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5 "first line" SG-1 ficlets

Over the last couple days, I've been taking prompts and filling them. I've had a blast doing this, and will probably do this again sometime. In each case, the prompter provided the first line and I did my best to come up with something. I decided to organize these.

In this post you will find 5 SG-1 ficlets. Please enjoy.


For [info]sinadino: SG-1, Sam/Janet


That’s No Excuse


“He just didn’t know better.”

“That’s no excuse! You promised me–”

“I know, Janet. It’s my fault. I didn’t make sure the door was closed. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry is not going to fix this.”

“I’ll buy you a new one.”

“That’s not the point. You can’t just replace Mr. Mittens.”

Sam looked at the old, well-worn, threadbare, raggedy teddy bear. She picked up Schrödinger II and carried the kitten out their bedroom. “Come on, Schrödinger, you can keep me company on the couch tonight,” she said softly.

It was going to take some time and a lot of sucking up to make up for the destruction of Janet’s favorite childhood possession.




For [info]oxfordshoes2: SG-1, Sam/Janet


It Said Auburn


Sam slammed her hand down to close the iris just as Janet tumbled out of the event horizon. She raced down to the gate room to check on her lover.

Janet was lying on her back on the ramp, struggling to catch her breath.


“I’m... okay,” she gasped.

A quick visual inspection verified the doctor was in one piece and not injured, though her uniform was a little worse for wear. Finally, Janet sat up.

“What the hell happened?” Sam asked. “One minute you radioed everything had gone great and that you were on the way back. The next minute you radioed your team was under attack! I thought they invited you back to give you an award for stopping the viral outbreak.”

“They did.” She reached up and took her cap off. “But then I took my cap off.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Apparently, red hair is a sign of being a demon.”

Sam’s eyes widened in surprised. But having Janet home safe and sound allowed her a little levity. “But the box clearly said auburn.”

Janet arched an eyebrow and glared at the blonde major a moment before standing up. “Doesn’t matter, I’m going back to my own color as soon as I get out of here.” With as much dignity as a person covered in rotten tomatoes could muster, the doctor marched out of the gate room.




For [info]oxfordshoes2: SG-1, Sam/Janet


Green, Black, or Desert Beige


Sam stood looking at her locker trying to decide if the green, black or desert beige ‘camos’ were required today. It would help if she could remember where it was they were gating to. But try as she might, she just couldn’t pull the information through the fog of her befuddlement.


A slap to her back almost toppled her.


“It’s a great day to go spelunking, Carter! Hop to it. Train’s leaving in 20 minutes!” O’Neill sounded downright chipper.


Damn, she never looked to see what color BDUs he was wearing.


“Hey, Sam! Did I tell you? The natives told me about a couple of legends they have about the caves.” Daniel was his usual effusive self. “... and I can’t wait!” he exclaimed on the way out of the locker room.


What was he talking about? Crap, she didn’t see what he was wearing either.


“Captain Carter?” Teal’c paused for several moments. “I will get Dr. Fraiser.”


Huh? What did Teal’c say? Oh, hell. She never saw what Teal’c was wearing.


“Sam? Are you alright, hon?”


Sam turned her head and looked into the soft, brown eyes of Janet Fraiser. The smile that had been on her face widened.




“You said you love me,” she said, her voice full of wonder. “Just as I was leaving the house, you said you love me.”


Janet’s concerned look morphed into a gentle smile. She lightly cupped Sam’s cheek. “Yes, I do. I love you.” She placed a light kiss on the captain’s lips. “But right now, you need to get ready for your return trip to P5X-265.” Janet pulled a set of BDUs out of Sam’s locker and pushed them into her hands. “Get changed, Sam. The guys are waiting for you.”


Janet left and Sam looked at the uniform in her hands. It was green.




For [info]elfcat255: SG-1, Sam/Janet


Tactical Surrender


Trying very hard not to make a sound, Sam crept into the bedroom. That was her first mistake.


It didn’t matter that she could silently sneak up on an enemy and take him before he knew she was there. Trying to silently creep into the bedroom without waking its inhabitant only guaranteed that she’d make noise.


The light on the nightstand snapped on.




“What do you think you’re doing?” A dark eyebrow arched sternly. “Sneaking around in your socks, your boots in your hand?”


“Uh... I didn’ wanna wake you.”


“I wasn’t sleeping,” Janet said angrily. “Where the hell have you been?!”


Correction: Trying to silently sneak into the bedroom wasn’t her first mistake. Not calling, going out with the guys, getting drunk, and not answering her cell phone was. Trying to sneak back in at 3:15 in the morning was just the last, and probably the most minor, offence.


“Well? I’m waiting for an answer, Samantha Carter.”


Why was it, one of the most extraordinary minds on Earth, failed to come up with a single reason for her actions when faced with one small, angry doctor?




Did Janet just call her Samantha Carter? Oh crap, she was screwed – big time.


Sometimes there was a tactical advantage in surrender.


“I’m s’ry. I went out the wit da guys. I shoulda called. We got drun’. An’ Dan’l stole ma phone. S’ry.” She sighed in defeat. “I’ll go slee’ on da couch.”


Janet sighed and shook her head. “You stink. Go take a shower and then come to bed,” she said. “But don’t think for a minute I’ll feel sorry for you in the morning.”


Sam retained enough sense of self-preservation to simply nod and do as she was told.




For [info]sams_ceara: SG-1, Sam/Janet


She Wasn’t Going To Cry


Sam looked up and asked, with tears in her eyes, “Where do we go from here?” No matter how much it hurt, she wasn’t going to cry! Especially not in front of him.


“I don’t know. All these tunnels look the same and we were all unconscious part of the way when they brought us down here. But don’t worry, Teal’c is scouting a way out of here. You just relax and enjoy to the ride, Carter.”


Anger flared in Sam’s eyes. “I can walk out of here on my own.”


Jack smiled indulgently. “Whatever you say, Sam.” He exchanged a look with Daniel who gave him a nod before injecting Sam with the morphine.


Sam whipped her head around. “Daniel!” But she could already feel the medication taking over her system. Damn, he’d put it in her vein.


As Sam slumped back, Daniel finished dressing the wound on her leg. He was putting away their first aid supplies when Teal’c returned.


“O’Neill, I have found the exit.”


“Great. Let’s get out here and back to the SGC. I’ve had enough of this damn planet.” Although, Jack wasn’t looking forward to Janet’s anger when he explained how Sam got hurt. Getting the doctor’s girlfriend hurt was a sure way to get a thorough, and invasive, physical with lots of big honkin’ needles.


Teal’c gently picked up his injured teammate and carried her out of the tunnels and to the gate.

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