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7 Sam/Janet ficlets...

Okay, here are 7 Sam/Janet fics resulting from the prompts I received on this post. I hope you all enjoy them!

For [info]sams_ceara: SG-1, Sam/Janet




She had seen other versions of herself before... but never a pregnant one. Sam didn’t know who was more surprised – the pregnant woman in front of her, or her.


“You can’t be here!” the pregnant woman exclaimed.


“I know. But I don’t know how I got here?” Sam looked around the room – it looked like her lab, but there was no sign of a quantum mirror.


What do you mean you don’t know how you got here?”


“I mean I don’t know.”


“Well, you have leave! If you don’t–”


“Entropic cascade failure,” Sam said, cutting off the other woman. She looked away from the pregnant woman – unable to concentrate looking at such a strange version of herself. She chewed her lower lip for a moment as she thought. Well, an alternate reality was an alternate reality. She may not know how she got there, but she should still be able to get home. She looked at the other woman. “Have you been to P3X-233?”


Blue eyes blinked in surprised. “Why would I have been? I’m the head of the IT department, not an SG team member.”


She checked the woman’s left hand... yep – and married. Of all the alternate versions she’s seen of herself, this one was the least like her. “Right,” she sighed. Okay, do you know if your SG-1, or another team, found the quantum mirror on 233? Did they bring it back? Is it at Area 51?”


“Oh! That thing!” the other woman said, finally catching on.


Maybe it was the hormones making this version a little slow on the uptake.


“Yeah, they found it. Let me call Jack to see what they did with it.” The woman waddled over to her desk and sat down heavily in the expensive executive chair.


“O’Neill... is that who...” Sam just made a gesture towards the woman’s swollen belly.


“Whatever gave you that idea?”


“Uh... the ring on your finger.”


The pregnant woman burst out laughing. “You and I must be even more different than I thought! Of course it wasn’t Jack. I’m married to Dr Janet Fraiser. It’s her baby,” she added as she ran a hand over her belly.


Sam felt a sense of relief. Finally something they had in common – the both loved Janet.




Less than an hour later, Sam was standing in front of this reality’s quantum mirror. It took some time to brush the layers of accumulated dust off and fiddle with the control to find the right reality, her reality. Finally, having dialed in the right one – or what she was reasonable sure was the right one – she turned to the pregnant version of herself.


“Thanks for all your help, Sam.”


“You’re welcome. And say hi from me to your Janet.”

Sam smiled. “I will. Take care.”


They hugged.


Sam reached out–




Sam jerked awake with a yell.


“Sam? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Janet asked gently.


“I just had a bad dream.”


“Tell me about it,” the doctor said as she pulled Sam into her arms.


“I dreamed I was in an alternate reality, and...”


“And what, Sam?” Janet asked as she felt the blonde shudder.


“I... I mean the alternate me, was so different.”


“How so?”


“She was a civilian, wasn’t an astrophysicist, was head of the IT department, was married – to you by the way – had never been through the gate, wore glasses, was pregnant and a brunette!” Sam shuddered again.


“Shhh, it’s okay, Sam. It was just a dream.”


“I know, but... brunette?!”





For [info]ml_spikie: SG-1, Sam/Janet





“Have I told you lately that I love you?”


Sam looked at her CO and frowned.


“Yeah! I love you, too,” Daniel added merrily.


“You are indeed a rare flower – beautiful, graceful, and in possession of a warrior’s heart. I, too, love you.”


The dreamy look on Teal’c’s face was more than Sam could take. What was going on? Had she’d woken up in the Twilight Zone?


“What the hell is going on, guys?”


“Is it not proper for a man to declare himself to the one he loves?” Teal’c asked.


Sam closely eyed her three teammates. Each one was looking at her with such... adoration. It was downright creepy. Something had obviously gone wrong. She needed to get them back to the SGC.


“Okay, let’s pack up and head back to the gate.”


“Whatever you say, Sam,” Jack said with a goofy smile.


“Can I pack your stuff for you?” Daniel asked.


“No. Just get yourselves packed up and ready to go.”


When Sam went to put out their cooking fire and gather up their supplies, Teal’c stopped her. “I will see to these tasks. You should rest and let us take care of you.”


Rolling her eyes and sitting down on a log, Sam shook her head. She had no idea what was going on with the men, but something was obviously affecting them.




Back at the SGC all the men wanted to do was follow Sam around, like little puppies. It took her ordering them to cooperate with Janet to get them to sit still long enough to have their blood drawn. And if she left the room, they followed.


Finally, Janet got some test results back.


