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fic, x-files, Weak in the Knees, chapter seven

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: umm... NC-17 eventually

A/N: Special thanks to celievamp for the beta. Please see previous parts for disclaimer/summary/notes.


Chapter 7


When Morgan woke up in the morning she was still holding Scully who was still mostly on top of her but was cradled by Morgan’s body and the back of the couch. Her face was tucked into Morgan’s neck and the redhead’s right hand was gently but rather possessively holding her left breast. Scully’s right leg was also trapped between her own.


Morgan kept her breath slow and even so she didn’t wake Scully up. She was sure Scully would be more than a little embarrassed to wake up in their current position. Especially to find herself fondling her partner’s breast and teasing her hardening nipple with her thumb. It was definitely time to get up. Morgan very, very carefully eased herself out from under Scully.




When Scully woke up she was surprised to find herself without her oh-so-comfortable human pillow. That thought brought her to an immediate stop. Why the hell would she have a human pillow? Morgan! Scully opened her eyes as fractured memories came flooding into her mind. She saw a thermal travel mug with a note taped to it. She slowly sat up and pulled the folded note with her name on it off the side of the mug.



Made you some coffee. Thanks for the hospitality. Enjoy your day off.



She sat up and took the lid off the mug. The coffee was still hot and tasted good. It helped to clear some of the cobwebs. She remembered everything about the evening before, especially how much she liked talking and spending time with Morgan. Scully found the woman pleasant and funny and charming on a personal level; respectful, courteous, and smart on a professional level. And for the life of her, Scully couldn’t fathom the depth of the animosity Mulder had shown for the woman she was working with. While she continued to drink her coffee an idea formed. She had known Mulder for years, but there were others who had known him longer. She came to a decision.


Scully got her phone and called the Lone Gunmen. Once she convinced them to turn off the tape recorder she told them why she was calling.


“Guys, I need some information.”


“About what?” Langly asked.


“What do you guys know about an Agent Jessica Morgan or Agent Toni Jeffers?”


“Jesus, talk about ghosts from the past!” exclaimed Frohike.


“Where did you hear those names, Scully?” Byers asked.


“Just tell me what you know, guys.”


“Well, Jessica was a profiler in the VCU back when Mulder worked there. She was the wun­der­kind of all time,” Frohike said.


Byers continued, “After Jessica graduated from Oxford she was heavily courted by government agencies both here in the US and in the UK, not to mention civilian employers and think tanks. I heard several universities offered her a professorship.”


“But she signed up with the Bureau and began profiling right away,” Frohike added. “The way she sees into the minds of suspects is unbelievable. Mulder was called Spooky for his ability to profile, but what Jessica could do was downright freaky. And that’s what they called her, the Freak.”


“And with an accuracy/closure rate over 98% she could write her own ticket,” Langly pointed out.


“Especially after she and her partner took down Neil Croskey,” Byers added.


“I got to tell you, Scully, what she went through on that case... well, Croskey just about killed her – cut her bad. But despite being severely wounded Jessica managed to save her partner’s life and that of the Croskey’s last victim. She got some medal of valor for it. Her partner, John Casper, refused to work with anyone else until she was back. I really hated seeing what that case did to her. She was the sweetest kid, but afterwards... well, you could say she lost all her innocence on that case,” Frohike said. “She was only 22 at the time,” said Frohike.


Scully closed her eyes for a moment and thought back to when she was 22 and in medical school. To have to face such a monster as serial killer Neil Croskey at such an early age... somehow it just didn’t seem quite right... or fair. “What about Toni Jeffers?” she asked.


She could hear the smile in Frohike’s voice when he replied. “Jeffers was the best thing that could have happened to Morgan. She took an interest in Jessica, at first professionally, but then it turned very personal. They fell in love with each other. Toni put the light back in Jessica’s eyes.”


“Jeffers also happened to be an old love interest of Mulder’s,” Langly pointed out.


“He mentioned that to me. He said Jess stole Toni from him.”


“Bullshit!” bellowed Frohike. “Look, Mulder’s my friend, but Toni dumped him long before she and Jessica ever got together. Quite frankly, Toni played the field a lot – a regular ‘Donna Juana,’ if you know what I mean. She was nice, but a real free spirit. Mulder just won’t admit he never stood a chance with her; she was way out of his league. But Mulder’s always blamed Jessica because she’s who Toni gave up her footloose ways for and settled down with. He’s full of it.”


“It got worse after Toni was killed,” Byers point­ed out.


“What happened?”


“She was murdered in their home. A killer Jessica profiled, Devon Conrad, came after her. She wasn’t home, but Toni was.”


“You don’t want to know what he did to her, Scully,” Byers said in a dark tone.


