as the office door opened just as she about to reach for the knob.


“Dr. Fraiser, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”


“It’s alright, Chuzu. And I told you to call me Janet.”


“But you are my doctor; it would be impolite to address you so informally.”


Janet smiled. She’d tried for some time to get Chuzu to address her by her name, particularly since she almost always saw him in a social setting, either as a guest of Kris in their home, or when she came to the school to see Kris. But Chuzu’s race placed a very high value on showing proper respect. Despite the closeness with which he worked with Kris, and their personal friendship, he refused to call her anything but Uzhinn – the Areth equivalent of Sensei, Sifu, or Teacher.


“Is there something I can do for you?” Chuzu asked.


“I’m just here to see Kris.”


“Uzhinn is not here. She canceled all her classes for today. I haven’t seen her since yesterday.”


“Oh. I see.” Janet was completely taken by surprise. Not only did Kris not say anything to her, but canceling all of her classes was completely out of character for the woman. Kris was nothing if not dependable. Even when she was not feeling her best Kris never missed a class.


“Is there a message... in case she comes in later?”


“No, no. Thank you, Chuzu.” Janet turned and exited the school. Even though she had been looking forward to talking things through with Kris, she was surprised at just how disappointed she was. In fact, as she walked back to the clinic, she actually found herself getting a bit angry.


Back at the clinic, Janet’s day got worse.




It was after dark when Kris returned home. She felt completely wiped out. With a heavy sigh she opened the front door and entered the house. As soon as she walked in the door she could tell something was wrong. Janet was in the kitchen washing up her dinner dishes. Her movements were stiff and even without seeing her face Kris could sense she’d been crying. She moved to stand behind Janet and gently laid her hand on her shoulder.


“Janet, what’s wrong?” she asked quietly.


Janet jerked away from her touch. “Like you give a damn!” She turned and stiffly marched into the living room.


The venom in Janet’s voice was like a slap across the face and it stung enough to bring tears to Kris’s eyes. The day had made her own emotions raw. She entered the living room feeling like a whipped puppy. She desperately wanted to make things right, though she had no idea what she had done to upset Janet. The doctor was staring out the window. Somehow Kris knew she wouldn’t turn around and look her.




Her whole body stiffened. “The K’wen baby died today,” she said in a shaky whisper. It was always hard when she lost a patient, but losing a baby was the worst. However, that was not all that was bothering her. After a long pause she continued. “And it was a year ago today that...” She started crying.


Kris took a couple of steps toward her but stopped when Janet turned around. There was still a look of accusation in her brown eyes as tears trailed down her face.


“And where the hell were you? It was like you disappeared. You were gone when I got up; Chuzu said you canceled all your classes today; you weren’t here when I came home.” The accusatory look in her eyes changed to one of pain and need. “I didn’t know where you were... and I needed...”


Kris walked up to her and wrapped her arms around her friend and roommate, tears also trailing down her own cheeks. “I’m so sorry. I never... I didn’t mean to abandon you.” They clung to each other tighter. “I don’t know what I was thinking. Please forgive me. I didn’t think... I was so selfish... I wouldn’t have made it through this last year without you, Janet. I should have been here for you today. I’m sorry.”


She felt Janet’s knees start to go, so she slipped her left arm under her legs, picked her up, and carried her to the couch. Kris sat down and cradled Janet as she gave full vent to her anger, pain, and grief.


Janet tucked her face into the crook of Kris’s neck and curled into her. She cried like she hadn’t really allowed herself to cry in all the time she’d been on Jidiri. After several minutes she calmed a bit, but tears still rolled down her cheeks. “Where did you go?”


“It doesn’t matter,” Kris whispered. “I should’ve been here with you. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here. But I’m here now; you’re not alone.”


The two friends talk and cried together for quite a while. Eventually, Janet drifted to sleep. Kris picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. She gently laid her down on her bed and turned to go, but Janet caught her hand.


“Please... I don’t want to be alone.”


Kris sat on the side of the bed. “Alright. Just let me go to the bathroom and get ready for bed, okay?”


“Thank you.”


She gave Janet’s hand a squeeze and then left to prepare for bed. When she returned to her bedroom Janet was in the bathroom. She slipped under the sheet and waited for her friend to return. When Janet returned she was in her pajamas as well. She lay down facing Kris.


“Where did you go today?”


She turned onto her side facing Janet. “It doesn’t matter.”


Janet let out a deep breath before she continued. “You went back there today, didn’t you?” she asked softly.


Kris took a slow, deep breath as a couple of tears squeezed past her closed eyelids. “I sat... and cried... and talked to Lena...” She fought to keep back the flood of tears she knew was coming – it was a battle she didn’t think she’d win. “I made her a promise... and then I told her goodbye.”


“You made a promise to her?”


She nodded. “To fulfill her final request of me...” She opened her eyes and looked at Janet. “I’m sorry I didn’t consider how you would be feeling today. Please forgive me.”


Janet reached out and wiped away some of her tears. “Oh, Kris, there’s nothing to forgive.” She shifted and took Kris into her arms and holding her as she cried. “You did exactly what you needed to today, exactly what you should have done.”


“But I wasn’t here for you.”


“You’ve been here for me every day this past year, including this evening. I was the one being selfish; I didn’t even think about what you must be feeling today. I miss my daughter, but you lost your wife.”


“It hurts...”


“I know.”


Both women soon fell asleep.




Over the next few months Janet and Kris continued to lean on each other and support each other. As they both continued to heal they started attracting the attention of some of the other residents of Jidiri. Both women were approached and asked out on dates.


Kris was asked out by the mother of one of her students, but declined because she simply wasn’t interested. Janet, on the hand, accepted a date with the woman who ran one of the cafés she’d go to lunch at on her work days, Darcy Brogan.


Kris smiled when Janet came out of her bedroom. “You know, clothing isn’t a fashion statement here on Jidiri.”


“I know.”


“Yet that’s the third time you’ve changed clothes this evening.”


“Shut up.” There was no sting in her words or tone.


Kris chuckled. “Janet, you look fine. And you looked fine before you changed clothes. Relax, have a good time at the concert.”


Janet looked at her roommate, “Thank you.” She paused and cocked her head a little. “I know Jenna asked you to the concert, why didn’t you accept?”


“Jenna’s nice, but I’m not interested in her that way.” Kris sighed. “I’m not interested in anyone right now,” she said softly.


“Why don’t you come with us, Kris?”


“Oh, no. Three’s a crowd. Go; have a good time.”




About a month later, Kris finally accepted a date with someone. She wasn’t particularly interested in a romantic entanglement, but she accepted the notion that it would do her good to get out and socialize.


One night, Kris was sitting on the couch reading when she heard Janet and her date outside the front of the house. She couldn’t hear what was being said, but she could sense a growing discomfort in Janet which soon turned to desperation. Kris stood and went to the window to look out. Janet was dealing with a date that was way too handsy and wasn’t picking up on the signals Janet was giving to back off.





Chapter 8

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  • A meme...

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