“Well, I’m finding the same things in all three of them: extremely elevated levels of serotonin and dopamine coupled with an absence of prolactin.”


“Which means?”


“Which means, they’re feeling quite good and relaxed... and amorous.” Janet gave Sam a smirk.


“You needed tests to tell you that?! That’s pretty much what I told as soon as we got back.”


“Well, the good news is, it seems to be wearing off.” She looked through the printouts on her clipboard. “The second round of tests shows their levels starting to normalize. They should be back to normal in a few hours.”


“But what caused it?”


“I don’t know. But I’m having a hazmat team sent to P5R-324 to obtain samples. Until we determine the cause, Hammond had ordered the planet off limits.”




At home, the two women changed and slipped into bed. Janet lay on her side and gazed into bright blue eyes. She reached up and gently caressed Sam’s cheek. “Have I told you lately that I love you?”


Sam closed her eyes and sighed.


“What’s wrong, Sam?” Janet asked, seeing her lover’s unexpected reaction.


“That’s exactly what the colonel said to me this morning.”


Janet tried to suppress her amused smirk. When Sam reopened her eyes, Janet said, “Then let me rephrase. I love you Sam, with all my heart.”


She then spent a good portion of the night putting words into action.





For [info]ml_spikie: SG-1, Sam/Janet




Sam felt her face flush and her heart beat faster as she caught a glimpse of Janet Fraiser across the room. The crush she had on the doctor was getting worse and worse. Now all it took was simple glimpse of the woman across a crowded room to set her body aflame. She couldn’t keep going on like this. She took a deep breath and downed the cold drink in her hand. She went off in search of something stronger to drink.




Janet had taken her time getting ready for the party. She had taken a long bath, washed and blow dried her hair, rubbed lotion into every inch of skin, applied a touch perfume to a few strategic spots and wore the white dress that showed off her tan and that she knew was appreciated by a certain someone.


She sipped her drink as she moved and mingled among the party goers. She caught a glimpse of her target.’ However, she continued on the meandering course that would eventually take her out onto O’Neill’s deck. Hers had been a strategy of subtlety. Tonight she would find out if it worked.




Sam found herself at the table loaded down with all sorts of alcohol and mixers. The table next to it was covered with a wide variety of finger foods and sandwiches. She quickly made herself a screwdriver. As she took the first cold sip, Daniel appeared at her elbow.


“Hey, Sam. How do like the party?”


“It’s not bad. I’m actually surprised the colonel pulled off something like this, rather than a rowdy beer fest and hotdogs.” She smiled at her teammate. “You helped him, didn’t you?”


The archeologist’s eye sparked. “Well, like you said, if left up to Jack beer and hotdogs would be the only thing served.”


“Nicely done, Daniel.”


He smiled at the compliment. “Oh, did you see Janet?”


Sam instantly felt her temperature go up a couple of degrees at just the mention of the beautiful woman. Her throat constricted and made her voice brittle. “Um... uh, no. Is she here?” she asked, her voice cracking in the middle of the last word.


Daniel gave her a funny look. “Are you okay?”


“Uh, yeah.” She swallowed. “Just a little down the wrong way,” she said as she held up her glass to take another sip.


“Okay. Anyway, I talked to Janet a few minutes ago. She really looks good tonight...” Daniel took a breath. “Smells nice too,” he added almost too low to be heard.


Sam’s brow creased and she took a hard look at Daniel. “Daniel, are you interested in Janet?” She wasn’t sure what answer she hoped for. She obviously couldn’t be with Janet, but she wasn’t sure how she’d feel about Daniel – or anyone else – being with her. Then again, just because she couldn’t be with who she wanted, didn’t mean Janet didn’t deserve to be with someone. And Daniel was a good guy.


Daniel blushed. “I, uh... well...” He ran a nervous hand through his hair. “I think Janet’s great. She’s smart, beautiful, kind. How could one not be attracted to her?” he said with a shrug. “Whoever she loves is damn lucky.”


“What do you mean, whoever she loves?”


“All I know is I’m not the one she got dressed up for tonight. She wouldn’t tell me who, but I got the feeling that person is here tonight. Anyway, I’m gonna go find Jack. Talk to you later, Sam.”


Sam didn’t say anything as Daniel walked away. She decided some fresh air might be a good idea, so she headed out to the colonel’s deck.




Janet heard the back door open and emit sounds of the party. She turned only after she heard a voice say, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude, I’ll leave you alone.”


Janet gave Sam a warm smile. “Don’t be silly, Sam. You’re not intruding. I was just getting some fresh air and enjoying a lower level of ambient noise.”


