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IDF fic: Solitudes part 1/3

Title: Solitudes

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: Stargate SG-1 (AU)

Pairing: Samantha Carter/Janet Fraiser

Rating: PG

Word count: ~9000

Disclaimer: The stargate and the characters don’t belong to me. No copyright infringement in­tended. No profit being made. Strictly for amusement.

Summary: What if it had been Sam and Janet stranded in the Antarctic instead of Sam and Jack?

Spoilers/Timeline: AU (and extended) version of S1E17, Solitudes.

Archive: Please ask first.

A/N 1: In response to [info]passion_perfect’s AU challenge for IDF.

A/N 2: Special thanks to [info]bara_brith and [info]celievamp for the great beta.  




“Unauthorized off-world activation. Unauthorized off-world activation.”

General Hammond exited his office and entered the control room. “Report.”

“No sig– Wait... it’s SG-1, sir,” reported Sgt. Harriman.

“Open the iris.”

Down in the gate room the iris opened and a lone figure stepped through the stargate – Captain Samantha Carter.

As the wormhole disengaged, Hammond left the control room. He frowned as he entered the gate room. “Captain Carter, what’s going on? Where’s your team?”

“There’s been an accident, sir. Daniel and Colonel O’Neill have been hurt. Daniel’s ankle might be broken, but I don’t think so.”

“And O’Neill?”

The blonde captain sighed. “He’s bad, sir. He may have a broken back. We decided not to move him until a doctor can check him out.”

“I understand.”


Captain Janet Fraiser, M.D., the base Chief Medical Officer was summoned to the general’s office. She was surprised to find Captain Carter present.

“Reporting as ordered, sir.”

“I need to you get a medical team together and ready to go through the gate in 15 minutes.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll need to know what to prepare for.”

“Captain,” he nodded at Carter.

“Colonel O’Neill and Daniel took a fall down a steep, rocky incline. Daniel’s hurt his ankle. I don’t think it’s broken, but it’s at least sprained.”

“And the colonel?”

“He’s got a badly broken leg. And maybe a broken back.”

Fraiser looked at Carter with undisguised concern.

“That’s why we didn’t want to move him.”

She nodded. “Good idea.”

Just under 15 minutes later, Janet, Sam, and two medics – Sgt. Miller and Airman Linz – walked up the ramp and through the gate.


Janet could tell right away how bad Jack was hurt by the way he didn’t give her a hard time. She and the medics sedated him before they got him strapped to a backboard and set his leg. She then took a look at Daniel.

“If I take your boot off now, your ankle will swell up all the more. I don’t think it’s broken, but I don’t want you walking on it, Daniel, until we get some x-rays of it to make sure.”

“I can carry Daniel Jackson,” said Teal’c.

“I do not need to be carried.”

“You will at least need someone to help you, because you are not putting any weight on that ankle, Daniel. Either way, we need to get the colonel back right away.”

Sam nodded. “Alright, people, you heard the doctor. Let’s get moving,” she ordered.

The two medics picked up Colonel O’Neill while Teal’c shouldered the doctor’s medical pack and then helped Dan­iel. They made quick time back toward the gate. Teal’c, helping Daniel, took point; he was followed by the medics carrying Jack. Sam and Janet brought up the rear.

“You did the right thing not moving the colonel,” Janet said.

Sam nodded. “I knew it was bad.”

“Yeah. I’m worried about him. He didn’t give me any backtalk or resistance.”

“I noticed.” The blonde looked at the petite doctor. “He’s scared, Janet.”

“I know. I’ll give him an MRI as soon as we get back to find out what’s going on with his back. It could be just bruised. But either way, his leg is going to keep him out of action for a while, it’s a bad break.”


They were a couple hundred yards from the gate when all of a sudden they started getting shot at by energy weapons of some sort.

“Take cover!!” yelled Sam.

The medics carefully, but quickly got Jack behind some rocks. A blast hit so close Sam felt the heat singe the air around them as she threw Janet to the ground and covered her.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, but that was close.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Are you hurt?” Janet asked concerned.

“Just a little cooked.”

Another blast hit nearby but not as close.

“Teal’c, cover fire! Daniel, dial home!” Sam ordered. She and Janet were still in the open, but at least she was covering her, and Janet didn’t have her pack to slow her down. “Get ready to run for those rocks over there, Janet.”


Sam rolled off of Janet onto her back and started firing in the direction of the incoming fire. “Go, go!”

Janet took off at a run. Once she was under cover Sam got up and ran to join her. A last second zigzag kept Sam from taking a direct hit from a bolt of energy, but it was close enough to send her flying into the air. She came down hard, not far from Janet, who was immediately at her side.


She couldn’t say anything right away since she’d had the wind knocked out of her. Janet start­ed running her hands over her limbs and torso, checking for injury. Sam finally caught her breath. “I’m... I’m okay. Just had the wind knocked out of me.”

She saw the relief on Janet’s face. Sam moved to get up and look over the rocks. She checked out where the rest of their team was. They were still taking fire, but Daniel and Teal’c had made it to the DHD and Daniel was dialing. They concentrated their fire at the same time so that the medics could get the colonel through the gate.


