dhamphir (dhamphir) wrote,

Prompt Request...

Okay, folks. I've spent the last month focused on Sam/Janet because of the ficathon. And I hope all of you will read and comment on all the stories that will be posted by all the participants of the the sam_janet_fthon tomorrow!

But now I feel it's time to turn some of my attention to two other lovely ladies - Dana Scully and Jess Morgan. While I am not yet ready to tackle the sequel to Weak in the Knees (there's still much research to do), I would like to give the muse a shot in the arm. To that end, while not making any guarantees, I'd like to take some Dana/Jess 'first line' prompts.

ETA: Alright, a little bit of change... I'll accept prompts for Dana/Calleigh and Scully/Reyes as well!
Tags: prompt request
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