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just a little something...

The brunette held the shuddering woman in her arms as the spa jets swirled the not quite steamy water and apple blossom petals around them. She lovingly nuzzled the column of her throat as the blonde caught her breath.

“Come on, let’s move somewhere drier,” she said with a gentle smile.

The brunette steadied the blonde until she got her feet solidly under her, then held her robe out for her to slip into. Sliding her own on, they walked inside and upstairs, arm in arm.

In the bedroom, the blonde pushed the brunette down on the bed. She threw open the brunette’s robe and laid on top of her, kissing her way down her throat to suckle at her pulse point. She pressed the brunette’s hands to the mattress as she drew her knees up and straddled her hips.

“Now it’s my turn, baby,” the blonde declared.

“But I didn’t get to finish my turn,” objected the brunette beneath her.

She raised her head looked at her in confusion. “What do you mean? We agreed to take turns. The hot tub – what the hell would you call that?” she demanded.

The brunette smiled, wickedly. With a jerk of her hips she threw the blonde off balance, rolled her to the side and pressed her well muscled thigh against the blonde’s center. “Foreplay, love, foreplay...”

Tags: fic, snippit

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