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Snapshots: A Brief History of a Life Less Ordinary (Prologue)

Okay, I know it's been a little while since I finished Weak in the Knees. But here's the good news... the muse is back! So, without further ado, here is the first of my prequel. ; )

Title: Snapshots: A Brief History of a Life Less Ordinary

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: OFC/OFC

Rating: R

Word Count: ~20,500

Disclaimer: X-Files, Mulder, Scully and such don’t belong to me. No copyright infringement intended, no profit being made.

Summary: The title basically says it all - a brief history of Special Agent Jessica Morgan leading up to Weak in the Knees.

Archive: By permission only

A/N: A special thank you to [info]yellowsmurf6 and [info]k_icker for the beta.



A Brief History of a Life Less Ordinary



February 22nd, 1966


Elizabeth was bored. But that was nothing new. Even as a child she had always been a bit... fickle.

As the daughter of the Earl of Essington, her whims and flights of fancy were usually indulged by the staff of Essington Manor... and by her father. The Earl knew he spoiled his daughter, but having lost his wife to leukemia when Elizabeth was but a year old, he found he didn’t have the heart to deny her anything.


Anyway, Lady Elizabeth was used to getting her way, and acting out when she didn’t. So, when she felt her husband Philippe wasn’t spending enough time with her she pulled her usual trick – she disappeared. She checked into the hotel using her maiden name, Elizabeth Morgan. She knew her husband, or more likely his lawyer, would check all the five star hotels first, so she chose a smaller but still respectable hotel.




February 23rd, 1966

The pain woke her up. She reached for and fumbled with the phone on the nightstand. She managed to dial 0 for the front desk.


“Help me! Please!” Another pain made her cry out and drop the phone.


“Ma’am? Ma’am?!” The desk clerk grabbed the night manager. “Greg, I think we’ve got an emer­gency! Room 237 – Ms. Morgan. She just called and asked for help then cried out as if in pain.”


“Call 911,” he ordered as he took off running for room 237.




In the ER it was quickly determined that Elizabeth needed an emergency c-section. A scant 15 minutes after arriving at the hospital Elizabeth had given birth.


“You have a beautiful new daughter! Do you have a name picked out for her?”


“Jess... Jessica Renee...” she managed before drifting off.




February 25th, 1966


Philippe Rodier walked into the hospital carrying a rather large bouquet of flowers. He was irritated Elizabeth had taken off again. His lawyer already told him which room his wife was in, but he went straight to the nursery to see his son.


He stood at the window trying to read the names on the bassinettes. A nurse smiled at him but he frowned. He didn’t see his son. The nurse came to the door and stuck her head out.


“Can I help you, sir?”


“My wife gave birth two days ago.”


“What’s your name?”


“Philippe Rodier.”


She frowned. “I’m afraid we don’t have any babies named Rodier.”


“But my wife is in room 417.”


“Oh, you mean Elizabeth Morgan.”


He sighed. “Yes.”


“Go to the window; I’ll be right there.”


Philippe returned to the window and waited. The nurse appeared at the window with a tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket. He shook his head. That couldn’t be right – he had a son. The nurse nodded as she pulled the blanket away to give a clearer view of her face. Philippe again shook his head. The nurse placed the little girl in a bassinette and pressed the intercom.


“What’s the matter, Mr. Rodier?”


“Where’s my son?”


“You have a beautiful daughter, sir. Jessica Renee Morgan.”


“Alright, thank you.” He turned and walked away, dropping the flowers in a trashcan on the way out of the hospital.



Part 2

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