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Weak in the Knees; chapter sixteen

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: umm... NC-17 eventually

Please see previous posts for disclaimer/summary/notes. Thanks to [info]celievamp for the beta.



Chapter 16


Caught off guard by the turn of the conversation, Scully took a steadying breath of her own before replying. “Yes, we’re friends.” She paused. “But I also think... there’s something else between us,” she finished softly.


Morgan closed her eyes for a couple of moments. Then she suddenly stood up and walked across the room before turning around to face Scully. “I don’t... I don’t know if that’s a good thing.”




“I’m not... a good bet. And you deserve better, Dana.”


A fine auburn eyebrow arched. “Better than what, Jess? An intelligent, compassionate, beautiful woman?”


Morgan dropped her gaze, looked away. “There are... things you don’t know about me... and baggage.”


Not entirely sure of the source of her current boldness, Scully got and up and walked over to stand in front of Morgan. “Of course there are things I don’t know about you – there are things you don’t know about me. And everyone has their own set of baggage. But the process of discovery is part of the allure.” She reached up, gently lifting Morgan’s chin until their eyes met. “I’m not one to act rashly, without thought. If anything, I tend to over think things. But something has drawn me to you from the beginning.” Scully caressed the brunette’s cheek. “You said to trust my instincts... my instincts are telling me to take a chance.” Dana closed the distance between them and kissed Jess.


Morgan’s eyes drifted shut and a soft moan escaped her throat. She parted her lips to allow Dana’s gentle exploration. Of their own accord her arms wrapped around the petite woman and held her close. Her pulse raced.


Scully melted into Morgan’s embrace as Jess’s arms tightened around her. She felt wonderfully dizzy. When Jess deepened the kiss Dana felt the world spin. She moaned into the sensuously passionate kiss. A lack of oxygen finally ended the kiss. They gazed into each other’s eyes as they caught their breath.


Morgan swallowed before speaking. “Dana–”


Scully lightly placed a finger over Jess’s lips, cutting her off. “What do your instincts tell you?”


Morgan looked into sapphire blue eyes, feeling her heart clutch in her chest. At first blush, the feelings Dana brought out in Morgan scared her, made her want to run. But at the same time, a part of her felt like a drowning woman being thrown a life preserver, a second chance at life. It was confusing. What should she do?


Dana waited patiently, but nervously, for Jess to come to a decision. She could see the inner struggle in Morgan’s grey eyes. And she could actually feel it in the tensing of the woman’s body. She honestly had no idea what Jess would do – take a chance... or retreat.


Finally, Morgan’s internal debate came to an end.


Scully’s pulse raced as Morgan claimed her lips with her own. It was a breath-stealing and mind-numbing kiss.


The sudden ringing of a cell phone startled both women, causing them to jump and break the kiss.


With a steadying breath Morgan let go of Scully and walked over to retrieve her phone from the coffee table. “Morgan... Alright, thanks... Tomorrow... Bye.” She hung up and glanced over at the redhead. They shared a small, embarrassed smile. “That was Agent Beckley – they came up dry with the Joy purchase list.” She shrugged. “I didn’t expect them to find anything. It’s not enough to go on and we have no idea where or how long ago he bought it.”


Scully nodded in agreement. “I’m, uh... I’m going to go ahead and make some dinner.”


“Alright.” Morgan sat down on the couch and grabbed her laptop from the coffee table. Once she was sure Scully was no longer in the living room, she laid her head back on the back of the sofa and let out a long breath. She could feel her pulse still racing. It was amazing at how much Dana affected her.


When Scully went into the kitchen she placed her hands on the edge of the counter and dropped her head. Her heart was still pounding. After a few seconds she got busy making dinner.




After dinner, Morgan convinced Scully to let her do the dishes. She needed the mundane task, and the time it gave her alone, to once again think about what was happening between her and Dana. She was second guessing herself, her decision to give in to her feelings. She had purposefully and deliberately distanced herself from people for a long time; not getting close and not allowing others close to her. It was practically instinctive now.


But Morgan didn’t used to be that way. She had withdrawn somewhat after she and Casper had taken Neil Croskey down; after she almost died. Only her partner ever really knew what she was feeling.


But then Toni took an interest in her. She had looked up to Toni Jeffers ‘the agent.’ Jeffers was a no nonsense, take no prisoners kind of agent. She faced life completely on her own terms. Toni didn’t give a damn what anyone thought about her, or her choices. And she left a trail of broken hearts a mile wide in her wake. Toni never misled anyone about her intentions, but every­one just seemed to fall for the 5’9”, athletic, 30 year-old brunette. Her dark brown eyes, easy smile, and confident attitude won her many admirers.


