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Weak in the Knees; chapter fifteen

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: umm... NC-17 eventually

Please see previous posts for disclaimer/summary/notes. Thanks to celievampfor the beta.


Chapter 15


Dinner was pleasant and very filling. Both Scully and Morgan felt quite relaxed and satiated as they drove back to the safe house. It was rather late when they arrived. They took turns showering and getting ready for bed.


Morgan was in the kitchen getting some ice water when Scully came out of the bathroom and entered the kitchen still drying her hair with a towel.


“Would you like some ice water?”




Morgan dropped some ice cubes into a second glass and filled it with water. She turned and handed the glass to her partner. Scully draped the towel around her neck and took the glass from Morgan. Morgan watched as Scully closed her eyes and took a long drink.


Before she could stop herself, Jess reached out and gently brushed aside a few strands of hair that had caught on Dana’s eye­lashes. Scully opened her eyes. Bright blue gazed into sparkling grey. Suddenly the air seemed a bit thin, both women feeling a little lightheaded. Neither one con­sciously moved... yet they were inexorably drawn together. Lips softly met, breath shared.


Morgan slid her hand into damp hair and cupped the back of Scully’s head. The brunette sucked in a silent gasp as a tongue slid along her lower lip.


Scully softly sighed as she was granted entrance. Their tongues met and danced. Their kiss deep­ened, yet remained gentle. Dana thoroughly explored Morgan’s mouth, and also welcomed Jess’s exploration. She felt Morgan’s arm tighten slightly around her waist as her knees started to give, her own arms tightening around the brunette as well.


After several minutes their kisses transformed to soft brushes of lips and quiet sighs. Their lips finally parted. Foreheads rested against each other, hearts pounded as lungs tried to replenish oxygen levels.


“Dana...” Morgan breathed.


Scully pulled back as she opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe how this woman moved her. She’d actually gone weak in the knees – something that had never happened to her before. “Come to bed with me, Jess.”


Morgan’s eyes flew open and her heart stopped. She was literally speechless... but Scully saw the flash of trepidation in her grey eyes.


“To sleep. I simply want to be near you tonight.” Scully received a mute nod in response. She stepped out of Morgan’s arms, took her hand, and turning off lights on the way, led the way to her bedroom.


In bed, Dana laid on her side, snuggled up to Jess after she settled on her back. They shared a pillow and held each other as they drifted to sleep.




When Morgan woke in the morning, she was on her left side, spooning Dana from behind. One arm was under her neck and her right was wrapped around the redhead. Her right hand was clasped in Scully’s and held to her chest. She could feel her bedmate’s steady heartbeat and slow breaths. She closed her eyes and inhaled, noting the slight aroma of almonds in the red hair. And beneath that, the scent of the woman herself.


Scully woke. She reveled in the feeling of being held; the curves of the body pressed against her back. She tightened her hand around the one she was holding to her chest.


“Good morning,” Jess said softly.


Dana smiled. “Mm, good morning.” She pressed back into Morgan and felt her embrace tighten.


They both started a little bit when the alarm clock went off. Without speaking both women got out of bed. Morgan wordlessly left Scully’s bedroom and retreated to her own.




Scully looked at the small duffle Morgan brought out to the living room. “You planning on going somewhere?”


“Thought I’d use the gym at work. I haven’t been for a run in weeks and haven’t had a workout in over ten days. I feel off if I go too long without working out.”


Scully thought it sounded like a good idea. It had been even longer since she’d had a workout or a run. She quirked a brow. “Mind if I join you?”


“Not at all.”


Scully went to her bedroom and retrieved some clothes for a workout.




After getting to work early and getting in a decent workout, Scully and Morgan headed to the locker room and showers. Both women made a conscious decision to avoid undressing and dressing in the same area. There was a tension between them, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad tension. However they had yet to talk about the previous night... or the kisses.


Scully wasn’t sure how to start the conversation she knew they’d eventually have to have. What she did know was that Jess was the best kisser she’d ever known; that it felt so good, so right, to hold Jess and to be held by her; that she wanted to see where things could go; that she wanted... Jess.


Morgan wasn’t the first woman she’d been attracted to, or even kissed, but it had been many years since that night of alcohol and experimentation with her college roommate. And though she’d met some women she’d been attracted to over the years, the attraction wasn’t enough to prompt her into acting on it. But Jess... Jess was different.




Morgan was confused. She was more than just attracted to Dana – she was quite taken with the woman. However, she lived a very nomadic life; working all over the country, never staying in one place more than a few days or weeks. It was just the kind of life that suited her – no ties, no complications, no personal ‘risks.’


But Dana was different. She was smart, beautiful, talented, bossy... and an even better kisser than Toni had been. The night before, spent in Dana’s arms and holding Dana in hers, was the single best night’s sleep she’d had in six years.




As Morgan and Scully left the gym to head up to Morgan’s office, her phone rang. “Morgan... Good, good. I’ll be there in a minute.” She hung up. “The techs have finished with the footage from the security cameras of the houses on Andrea’s street,” she told her partner.


They stopped by and picked up the CD-ROM. In her office, Morgan booted up the computer and slid the disc in. Scully pulled her chair up next to Morgan’s so they both could watch the footage.


“I was hoping that someone’s security camera caught an unaccounted for vehicle.”


“You mean Joel’s.”


