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9 (more) Dana/Jess ficlets

Once again, my friends, you supplied me with some fun prompts. Here are more ficlets from the X-Files Dana/Jess prompts... 

For romansilence: 

The Manor


“Whatever you do, don’t touch that.”


“Why not?” Dana asked as she withdrew her hand.


“I just finished it and the glue isn’t dry. It’s taken me forever to do.”


“What is it, exactly?”


“Essington Manor.”


“You’re kidding! It’s beautiful, Jess!”


The brunette couldn’t keep from smiling at the compliment.


“I can’t wait to see it in person.” She patted her lover on the shoulder and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. “I’m going to bed.”


“I’ll be right here.”


Dana took one last admiring look at the toothpick replica of Jess’s family home.






Jess couldn’t turn her eyes from the throbbing vein at Dana’s neck and unconsciously licked her lips. That pulse point was a favorite spot to tease and lick with her lips and tongue. Hot and sweaty never looked so good as she took in her lover’s appearance. She followed a bead of sweat as it ran down the side of Dana’s face to the corner of her jaw and then down her neck where it paused at her clavicle before trailing down her chest and between her breasts.


Dana had put in a long, hard workout at the gym and then followed it with a muscle-stretching run. In the locker room she’d stripped and wrapped a towel around her body before stepping into the steam room. She’d been in the steam room for only a minute before Jess joined her.


When Jess entered the women’s steam room she released some water onto the stones creating a fresh veil of steam before taking a seat opposite her lover. She simply sat there gazing at the beautiful redhead.


As Dana sat there with her head resting back against the wall, she felt the brunette’s eyes on her. Of course, it was only fair – after all, she’d all but ogled Jess as they both worked out. She absolutely loved the way Jess’s workout clothes – shorts and sport bra – showed off her beautifully toned legs and flat abdomen. She smiled to herself as she remembered how difficult it had been to concentrate on her own workout.


“What are you smiling about?”


Jess’s voice almost startled Dana. “I was just thinking there are some advantages to being on a night shift for a while. It’s been nice having the gym practically to ourselves.”


Quite aware that they were all alone in the steam room Jess couldn’t agree more. “It certainly does present certain... benefits.”


Dana opened one eye at the tone in her lover’s voice and surprised to find the brunette only inches in front of her instead of on the opposite bench. Before she could react Jess dipped her head and began to lick and suckle the pulse point at the base of her throat. She sucked in a hiss as her body responded immediately.


Jess slid a hand up the inside of a shapely thigh and discovered a wetness that had nothing to do with sweat or the steam. She swallowed Dana’s moan as she claimed her lips in a heated kiss. Dana shouldn’t have been surprised by how strong her body reacted to Jess’s touch. It took only a few moments of intimate caresses for her to climax.


With a wide smile Jess pulled back and said, “See you in the shower.”


Dana grinned as Jess walked out.




For magicmumu:




“You’re not kissing me after eating that,” Dana proclaimed, and Jess now had to decide which delicacy she wanted more.


It had been ages since she’d had Korean food. The beef galbi was fabulous and she was about to take a bite of one of the accompanying banchan – side dishes. Jess looked up into blue eyes and saw that her lover was completely serious. She found herself truly torn. She’d been looking forward to the spicy kimchi all day. She set her chopsticks down. “Are there any other dishes you have an objection to?”




Jess nodded. She couldn’t really blame Dana; the kimchi was very spicy and quite pungent. “Alright, I won’t eat the kimchi. But,” she continued, “I will take some home and eat it when you aren’t around.”


Dana smiled; it was a fair compromise.




For [info]spikmeister 

The Proms


“But it’s the Last Night of The Proms!”


It had been a long flight across the Atlantic and Dana was tired and jetlagged. She’d been surprised when Jess told her she’d made plans for them for that evening. “Just what are The Proms?”


“A series of daily orchestral classical music concerts and other events. They’re held each year, primarily at Royal Albert Hall. It lasts for eight weeks and tonight is the Last Night. You have no idea what I went through to get reserved seating tickets for tonight’s concert! Normally you have to pre-book six other concerts to even submit a request for Last Night tickets. And I’ve heard it’s Sir Andrew Davis’s last year as conductor.”


Dana couldn’t help but smile at her lover’s excitement. She contained her sigh; she didn’t want to disappoint Jess. “How soon do we have to be there?”


Jess smiled. “Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to take a nap this afternoon.”


“Alright. I look forward to it.”




For [info]keinlurker:

Phonus Interruptus  

“Do you think we should answer that?”




“It could be work.”


“All the more reason not to answer.”


“It could your mother.”


“She can leave a message.”


“It could be important.”


“I don’t care if it is.”


“But what if it’s the Director?”


“He knows we’re both off today.”


Jess started to shift to reach for the phone.


“Don’t you dare stop, Jess!”


The brunette let out a chuckle. “Okay, okay.”




“You like that?”


“Oh, God... that feel so good.”


Jess grinned and continued to massage the oil-slick skin and loosening muscles of Dana back.




Anger, Trust and Forgiveness


“I can’t believe you think I’m going to forgive you just because you brought me coffee.”


Jess arched a dark brow. “First off, I brought you coffee because you wanted some. And second, I’m not looking for forgiveness. I didn’t do anything wrong.” She turned on her heel and exited the autopsy bay.


Dana couldn’t believe it. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. She needed to set aside her anger and focus on the autopsy that was only partially done.