Which was precisely why it had taken Toni some real effort to woo Morgan. Jess knew Toni’s rep­utation, and found it hard to believe the woman was seriously interested in her. Once she finally broke down and accepted a date with the older woman, Morgan started hearing the whispers and speculation about how long it would be before she joined the ranks of the brokenhearted. But Toni had surprised everyone; once she and Jess started dating, she never looked at another man or woman. Because of Toni, Jess knew what happiness was.


Morgan hadn’t been happy since Toni was killed... And in truth, she didn’t try to be.


But then, out of the blue, there was Dana Scully. The petite, blue-eyed redhead was very different from Toni. But she also had that same no nonsense attitude about work.


Morgan smiled as she started drying the dishes. Dana did something that no one else had done in years – she made Morgan smile, and laugh... and she reminded Jess she still had the capacity to be happy. And that, that is what finally made up Jess’s mind. She decided, regardless of how tem­porary it might be, she was going to try to be happy again.




When Scully left Morgan in the kitchen washing dishes, she retreated to the living room. She felt unsettled and little antsy. She felt a little like a coward because of the way she had escaped to the kitchen after their kiss had been interrupted by Morgan’s cell phone. She shook her head at herself. One minute she was uncharacteristically coming on to the woman, urging her to take a chance; the next she was hiding out in the kitchen.


If kissing Jess, and waking in her arms felt so damn right, why did she then retreat and hide from the woman? What was making her so nervous? It had nothing to do with the fact that Morgan was a woman – she’d been down that road before, albeit 15 years ago. There was no denying she found Jess attractive and had been drawn to her from the beginning. Scully was impressed with Morgan as an agent. She was an excellent investigator and easy to work with. And she really liked Jess as a person. She was smart, funny, and compassionate; she had a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes; and she made Scully smile and laugh. They had spent a lot of time together on and off duty. And Scully recognized, and felt, the gift of the normally reserved woman opening up to her.


That brought Scully’s thoughts to a pause. She was usually reserved, but had found her­self open­ing up to Morgan in an uncharacteristic way. Scully had been experiencing a few things lately that were uncharacteristic – she was enjoying work again; she had finally told Mulder off; she had requested a transfer; she had been bold and forward with Morgan; she preferred time spent with Jess over time spent alone; she was feeling peaceful and happy; she was feeling... like herself again.


She was feeling like ‘Dana’ again. The Dana before ‘Scully’; the person before the troubles and worries of the job, the deaths, the monsters all chased her into hiding and locking herself away where no one could see or touch or hear her.


Before Mulder. Mulder and his spirit-leaching paranoia and obsession. It was only with the distance of time and space, and the perspective of hindsight, that Dana saw how soul-sickening and de­structive her partnership with Mulder had been. Like the cancer that almost killed her, it had me­tas­t­asized and pervaded every aspect of her life, choking her, smothering her, hurting her, draining her, maiming her... almost killing her.


Scully closed her eyes and smiled. She was starting a new and fresh chapter in her life. And regard­less of what may or may not develop between her and Jess, she was going to be... happy again.




Still smiling, Morgan finished the dishes, retrieved a cold soda from the refrigerator and went into the living room. Scully was standing at a window, looking out the small gap in the drapes. She walked up and stood directly behind the redhead.


“Here,” she said softly, reaching around Scully and holding the cold bottle of soda in front of her.


“Thank you.” Scully opened it and took a drink. She leaned back against the warm body behind her. She felt Jess’s hand come to rest on her waist.


Morgan loved the way Dana’s body felt leaning back against her own. She closed her eyes and inhaled the woman’s scent. After several seconds of silence, she spoke. “Just so you know, Dana, there’s no pressure, no expectations, and certainly no judgments.”


Scully smiled at Jess’s thoughtfulness. She put the lid back on the bottle and set it down on the window sill. She then turned and faced the brunette. Still smiling, Scully gently took Morgan’s face in her hands and guided her mouth to her own for a sensuous kiss. With her lips millimeters from Morgan’s, she spoke. “I may be nervous, but I know what I want.”


Morgan smiled. “Unless you tell me ‘no,’ I’m going to take you to bed and make love to you.”


Scully felt her heart skip a couple beats at Morgan’s softly spoken words. “Yes...” she breathed before their lips met again.



Chapter 17...

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  • Fic: Diary

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