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10 Dana/Jess Ficlets

Once again, my friends, you supplied me with some fun prompts. Here are the ficlets from the X-Files Dana/Jess prompts...


For oxfordshoes2


I Do Give A Damn


As Dana resumed the autopsy she was still processing the clearly homophobic comments made by the assistant coroner across the table. In her line of work she’d encountered all kinds of prejudice. It was something she never truly understood. People were just people no matter their gender, race, creed, religion, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, or any of a number of things a person could perceive themselves different from someone else. She’d autopsied more bodies than she cared to count as a result when such intolerance became violent.


She had, of course, experienced firsthand, discrimination due to her gender – the FBI was still very much an old boys club. However, she wasn’t of a mindset that allowed such tripe to prevent her from doing her best and simply proving them wrong. She was very good at her job, as both a pathologist and as an investigator. She knew that, and so did anyone who ever worked with her, even if some never admitted it.


Time, and experience, had not inured her to such ignorance. It had, in fact, made her even more aware; however, it had also taught her that the best response – usually – was to let such comments go without further comment from her. After all, actions speak louder than words.


But this was different. She was different. Whether it was because she was in a relationship with Jess, or just that she’d had her fill of such crap, she didn’t know. After all, Dr. Bright (talk about an oxymoron) had no idea she was in a relationship with a woman. Even so, the Bureau did have a clear anti-discrimination policy and she was his superior.


She drew in a slow, even breath. “You know, Dr. Bright, the Bureau has an anti-discrimination policy. You could actually get yourself into some trouble with comments like that.”


“Pffft. No one around here really wants to work with faggots and dykes, so no one gives a damn about that policy.”


She arched an eyebrow in disbelief. The fool obviously had no idea – Dr. Grace and Dr. Everly were not only gay, but living together. They’d been together for over three years. And, of course, there was her. She set down her scalpel, pulled down her mask, and pinned him with an icy look.


“Dr. Bright, I assure you that your superior I do give a damn about that policy. And before you say anything further along those lines you should know I will write you up and see that you are held accountable.”


He opened his mouth to respond, but she cut him off.


“And I will know if you make those kinds of statements to others. So keep that crap to yourself.”


The man scowled but remained silent.




Same prompt but a lighter response...




As Dana resumed the autopsy she was still processing the clearly homophobic comments made by the assistant coroner across the table. Normally she let any comments go without comment. She’d been a victim of the ‘old boys club’ at the Bureau more than once. But Dr. Bright, the local M.E. assisting her, just rubbed her the wrong way in a number of ways.


Dana was about let her sharp tongue loose when the door to the autopsy bay opened and admitted one very sexy Jess Morgan. Dana found herself staring and suddenly at a loss for words. It was amazing what Jess’s mere presence did to her. And, God help her, Jess was still in the clothes she’d worn to blend into the crowd at the bar earlier that night. There was something indescribably mouthwatering about that woman in those butter-soft leather pants.


Unable to think clearly, Dana put down the scalpel, stepped back from the table, removed her gloves, and lowered her mask. She knew she was smiling.


“Did you find anything yet?” Jess asked.


“I was just about to make the Y incision, but I found something that may have been an injection site.”


Jess approached the table and Dana, with a magnifying glass in hand, pointed out the small puncture.


“I think it’s too small to be an injection site,” the other doctor chimed in.


Jess looked at him with arched eyebrow.


“Jess, this is Dr. Bright, the assistant coroner. This is my partner, Agent Morgan.”


The brunette gave the man a small nod of acknowledgment, but didn’t address him. Something about him didn’t seem quite right. She turned to her lover. “It’s late. Do you want me to get you anything to eat or drink?”


“No, I’m fine. But we’ll discuss what else you can for me when I finish up here,” Dana said with no small amount of lust in her eyes.


Jess almost jumped when she felt her lover’s hand cup her ass and give a little squeeze. She instantly knew something was up, because Dana was nothing if not professional. And while they may exchange a few warm looks, they never did anything while working. Then Dana leaned in and kissed her!


Dr. Bright became apoplectic and sputtered indignantly before storming out.


The mischievous look in Dana’s eyes when they parted told Jess that was exactly why she’d done it. Jess smirked. “You’re incorrigible.”


“No. Just not in the mood for his prejudice.”


“Well, since your assistant seems to have walked out, I’ll change into some scrubs and give you a hand.”


Dana smiled. “That would be great.”




For jessekingsley




“I can’t believe you like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”


“Why not?”