Jess shook her head. She couldn’t believe Dana was still angry – especially since she didn’t have reason to be, in her opinion. She hadn’t done anything that required forgiveness. She sat in one of the chairs in the hallway and waited for Dana to finish.




Dana stripped off her gloves and mask after finishing with the body. She leaned her hip against the counter as she picked up and sipped from the now cold remnants of the coffee Jess had brought her. She sighed at the bitterness, both of the cold coffee and her irritation with Jess. She closed her eyes and reviewed the events of earlier that night.


Finally she pushed her tired body off the counter and headed to the locker room. She stripped off the scrubs and stepped into the shower. She let the hot water beat down on her sore muscles as she tried to examine exactly why she was mad at Jess.




Dana exited the morgue and found Jess sitting in the hallway, her head leaned back against the wall, her eyes closed... asleep. She took a few moments to observe her lover in silence. Since she’d known Jess she’d never known the woman to be anything but respectful, considerate, and generous. Jess had never once demeaned or discounted Dana, her ideas, or skill as an agent.


She sat in the chair next to her lover’s and placed a hand on her arm. “Jess.”


The brunette’s head jerked forward and her eyes snapped open. “I’m awake.”


Dana smiled. Jess had been going almost three days with only a couple of hours of sleep, it was no wonder she’d fallen asleep waiting for her.


They started speaking simultaneously. “Are you–” “Listen, I–”


“Go ahead,” Jess said.


“About earlier this evening...” Dana took a breath and slowly let it out. “I’m sorry for the way I reacted. When you prevented me from going inside that house, I... well, everything Mulder ever said or did to indicate that I wasn’t good enough or trustworthy came flooding back. He used to keep so many secrets from me, go off on his own without telling me, and then turn around blame me for not believing in his quest for the Truth as much as he did.”


“Dana, I have never doubted your skill, abilities, or integrity. And that certainly was not what I was doing tonight.”


Dana nodded. “I know. It just took me a while to realize that. I should have realized it at the time.”


Jess sighed. “I should have explained.”


Remembering what happened as Jess fought with the two vampires that had been inside the house Dana shook her head. “No. There wasn’t time. And you’ve never given me any reason to not completely trust you and your judgment. I’m sorry I got mad at you.”


“It’s okay.”


“Come on, let’s go home.”




Sleep Aid


Dana closed the car door and walked toward the hotel wondering if this case was worth it and whether Jess had arrived yet. She was tired, sore, and homesick. Or more accurately, she missed Jess. She’d been spoiled by not being on the road for a while and being able to sleep with Jess every night. During the last ten days in Reno, NV Dana had not slept worth a damn.


In her hotel room she shed her suit and drew a hot bath. Settling into the hot water, she slid down and laid a wet washcloth over her eyes. After a long soak Dana got out and slipped on the thick terry cloth robe provided by the hotel. She came to an abrupt stop when she stepped out of the bathroom and spied what was waiting for her.


The bed covers had been turned down and lying there already in her pajamas was her lover. She couldn’t help but smile. “Jess.”


The brunette opened her eyes and smiled in return. “Hey. How are you doing?”


Dana moved to the bed and all but collapsed into Jess’s waiting arms, snuggling up against her. “Lousy. The case sucks and I haven’t slept well at all.”


Jess kissed her forehead. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked.


But the redhead was already asleep with a small smile on her lips.




Safe and Sound


Dana’s head snapped up when she heard the knock on her office door, and almost gasped when she met her late night visitor’s eyes. She felt rooted to her chair, unable to move, or speak, or even breathe. She heard the roar of her own rushing heartbeat in her ears.




Jess was standing in her office doorway, leaning against the doorjamb, looking exactly as she had three weeks previously when she’d left for Dallas, TX. Three weeks of undercover duty. Three lonely weeks of long days, and even longer nights, with no contact. Three long weeks of hoping for a phone call, yet finding herself terrified every time the phone rang – afraid it would be that call, the call that informed her Jess wouldn’t ever be coming home.


Jess lips curled into an easy smile. “Hey there. It’s awfully late to be here working.”


“Better here keeping busy than home alone missing you.” Dana couldn’t believe how normal her voice sounded.


Jess pushed off the doorjamb, entered the office, and dropped to her knees next to Dana’s chair. She reached up, gently took her face in her hands, and kissed her gently, thoroughly.


Dana felt tears well behind her closed eyelids. Jess was really there, home safe and sound.






“Please, I just want to go out dancing and forget everything for a night.”


Dana nodded even though Jess couldn’t see her. “That sounds nice.”


“Pick you up at 8:00?”


“See you then.” Dana hung up the phone and smiled. A night out together was just was both she and Jess needed. And she had a surprise for the brunette.




When there was a knock on the door Dana looked out the peephole and found herself automatically smiling. She opened the door. “Come on in; I’ll be ready in just a minute,” she said. She then turned and walked into the living room, making sure there was just a little bit more sway to her hips than usual.


Jess almost swallowed her tongue as her eyes took in the skintight, supple, leather pants that showed off her lover’s perfect ass. There was a smug smirk on the redhead’s lips when she returned with her jacket.


“Are you ready?”


“Um... yeah.”


Dana reached up and, with two fingers under Jess’s chin, closed Jess’s gaping mouth. “Let’s go.”


Jess completely forgot about the case that had been stressing her out.



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