“What’s going on?” demanded Hammond once the medics got through to the SGC.

They placed Jack on a waiting gurney. “I’m not sure, General. We were almost to the stargate when all of a sudden we started taking fire from some kind of energy weapons. We never saw anyone. The others covered us as we got the colonel through the gate,” reported Sgt. Miller.

“Sir! The stargate is overloading! It’s showing twice the power as normal, and it’s increasing!” an­nounced Sgt. Harriman in the control room.

“Clear the gate room!” ordered Hammond.


“Teal’c! Take Daniel and go!”

Sam covered them as they ran for the gate and dove through.

She grabbed Janet’s hand. “Let’s go!”

They took off running and also leapt for the gate. She made sure to keep Janet’s body between herself and the gate, so that she could block her from any incoming shots. A shot hit the gate be­side them just as they entered it.


At the SGC Teal’c and Daniel were thrown through the gate. Teal’c tumbled down the ramp, and Daniel literally came flying through, not landing until he was past the ramp.

“System overload!” warned Harriman.

The wormhole disengaged.

Hammond re-entered the gate room and knelt down next to Daniel who was unconscious. “Get a medical team in here now!”

“Medical team to the gate room. Medical team to the gate room,” was announced over the PA system.

“Teal’c, where are Captain Carter and Dr. Fraiser?”

Teal’c looked around. “They could not have been more than few meters behind. I do not know.”


Teal’c’s arm was in a sling.

“Dr. Jackson’s still unconscious but Dr. Warner thinks he’ll be alright. They’re still checking Colonel O’Neill out. I need to know what went on back there, Teal’c,” General Hammond said.

“We were under fire. Distant. Energy weapons of some kind. Possibly Goa’uld technology.”

“So it’s possible Captain Carter and Dr. Fraiser were struck by enemy fire?

“I do not believe so. They were but a few meters behind me as we passed through the stargate.”

“How many hostiles were there?”

“They were some distance away. But we appeared to be surrounded. Captain Carter ordered us to lay down cover fire while Daniel Jackson dialed home. General Hammond, I believe they should have made it through the gate. I do not understand why they did not.”

Sgt. Siler walked into the room. “Preliminary report on the stargate repairs, sir.” He handed the general a clipboard.

“Repairs?” Teal’c asked.

“There was some kind of overload during transit, we don’t know why,” Hammond answered.

“I must return immediately.”

“Not with an army waiting on the other side, sorry.”

“General Hammond, I suggest a second probe be sent through.”

“As soon as the stargate is working again we’ll do just that.”


As Sam came to, the pain she felt told her she was at least alive. The mistake she made was trying to push herself up into a sitting position. She let out a yell and her head swam.

“Easy, easy. Don’t try to move yet.”

She tried to catch her breath. “Damn, what happened?”

“I’m not sure. But we came out of the gate a lot faster than normal.” Janet paused. “And we’re not where we’re supposed to be.”

Sam started to lift her head to try to look around but it made her dizzy. “Whoa.”

“I told you not to move yet.”

“Okay, point taken.”

“Your shoulder is badly dislocated, that’s why it hurt when you tried to get up. I have to try to pop it back in place.” Janet took off her right boot and planted her foot in Sam’s armpit. “On three. One...” Janet pulled on Sam’s arm, before she ever said ‘two,’ with everything she had until it finally gave with a very loud pop.

“Ahhh!” Sam couldn’t help the tears that came to her eyes. She felt Janet’s hand slip inside not only her jacket, but her shirt as well. Her hand gently probed Sam’s shoulder. “I thought you said on ‘three!’” the blonde complained.

“Which is why I went after ‘one’. Otherwise you would have tensed up and it would have been worse.” Janet withdrew her hand.

Sam was then surprised by a flashlight in her eyes – or rather one eye, and then the other. “Ja­net?”

“You had a real bad landing. Besides dislocating your shoulder, you have a head injury. The bleed­ing has stopped, but it looks like you have a concussion.”

“Explains why my head hurts.”

“I was getting really worried about you. You were unconscious for over an hour.”

Sam took a couple of deep breaths while trying to get her bearings and center herself. “So do you have any idea where we are?”

“No. All I know is that we didn’t end up at the SGC and we’re apparently in an ice cavern.”

“That would explain why my butt is freezing.”

Janet gave her a smirk.

“Okay, time to get moving.”

“Take it slow,” the doctor warned.

Sam sat up without too much trouble, but could tell she had dinged her ribs. She looked around. “Where are the others?”

“I think we’re the only ones here, Sam.”

She immediately reached for her radio and called for the others but didn’t get any response.

“I already tried that,” Janet said.

Sam nodded – of course she had. “Have you seen the DHD?”

“No. But I haven’t been able to search.”

She heard something in the doctor’s voice and immediately looked at her with concern. “What’s wrong, Janet?”

She let out a sigh. “I, uh, I think I broke my ankle.”

Sam looked down at Janet’s left boot. It was obvious that she’d had to loosen it to keep the circu­lation from being compromised – especially in the frigid temperature.

