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3 X-Files ficlets (Scully/Morgan) + 1 X-Files/CSI Miami crossover

Okay, here are 3 Dana/Jess fics resulting from the prompts I received on this post. Plus one X-Files/CSI Miami crossover. I hope you all enjoy them!

For [info]lovelorelai: X-Files, Dana/Jess




Dana stood on the beach letting the warm sand sift between her toes, watching the sun set slowly on the horizon. It was absolutely beautiful – shades of pink, orange, and red melding, then shifting into shades of blue, lavender and indigo.


With a final, slow, deep breath, Dana turned to head back to the bungalow. Jess had told her to go out onto the beach and not come back in until after the sun was completely set.


Dana stepped up onto the small porch and brushed the sand off of her feet. She opened the door... and stepped into a scene from her dreams.


The one room bungalow was bathed in the soft light of over a dozen candles. There were tropical flower petals strewn around the floor and on the bed. An opened bottle of wine and two wineglasses were on the nightstand. And her lover, Jess, was kneeling on the bed, wearing a white lace teddy.


Dana felt her mouth go dry. She couldn’t speak, and she was anchored to the spot, unable to move... until Jess spoke.


“Do you like your surprise?” Jess asked softly.


“Oh, yes.” Dana moved to the side of the bed. She reached out and tenderly cupped Jess’s cheek as she gazed into her sparkling grey eyes. “You are so beautiful.” She actually felt the brunette’s blush against the palm of her hand. “What did I ever do to deserve you?”


Jess placed her hand over the one on her cheek. She gazed into sapphire blue. “You loved me.”


Their lips met in a soft kiss as Jess laid down, pulling her lover with her.





For [info]keinlurker: X-Files, Dana/Jess




Dana sat at the bar staring at her drink and wondering why she was there at all. Yes, her skills as a pathologist had helped crack the case. Yes, she was invited to work on the case in the field. And, yes, she had helped to catch the suspect. But she just didn’t feel the same level of revelry the other agents did. She didn’t feel the urge to party.


What she did feel was lonely. She missed Jess. Her lover had been out of town on a case for the past two weeks. And their separate workloads had kept them from having much private time together for the two weeks before that. Dana sighed as the sounds of celebration went on around her, without her participation or interest.


Suddenly, there was a body pressed against her back and knowing hands rested on her waist. “Why so melancholy, Agent Scully?” lips whispered against her ear, sending chills down her spine. Her body always reacted to her lover’s touch, her voice, her mere presence.


“Jess.” She had to swallow to ease the stricture of her suddenly tight throat. A tremor ran through her body. “God, I’ve missed you.”


Jess nuzzled behind Dana’s ear. “Should we join in the party?” She paused for a couple of beats. “Or go have a quiet celebration of our own?”


Dana gasped as one the hands on her waist surreptitiously slid down and caressed the top of her thigh. “L-let’s go.” She immediately felt bereft at the sudden absence of her lover’s touch and body heat. She turned on the bar stool and felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of Jess – the look in her eyes.


Jess took her hand and smiled. “Come on, Dana, let’s get out of here.”


Dana returned her smile. They couldn’t leave quick enough to begin their private celebration.





For [info]keinlurker: X-Files, Dana/Jess




A small smile was the only indication she gave that she heard the teasing remark and liked it. After all, they were at work and there were students present. It wouldn’t do to have her students see her suddenly break out into a wide smile – she had a reputation to uphold.


Dana’s eyes met the other woman’s eyes, humor still shining in them. But then sparkling grey turned into fathomless black. Dana felt as if she couldn’t breathe because of what she saw in them. Damn it, that wasn’t fair! She closed her eyes and drew in a slow, deep breath. When she opened them again, Jess was gone, having left Dana with her classroom of FBI academy cadets taking a test.


“Dr. Scully?”


She shook her head and turned to see a raised hand. “Yes?”


“I have a question about number eight.”


The redhead gracefully moved up the rows to speak privately with the cadet. She then returned to her place at the front of the class... and spent the rest of the class time plotting a way to torture Jess that night at home. She may not have noticed the smile she sported, but her students did.



For [info]ymmat09: X-Files/CSI Miami, Dana/Calleigh


Dana quirked an eyebrow at the southern blonde from Miami and wordlessly handed back her gun and bra.


Calleigh put her bra back on, making sure her bra hid the surveillance mic was hidden, but didn’t interfere with it. She picked up her shirt and slipped it back on before replacing her weapon and holster on the waist of her jeans. Running a hand over her clothes, smoothing them, she turned to the redhead agent. “How’s that?”


“Perfect.” Dana couldn’t help the thoughts that ran through her head as she inspected the beautiful blonde. Perfect, indeed.


There was a knock on the door.


“Scully? Are you two about ready?”


Dana opened the door. “Yes, Mulder, we’re ready.”


“Then let’s go,” he said impatiently and stalked down the hallway.


She looked at Calleigh. “I apologize for him. He’s not the best with manners – especially when he’s forced to rely on someone he doesn’t know.”


The blonde nodded in acceptance of Dana’s apology. “It’s okay.”


“No, it’s not... but it’s just the way he is.”


“I’m glad I can help with the case. It’s not the first time I’ve posed as someone’s girlfriend undercover.” She paused for a beat. “And I’m especially pleased I’ll be posing as your girlfriend instead of his,” she added with a small, pleased smile.


Surprised by Calleigh’s declaration and not sure what to say, Dana settled for returning the smile.




There had been several seconds of complete bedlam, but when the dust settled the suspect had been arrested. Mulder was disappointed that he wasn’t a vampire like he’d postulated, but the case was closed.


Once again, Mulder knocked on a closed door. “Hey, Scully, you alright in there?”


Dana and Calleigh looked at one another in silence for a few moments. Suddenly Dana pulled her top off over her head and roughly yanked the surveillance mic off. While she put her top back on, Calleigh unbuttoned her shirt and followed suit.


With the mics in her hand, Dana leaned in and kissed the blonde. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”


“My place,” Calleigh answered.


Mulder jumped a little when the door burst open and Scully shoved the surveillance equipment into his hands. He watched in silence as his partner and the blonde officer walked out. Then something occurred to him. He ran to the door.


“Hey! Where the hell are you going? We have to fill out a rep–”


“You do the paperwork, Mulder. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Mulder wondered what had gotten into Scully as she got into the car with the other woman and drove off.



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