Morgan nodded. “Or the Reaper – if they’re not one in the same.”


“That’s if either ever drove to Andrea’s house,” Scully pointed out.


“Well, he had to get in and out of the house with her body, so he had to transport it there some­how.”


“Don’t forget those houses all had private piers as well. He could have just as easily used a boat instead of a car.”


Morgan sighed. “I know, Dana. A couple of the houses had cameras on the piers as well. I know we won’t be able to see everything, but we still have to try.”


“Of course we do, Jess,” Scully gently replied.


They spent several hours carefully watching the security footage, taking note of all vehicles they spotted and comparing them to the vehicles of the residents of the area. No car was unaccounted for, and no boats were taped coming or going from the piers they could see. So much for catching the Joel and/or the Reaper coming or leaving the area.


Before they left for the day, AD Ben Taylor called a meeting in the bullpen.


“Listen up, everyone; I’m calling in everyone on the taskforce to a meeting tomorrow. I know it’s Sun­day, but I want everyone here, regardless of what shift you’re assigned. So everyone be here at 1:00 tomorrow.” Taylor went back into his office.


Scully looked at her partner. “I wonder what that’s all about.”


“He probably just wants everyone to check in and report on where they are in the investigation. Maybe pool some ideas.”




At the safe house, after taking a shower and changing into jeans and a t-shirt, Morgan settled down on the couch with her laptop. She unplugged the house phone and connected the line to her computer. She was checking her email when Scully came out of her bedroom in similar dress.


“There aren’t a lot of choices, but there is enough stuff here that I can make some dinner,” Scully said as she entered the living room. “I can make us some spaghetti if you like, Jess.”


“Hmm? Oh. Whatever you want is fine with me.”


“Or we can do takeout.”


“That’s fine...” Morgan replied absently.


Scully reached out and put her hand on Morgan’s shoulder. “Jess.”


Morgan looked up at the redhead. “What?”


“Tell me, if I didn’t fix something or order some takeout, would you even notice missing dinner?” she asked.


“Probably not.”


Scully shook her head and gave her partner a small, affectionate smile. “You really should take better care of yourself.”


Morgan shrugged. “I just don’t think about eating sometimes when I’m working.”


“And you’re always working. You don’t even take a day off unless the Director orders you to.”


“It’s not like I can afford to just take time off when I’m a working a case,” the brunette said a little curtly. “Too much rides on my work, too many lives!”


It was with sudden insight that Scully realized the motivation behind Jess’s relentless drive. She sat down in the corner of the couch next to Jess, facing her with one leg tucked under. “Jess... please.”


The tone of her voice made Morgan look at the redhead. The understanding and compassionate look in Scully’s blue eyes pierced her armor effortlessly. With a silent sigh Morgan closed her laptop and set it on the coffee table. She sat quietly, waiting, knowing Scully had more to say.


“Jess, you can’t take personal responsibility for every crime. It’s not your fault that people are victimized every day. You didn’t create the killers, rapists, and molesters. They are not your fault – and neither is Toni’s death. It’s not your fault Conrad killed Toni.”


The lump in Morgan’s throat was so large it hurt. Her eyes burned with unshed tears. “There were threats... I should have quit the case...”


Scully took the chance of asking a question to which she wasn’t absolutely certain about the answer. But given her observations of her partner she was confident it was worth the risk. “Did Toni know about the threats?”


Morgan took a slow breath before responding. “Yes,” she said softly.


“Who were the threats against, you or her?”




“And what did she have to say about them?” Scully asked gently.


“She said... to not let the bastard win, to catch him and put him behind bars.”


Scully let Morgan think about that for several seconds. Finally she broke the silence, speaking softly but clearly. “Jess, no matter how many perpetrators you put away or how many lives you save, it can’t change what happened.”


“Don’t you think I know that?” A couple tears finally escaped and rolled down her cheeks.


“Intellectually, yes. Yet you keep assuming a burden that’s not yours to bear in an effort to find absolution for something that’s not your fault.” She paused. “Somehow I don’t think that’s what Toni would have wanted.”


Scully watched as Morgan closed her eyes and a few more tears rolled down her cheeks. She reached out and put her arms around Morgan. Morgan turned her face into Scully’s shoulder and finally let the tears go.


Scully leaned back into the corner of the couch, pulling Morgan with her, holding her close. “Let it go... it’s not your fault...” She dropped a kiss on the top of Morgan’s head as she continued to hold the quietly crying woman.


Morgan drifted to sleep after a few minutes. Scully gently ran her fingers through silky, dark hair. After about five minutes she felt the woman in her arms begin to stir. She let go of Morgan as the brunette sat up.


“Sorry about that.”


“Don’t be. You were there for me when I needed a shoulder. It’s what friends are for.”


Morgan took a deep breath and let it out. Having regained her equilibrium she came to a decision. “Friends, Dana? Is that what we are?”


“What do you mean?”


“Do you kiss all your friends the way you kissed me last night?” She paused for half a beat. “Because I don’t.”



Chapter 16...

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  • Prompt Request...

    I've been considering doing Nano this year, even though I haven't done any meaningful writing in a lot longer than I care to admit. So, I'd like to…

  • Prompts Please

    Haven't done this in a while. I'm feeling creative and my "epic" stories are a kind of stalled at the moment. So let's see if I can't tempt…

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