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3 X-Files ficlets (Scully/Morgan) + 1 X-Files/CSi Miami crossover

Here are the three X-Files, Dana/Jess, ficlets and one Dana/Calleigh crossover from the prompts I received in this post. Enjoy.


For [info]xenafan: X-Files, Dana/Jess




“Don't these heels kill your feet?” Jess asked as she gently slipped the shoe from Dana’s foot.


“Not usually.”


“Well they do show off your legs,” she replied with a gleam in her eyes. She removed Dana’s other shoe. Jess slowly ran her hand up her lover’s shapely calf, caressing the nylon-clad limb. However her eyes suddenly widened when her hand reached Dana’s mid thigh.




Dana’s eyes sparkled knowingly. Jess had just discovered her surprise. She leaned forward, cupped Jess’s cheek and kissed her – thoroughly. She smiled at the dreamy look on her lover’s face when she pulled back. Then the woman opened her eyes and Dana’s heart skipped a beat at the heat she saw in them.


“It’s a good thing I didn’t know what you were wearing under your dress earlier.”




“We never would have eaten dinner.” Jess stood, grabbed the redhead’s hand and led her into the bedroom.


However, in the bedroom, Dana stopped being passive. She took Jess’s face in both her hands and kissed her, then pushed her back onto the bed. “Just sit there... and watch.” She slipped the straps of her dress off and slowly slid it down her body until it pooled around her feet.


Jess’s mouth went dry at the sight of her lover standing before her in nothing but silk panties, a garter belt, and sheer stockings.


Dana smiled. “Well? Are you just going to sit there?” she asked with an arched brow.


“No,” she answered softly. “But I’m going to savor the sight of you like this... before I rip those off of you.”


Jess’s eyes shifted to black and Dana knew she’d be powerless to stop her... not that she wanted to!





For [info]ymmat09: X-Files, Dana/Jess




“I've got the flu!” Jess moaned miserably as Dana arrived home expecting a different greeting after two weeks apart.


Dana was concerned about her lover’s pale and clammy appearance. She’d seen Jess hurt – seriously hurt – but she’d never seen her sick. In truth, even though they’d never discussed it, Dana had kind of assumed Jess couldn’t get sick.


“Oh, Jess.” She felt her forehead and noted she was running a fever. “Let me make you some Tamiflu. I’ll be right back.”


Dana left and quickly returned. She helped Jess sit up so she could drink the medication, and then tucked her back under the covers after she lay back down.


“Sorry I’m sick... I wanted–” A round of coughing interrupted her. “I wanted to take you out to dinner tonight.”


“Shhh, it’s okay.”


Jess watched her lover as she changed out of her business suit and into a t-shirt and pair of sweats.


Once she was changed the redhead turned to Jess. “Is there anything else can I do?”


Jess didn’t say anything, but Dana sensed there was something. She sat on the side of the bed and caressed a fevered cheek. “What is it, Jess?”


Jess felt like a big wuss, but it didn’t stop her craving. “Would you hold me?” she asked softly.


Dana smiled. “Of course. Scoot over.”


Jess moved over to make room for her, and she slipped under the covers with the sick woman. Jess laid her head on her shoulder and Dana wrapped her arms around her.


“How’s that?”


“Better...” Jess murmured as she drifted to sleep in the comfort of her lover’s embrace.



For [info]xejanfan: X-Files, Dana/Jess

THE DENTIST (warning: crack!fic)


“But, Dana, I hate going to the dentist!” Jess whined.


“I don’t care; you’re going.”


Jess started to object again, but was cut off by a stern look and a warning tone of voice.


“You are going to the dentist, Jess, or else.”


“Or else what?”


“Or else what we just did,” she arched an eyebrow, “won’t be happening again.”


Jess wilted under the threat.




Dana put down the book she’d been reading while sitting up in bed when her lover arrived home. It was after midnight.


“How did your appointment go?”


“Fine.” Jess sat on the side of the bed and faced the redhead. “See for yourself.” She parted her lips and showed off her fangs.


“Let’s test them.”


Dana’s head tilted to the side as she offered Jess her throat. Jess slipped her arms around her lover, closed her mouth over Dana’s pulse point and sank her fangs into her flesh.




“So, how was it?” Jess asked after they’d made love.


“Much better with them sharpened. Your fangs hurt when they get dull.”



For [info]jayeindc: X-Files/CSI Miami, Dana/Calleigh


“That's certainly a novel place to store one’s extra clip,” Dana uttered between kisses, as she continued removing Calleigh’s clothes.


Finally divested of her clothing, Calleigh bent her head to take Dana’s erect nipple in her mouth and began to suckle. That put an end to the redhead’s ability to form a proper sentence. And when the blonde pushed her fingers inside her, Dana lost the ability to think coherently. All she could do was feel... and everything felt so good.


Calleigh had been attracted to the FBI agent from the moment they met. The redhead was stunning, strong-willed, smart, independent, sexy, and carried within her a volcanic passion beneath her cool exterior – as Calleigh was getting to experience firsthand.


She kissed, licked, and nipped her way down Dana’s body until she settled between her thighs. Calleigh moaned when she took her in her mouth, reveling in her taste. She only wished it could last for hours, but only a couple of minutes later Dana came. Calleigh crawled back up her body and kissed her deeply.


Dana moaned into their kiss, her tongue meeting and entwining with the blonde’s. She could taste herself on Calleigh’s lips and tongue, and she couldn’t wait to taste the blonde. Dana quickly shifted, pushing against Calleigh and rolling them until she was on top of the blonde. She took a coral nipple in her mouth and teased it with her tongue. Calleigh arched up into her. But she couldn’t wait any longer.


She settled between Calleigh’s legs, wrapping her arms around her thighs. Dana was rewarded with a gasp followed by an erotic moan. She felt the woman’s fingers slide into her tresses and then clench and pull as Calleigh climaxed.


Only a few moments later they were lying on their sides, a tangle of arms and legs and tongues. It was going to be a long and very enjoyable night.



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