“Alright then. First things first. It looks like we’re inside a crevasse of a glacier. There is some light filtering through. There appear to be some fissures. I’ll scout those out. How are we set for food?”

“Well, I went through your pack when I got your medkit out. I’d say we have enough for three days, but we can probably stretch that. We’ve got a little drinking water, but...”

“Ice melts and we’ve got the field cooking gear to melt it. Flashlight batteries are going to be a problem though. And since we only have the one pack it means only one sleeping bag. But we do have a space blanket and a poncho.”

“Well if you find the DHD we won’t have to worry about any of that.”

Sam gave her a small smile. “I know. In the meantime, let’s get you situated in a bit more com­fortable and warmer spot.” She slowly got up on her feet.

“Careful,” Janet said as the blonde captain wavered a moment with dizziness.

Sam spotted the perfect place. It was an outcropping of ice that provided a cubbyhole underneath, just the right size for the two of them to lie down in. She laid the space blanket out first and then the sleeping bag on top of it. Sam then took the poncho and affixed it to the outcropping so that it acted as a flap door to the cubbyhole. With the much smaller space now enclosed, their body heat could actually warm the air in the small space and be kept in. She went back, carefully picked Ja­net up and carried her to the cubbyhole. She set her down on the sleeping bag.

“We need to splint your ankle.”

Janet grimaced. “I know. I’m not looking forward to it.”

“I’ll be as careful as I can.” Sam took her knife out and cut the laces on her boot. Janet couldn’t help but yelp as her boot was gently removed. She saw the tears in her dark brown eyes. “I’m sorry, Janet.”

 “I know. It has to be done.”

Sam took the splint out of the medkit and started to wrap her ankle. By the time she was done a few tears ran down Janet’s cheeks. “Do you want something for the pain?”

She shook her head. “I’ll be alright.”

“Let’s get you cozy while I’ll go exploring.”

Janet slipped into the sleeping bag and used her coat as a pillow. Sam pulled the poncho down so she was enclosed in the small space.


There was a technician welding in the gate room. Teal’c, Sgt. Siler and General Hammond walked in.

“We’ve almost replaced all the super conductive interface elements, sir. The old ones all melted. It’s going to take some time to load test them though,” Siler explained.

“Just tell me the minute we can send a probe through.”

“That’ll be 24 hours, General, minimum.”

“Captain Carter and Dr. Fraiser do not have that long,” Teal’c pointed out.

Hammond nodded. “I’ll give you half that.”

“No, sir, it doesn’t work that way. 24 hours is the best I can do.”

“Then you’d better get back to it.”

“Yes, sir!”


Daniel’s eyelids flickered and then opened. Teal’c came into focus. “Teal’c?”

“The stargate has malfunctioned. We came through the gate at too great a velocity.”

“Jack? Sam and Janet?”

“Colonel O’Neill has had surgery on his leg. His back is not broken.”

“But what about Sam and Janet?”

“They did not follow.”

“Yes they did. I know they did. They were right behind us. That doesn’t make any sense.”

 “I concur. In a few hours a probe will be sent back in an attempt to determine their fate.”


Sam rejoined Janet after a couple of hours. “Well I’ve got good news and bad news.”

“What’s the bad news?” asked Janet.

“None of the fissures lead to a way out of here.”

“And the good news?”

“I found the DHD.”

Janet perked up. “You’re kidding?!”

The blonde nodded. “Unfortunately, there’s a little bit of bad news to go with that as well. It’s in a block of ice – though it does look like it might be intact.” She paused. “It’s going to take some time to dig it out.”

“Then help me out of here so we can get started.”

Janet put her coat on and her right boot. Sam made some cuts in the leather of Janet’s her left boot to ac­commodate her splinted and wrapped ankle. She then picked Janet up and carried her over to the large block of ice that contained the DHD. Janet took her knife out and started chipping away but stopped when she realized something was wrong with Sam – she was tensed up and grimacing a little.

“Sam? What’s wrong?”

She opened her eyes and let out a slow breath. “I think I have a couple cracked ribs.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Nothing can be done about it.” She pulled her knife out and started chipping away at the ice. “I’ve been thinking about what might have happened.”


“There are only so many possibilities. One, Daniel misdialed and they’re here, somewhere we have­n’t found.”

“You said yourself the fissures don’t lead anywhere, so if they were here...”

“Exactly. I don’t think that’s the case either. Two, Daniel did­n’t misdial, but for some reason the stargate malfunctioned during transit. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know. Anyway, they got sent back to Earth, but for some reason we got sent here.”

“And three?”

“Three, the stargate malfunctioned, we got sent here, and everyone else was sent to another pla­net.”

“What’s four?”

Sam shook her head. “Don’t have a four.” She paused. “I can’t help but think that ‘two’ is the most likely. So assuming they made it back to Earth, they’ll start sending search parties.”

“But to where?”

“Here, I hope.”

“But where would they begin? They have no idea where we are. We have no idea where we are. And with all the possible stargate addresses a random search could take years.”

Sam reached over and grabbed her friend’s hand. “We are going to get home, Janet.”

Janet didn’t say anything, but started chipping at the ice again.


Part 2

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