Sam smiled and nodded. “I think someone turned the music up a couple notches.” She joined Janet at the railing and looked up in the clear night sky. “They’re beautiful,” she said softly.


“Yes, they are.” Janet shivered a little from the nip in the cool night air.


“You’re cold,” Sam said. “You should go back in.”


“I’d rather stay out here.”


Sam slipped her blazer off and settled it over Janet’s shoulders.


“Mm, thank you.”


“Anytime.” They’re eyes met and held. Sam was rooted the spot, unable to look away from those dark brown eyes, unable to slow her heart rate or respiration.


Janet gazed at the beautiful blonde, taking in her dilated blue eyes, her slightly ragged breath... and the look of want on her face. Yes, her strategy had worked. “Sam,” she said softly, “take me home.”


She heard the words but didn’t comprehend their meaning. “What? Do you feel sick?”


Janet smiled gently, then reached up, slipping her hand to back of Sam’s neck, and pulled her down. She place a very light, teasing kiss on the woman’s lips. “Take me home, Sam, so we can be alone.”


With comprehension dawning, Sam smiled and took Janet’s hand in hers as they walked down the deck steps and around to the front of the house where her car was parked.





For [info]oxfordshoes2: SG-1, Sam/Janet




Within moments of SG-1 exiting the wormhole, Janet was horrified to see that only Sam was clutching at the facemask of her hazmat suit. There was a look of sheer terror on the blonde’s face. She fell to the ground, grasping at the hazmat hood, trying to pull it off. Janet clamped her hands around Sam’s wrists and yanked them away in a show of surprising strength.




Sam tried to pull in gulps of air, but only choked on the poisonous atmosphere of P8X-258 that had somehow leaked into her suit.


Tears ran down Janet’s face, because she knew with absolute certainty there was nothing she could do. Nothing, except watch her lover die an agonizing death. Sam’s body went limp... she was gone.






“Janet! Wake up! Janet!” Sam turned on the light on the nightstand and roughly shook her lover, trying to wake her.


Finally, Janet opened her eyes. She looked up into the same blue eyes that pleaded for help in her nightmare. Help she couldn’t provide. Tears ran from the corners of her eyes and dampened her pillow. “Sam!”


Sam leaned down and pulled Janet into her arms, holding her close. She was surprised at how tight Janet clung to her, almost squeezing the air out of her. “Shhh, it’s okay, love. I’m right here.” Janet’s arms tightened almost painfully around her. “Hey there, relax. You want to tell me about it?” Sam asked gently.


“I’m calling off the mission to P8X-258 tomorrow,” Janet said. She finally eased her tight hold around Sam and lay back against her pillow. She reached up and cupped Sam’s cheek, unshed tears still welling in her eyes.


“But why, Janet? We’ve been preparing for the mission for over a month. Everything has been triple and quadruple checked multiple times.”


“Because there’s absolutely no margin of error. The risk is too great. And as the CMO it’s my call.”


“But what will General Hammond say about the time we’ve put in getting–”


“He’ll say it’s my call. He said from the very beginning that it was up to me and that I could pull the plug at any time. We’re not going, and that’s final.”


“Okay. Whatever you say, Janet.”


Janet pulled Sam down and wrapped her arm around her again. “I couldn’t bear to lose you,” she whispered in her ear.





For [info]ml_spikie: SG-1, Sam/Janet




Sam eyed Janet with a look of pure lust; the alien virus had made her very horny.


Janet warily eyed the blonde captain – the look in those blue eyes was unmistakable. She’d seen that kind of uncontrollable lust directed at her before. Only it had come from her bully of an ex-husband when he was drunk. Fortunately, he was usually too drunk to actually follow through... but there were times he had. She’d hidden, when she could, the ugly bruises that gave testament of those times.


But Captain Carter was no drunken paper pusher. She was a highly trained and battle-tested soldier with lethal hand-to-hand skills. Janet glanced around the lab without really taking her eyes off of the blonde. If she could get to the counter where her lab coat was laying, she could retrieve one of the sedative-filled syringes in the pocket. She very slowly and carefully took a tiny step to her left. Then another...


Sam made a sudden move in the same direction and let out a loud grunt.


Janet lunged in the opposite direction and snagged her lab coat. She’d barely gotten a syringe out when the blonde tackled her, both of them landing on floor. The breath was knocked out of her. Janet fought through the temporary feeling of breathlessness and pulled the cap off the syringe. She jabbed it into Sam, even as the blonde pawed at her uniform.