“Dana!” she whined. “It’s a show full of stereotypes painting all vampires as evil and glorifying the killing vampires.”


“Not all vampires. Angel isn’t evil.”


“Pfft. He’s such an emo dweeb! And the only reason he’s considered good is because someone put a spell on him. Whenever they show him as ‘himself’, as Angelus, he’s evil and has no desire to be good. At least Spike went through hell to get his soul back and wanted to be good without anyone putting a spell on him. He actually made the choice to be good, and turns out to be quite the hero, sacrificing himself for good.”


An auburn eyebrow arched. “For someone who says they don’t like the show, you seem to know a hell of a lot about it.”


Jess felt herself blush. She simply slouched down in the couch and didn’t respond.


“I’ll bet you’ve seen every episode!”


Jess refused to look at Dana as she slouched a little lower.




No response.




Still no response.


Dana shoved her shoulder.


“What?” she replied softly.


“You have seen every episode, haven’t you?” Dana saw Jess’s blush deepen. She moved and quickly straddled her lover’s lap. She gazed down at the blushing woman. “You are so busted,” she said with a chuckle.


“Well... there aren’t many shows about vampires.”


Dana leaned down and kissed her lover. “Well, if you have a better way to spend the evening we can turn Buffy off.”


Jess smiled. “I’m sure I can think of something,” she said before twisting and laying Dana down on the couch on her back. As she claimed the redhead’s lips in a searing kiss she reached over, snagged the remote, and turned off the TV.




How Long?


How long has it been? Dana asked herself as she watched her lover interrogating the suspect. How long has it been since you walked into my life, turning it upside down and changing everything?


“How long has it been?”


Dana startled at the voice that mirrored her own thoughts. She looked at the detective. “She’s been in there for three hours.”


“And she still hasn’t gotten anything from him?” he asked, his full of irritation. “I’m going in there.”


“No, you’re not,” she said sternly. “Agent Morgan is one of the top interrogators in the Bureau – she knows exactly what she’s doing.”


With a huff of disgust the detective left.


Dana returned her gaze to the interrogation room. Her heart did a little flip when Jess looked up and seemed to make eye contact with her, even through the two-way mirror. It hasn’t been long, but I’ve never been happier. And as soon as you’re done in there, I’m going to spend all night showing you how much I love you.




In the interrogation room Jess suddenly felt a wave of arousal wash over her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was time to end this. She opened her eyes and glared at the perp, relishing his fear as her features shifted. “Tell me now, or else!”


He confessed.




Dana was waiting for her as she left the interrogation room. Their eyes locked, unspoken heat passing between them.


“Let’s get out of here,” Dana finally said.








“Oh, don’t let me stop you,” Jess replied with smirk as she started massaging the redhead’s foot.


“Don’t worry, you won’t,” Dana said as she kept reading her book. She smiled behind her book. Her feet had been tired and sore after spending all day in the autopsy bay, and Jess really knew how to work the soreness out of them.


When Jess finished with her feet she worked her hands up Dana’s shapely calves. She smiled as Dana pretended to ignore her, but she felt the slight quiver that rippled beneath the smooth skin as her hands reached firm thighs.


Dana closed her eyes as knowing hands kneaded her muscles then lightly teased the insides of her thighs. She shifted, sliding down into a more reclined position on the bed and parting her thighs a little.


“Am I distracting you?”


“Oh, no. Not at all.”


She opened her eyes and looked at her book, but didn’t even try to read as she felt the brunette’s lips and tongue begin a slow passage up her left leg. By the time Jess’s lips were halfway up her right leg, Dana had given up all pretense of trying to read. She let out a moan when Jess reached her ultimate destination.


Jess took her time, but smiled widely when her lover climaxed with a loud groan. She crawled up and looked down into smiling blue eyes. “How’s your book.”


“What book?” Dana replied with smile before pulling the brunette down into a deep, languorous kiss.




T & A


“You’ve never seen The Devil Wears Prada?!”


“Well, why would I watch it? I couldn’t care less about high fashion or fashion magazines.”


“But it’s got Meryl Streep.”


Jess shrugged. “It’s just not a movie that interests me. My taste in fashion is rather simple.”


Dana turned and took in her lover’s outfit for the evening. “Well, I must say, I do appreciate your sense of fashion.” She walked up, slipped her arms around Jess’s waist, and then slid her hands into the back pockets of the soft, leather pants. “And your choices do compliment you quite well... especially your ass,” she said giving said body part a squeeze.


A dark brow arched. “So you like me just for my ass, huh?”


The redhead dropped her gaze to the form-fitting pullover Jess was wearing. “Uh... no. You definitely have other appealing... assets.”


The dark brow arched even higher. “You’re a tits and ass woman!”


Dana looked back up into sparkling grey eyes. “What matters is that I’m your woman.”


Jess smiled. “Indeed.”


They kissed deeply... and didn’t make it out to the movie theater that night.




Purple Nightmares


“I can’t help it if Barney gives me nightmares.” She frowned at the snicker that came from the other room.


Jess came into the bedroom with a couple of mugs of hot, spiced cider.


“I’m not kidding, you know. That purple thing has haunted my dreams.”




Dana sighed. “When I had my nephew Matthew for a couple of days it’s all he would watch or listen to the entire time.”


“I love you, you love me...” Jess sang.


“You are so sleeping on the couch tonight,” the redhead growled.


“Awww, I’m sorry.” She leaned in and nuzzled her lover’s neck.


Dana remained stiff, not forgiving Jess yet.


Jess trailed kisses up to her ear. “What can I do to make it up to you?” she asked in a warm whisper.


“Never mention that purple thing again.”




“And never, ever, sing that song again.”








“And find a way to completely take my mind off that damn purple–” Dana sucked in a gasp as she felt Jess’s fangs sink into her flesh, flooding her body with sensations that easily chased all thought from her mind.




Conditioner Treatment?


“I don’t believe I’ve seen that particular shade of red before.” There was obvious amusement in the brunette’s voice.


Dana glowered.


Jess bit her lip in an effort to keep a straight face. “Um... what happened, Dana?”


She drew in a couple of slow, deep breaths, trying to keep from losing it. “I went in to get a deep conditioner treatment.”


“And that turned your hair... this color?”


Dana actually growled in annoyance. “Someone made a mistake and put... this color in my hair instead.”


“And they couldn’t fix it?”


“Not today. I have to wait two days.”


“So, tomorrow...”


“I am not going in to work tomorrow.”


Jess slipped her arms around her upset lover and kissed her. “Why don’t I call in and stay home tomorrow, too?”


“You don’t need to do that,” Dana said, though her tone indicated it was something she’d like.


“Be honest, honey – if you stay home alone tomorrow you’re just going to brood about your hair.”


Her expression indicated Jess was right.


“But if I stay home and play hooky with you... Well, I’m sure we can find something to take your mind off of it,” the brunette said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. She then claimed Dana’s lips in a kiss.


Dana melted into her lover’s arms and kiss. She let out a quiet moan when Jess scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom.






“You let Mulder do that, but not me?”


Dana shot her lover a sternly arched auburn brow. She somewhat satisfied to see Jess actually flinch. “Yes, I did.”


Despite the warning look she’d received, Jess didn’t let it go. She was either brave or foolish... perhaps both. Though slow to anger, Dana did have a temper when pushed too far. “Why would you let him do that?”


“He was my partner.”


“And I’m your lover.”


“Yes, you are.”




“Just drop it, Jess!”


There were two minutes of tense silence.


Finally, Dana broke the silence. She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “Yes, I let Mulder get away things I shouldn’t have.” She looked back up at Jess. “But, you know, there are a lot of things you get to do that no one else does... or ever will,” she finished softly.


Jess took a deep breath and slowly let it out with nod. “You’re right.” She closed the distance between them. “I’m sorry, Dana. I guess... I guess I have my own issues where Mulder is concerned – apparently more than I even realized.”


The two lovers gazed into each other’s eyes with understanding. After several seconds, in silent agreement, they met in a soft kiss. As far as arguments went, it hadn’t been much of one, but they both felt the need to reaffirm the rightness of their connection. Their soft kiss deepened as they wrapped their arms around each other.



For xejanfan


The Picture (warning: crack!fic) 

“Oh my god, you posted that on LiveJournal?!”


Jess grinned. “Yep!”


“I can’t believe you did that!”


“Don’t worry – you’re beautiful.”


“But people can see that!” Dana was blushing profusely.


“They can’t see your face, honey. Besides, only the people on my friends list can see it. No one else can.”


“And just how many people are on your friends list?”


“Not many. This is my vampire journal rather than my ‘normal’ one. So, only a few vampires and half-breeds that I know.”


Dana looked at her surprised. “Your vampire journal?”


“Yeah. How else do you think we network?” she replied with an amused smile.



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