After a few seconds Sam slumped atop the form of the petite doctor. Janet pushed against the dead weight on top of her and carefully rolled the captain off of her. She lay there on the floor and took a few deep breaths. She was so tired, and she still had endless tests to run to find a way to treat the damned virus.


Finally, Janet sat up. She looked down at the woman curled up on her side and lightly brushed blonde strands from her forehead. Even with the changes the Touched Virus had caused in her features, Sam was a beautiful woman. “If only you wanted me when you weren’t under the influence of an alien virus.”


The doctor stood, walked to the phone on the wall, and called to have a couple of medics take the captain back to her room.



Sequel/companion piece Low-Level Primates



For [info]magicmumu: SG-1, Sam/Janet




And here we go again. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at me as if, yes, I had finally gone under.


“What?” I asked her.


An eyebrow rose, because we both knew that I was fully aware of why I was receiving that look.


“When are you going to learn that you need to tell me about these things?”


“I just did,” I pointed out.


“You need tell me about these things right away.”


I fidgeted under her stern glare. “It’s not a big deal, Janet.” Oops – that was the wrong thing to say.


“These things are important, Sam. And if the colonel hadn’t said something I wouldn’t have known to ask you about it.” She got that damn disappointed look in her eyes.


“I’m sorry.” And I was.


Her expression softened and her voice wavered slightly. “It was almost too late when I found out, Sam. I would have missed it.”


I moved to her and took her in my arms, holding her close. “I really am sorry, honey. It won’t happen again. I promise.” I kissed her cheek.


Janet pulled back and grabbed a tissue from the box on her desk. She wiped her eyes and took a sip of her now cold coffee. She tugged on her dress blue jacket, smoothing out her uniform. “Good. Now let’s go, so the general can pin that medal on you. You don’t want to be late to your own award ceremony.”





For [info]oxfordshoes2: SG-1, Sam/Janet




For the fifth night in a row she was wandering the empty halls of the SGC at 3:00am. She was so tired, but she just couldn’t sleep. She’d tried everything she could think of – warm milk, chamomile tea, a hot shower with lavender body wash and shampoo, soft music, exercise, meditation. She just wasn’t able to sleep.


During these late night/early morning walks, she actually wandered into places on the base she’d never been before. If nothing else, she was going to know every nook and cranny in the place like the back of her hand.


It was almost 0400 when she wandered by the general’s office and saw light seeping through the crack under his door. She wondered why Hammond would be in so early since there wasn’t any emergency. She had her hand raised to knock, when door suddenly opened, startling her.


“Oh, Sam! You scared me,” Janet said with her hand over her heart.


“You? I think I just had two years knocked off my life.”


They exchanged a look as both waited for their hearts slow back down.


“So, what are you doing here so early?”


“I was just leaving the general a note. I’ve been at the Academy hospital since just after dinner last night. Sgt. Lau finally had her twins – girls. It was a difficult birth and I’m exhausted. When I spoke to General Hammond, he said I could have a couple of days off – he just needed my request form.” She paused. “What about you? What are you doing here so early?”


“I uh... I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to take a walk.”


Janet knew something was up as soon Sam blushed. She took a hard look at Sam. “Right. Tell me, just how many nights have you been going for a walk?”


The look in the doctor’s eye told the blonde major she’d better be truthful. “This is the fifth,” she said with a sigh.


Janet turned and walked back to Hammond’s desk. She wrote a quick note and placed it in the center of his desk, on top of her leave request. She turned off the light as she closed the office door. “Come on, Sam, you’re coming home with me.”


“I have duty in about three hours.”


“No, you don’t. I’m ordering you off duty for medical reasons.”


“But, Janet–”


“Don’t you ‘But, Janet,’ me. Now move.”




Sam writhed on the bed as Janet made her feel things she’d never felt before. Her long fingers curled and fisted in the soft, dark hair of the head between her thighs. Her body bowed and muscles locked at she came with a cry. After a momentary eternity her heart started beating again and she sucked air into her oxygen-starved lungs.


Janet took her time kissing her way back the blonde’s long, lean body. After sharing the flavor still on her lips and tongue in a deep kiss, she rolled onto her side, next to Sam. Blue eyes were half-closed eyes. Sam was ready to fall asleep.


“Think you can sleep now?”


“Mm hmm...”


Janet smiled. “It’s a great insomnia cure.”


Sam managed a half a smile as her eyelids drooped even further.


“Next time, don’t wait until it’s been five nights without sleep, Sam. Come to me right away.”


“Mmmm...” was all Sam could manage before succumbing to Morpheus.



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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

  • Fic: Heat

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