“And Jessica was the one to find her...” added Langly.


“We all thought she wasn’t going to make it. Losing Toni that way, and finding her body... well, I guess you can imagine,” Frohike continued sadly. “Her partner, Casper, took her in and looked after her for a while. Then the day they nailed Conrad she resigned from the Bureau and up and disappeared.”


There were a few moments of silence.


“Why are you asking about Jessica and Toni?” Byers asked.


She let out a little sigh. “Would you believe I’m working a case with her right now?”


“You mean Jessica?!”


“You’re kidding?!”


“When did she come back?”


“What has she been up to? How is she?”


“We want to see her!”


Scully couldn’t keep from smiling at the affection and caring these guys obviously had for Morgan. That and their version of events led her to be secure in her own instincts regarding the woman. Morgan was definitely one of the good guys, and earned the respect and care of those around her. Scully could only imagine what the young agent had been through.


“She doesn’t know that I called you guys.”


“We want to talk to her, see her, know how she’s doing.”


“She seems to be doing quite well, at least professionally. I only met her last week. I called you because the story Mulder told me and what Morgan told me were different. I wanted your version of what happened.”


“I can’t imagine Jessica would have lied to you about any of it,” Frohike said defensively.


“She didn’t.”


“So Mulder told his warped version,” Langly concluded.


“Yeah. I guess he never got over it. He tried to punch her out the other day.”


“She never deserved any of his shit. He created his own woes. All Jessica ever deserved from anyone was kindness and respect,” Frohike asserted.


“I believe you, guys.”


“Scully, please tell Jessica we asked about her, and let her know we’d love to talk to her or see her sometime,” Byers requested.


“I will.” She concluded her call with the Gunmen.




Morgan was working on her laptop at the desk when there was a knock on her hotel room door. She took the pen from between her teeth and stuck it behind her ear as she stood up and walked to the door. She looked through the peephole and saw a certain redhead. She couldn’t help the small smile that graced her lips. She opened the door. Before she could even say hello, Scully marched into the room past her. “Well, come in, Dana,” she said to the redhead’s back and closed the door. She followed Scully and found her looking at her computer.


“Ah ha! Just as I suspected.”




“You got up, came straight back here and got to work. You’re supposed to take today off, Jess – that’s what the Director ordered you to do. And he told me to ensure you followed those orders.” Scully closed the laptop and turned to face Morgan. She gave her a once over, taking in her sweats and well-worn t-shirt. “So, get changed. We’re going out.”


Morgan was amused, but she crossed her arms and arched a dark eyebrow. “Actually I came back here, went for a workout in the gym, and then got to work. And just who are you to come in here and order me around, Agent Scully?”


Scully smirked. “Well for the duration of this case, I’m your partner.” Her smirk morphed into a smile. “And after last night, I’d like to think, your friend.”


Morgan held her stern expression for a second longer before finally giving the redhead an amused smirk and a nod. “Alright. Just give me a few minutes to get ready.” Morgan opened a suitcase, grabbed a change of clothes and stepped into the bathroom. She reappeared less than five minutes later, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. “So, where are we going?”


“The National Gallery of Art.”


“Mm. I’ve been there. They have some beautiful pieces of art.”


“But have you been to their skating rink?”


“The ice skating rink in their sculpture garden? No, can’t say that I have.”


Scully grinned. “Well you won’t be able to say that after today.”


“Ice skating? Do you know how cold it is out there?”


“It kind of has to be cold for there to be ice to skate on.”


“I’m more of the tropical beach type.” Morgan smirked. “Or at least a hot tub.”


“Well today you’re going ice skating.” Scully pushed her to her towards the door.


“Didn’t I already say something about you being a bossy woman?”


They both chuckled as Morgan put on her coat and they left.




Though Morgan wasn’t very experienced at ice skating, due to her athleticism and natural grace, she was able to skate pretty smoothly without falling. However, she was surprised by how well Scully skated – the redhead was a regular speed demon and quite agile. Scully credited it to having grown up with three siblings, two of whom were brothers who knew how to play hockey.


“What can I say? I was a total tomboy.”


“You? With your ever present three-inch heels?”


Scully sped up and did a quick turn in front of Morgan, ending up facing her and skating backwards. “I’m not wearing heels today.”


“True. And was it your sister and brothers that also taught you to be so bossy?” Morgan joked.


“Nope. They teach that in medical school. But you should know that since you went. But maybe you missed that class.” Scully was rewarded with a genuine laugh.


“Actually, in my professional opinion as a psychologist, I think it has more to do with you being a pathologist.”




“Well, all your patients are dead, so when you give them orders they never talk back or argue. You’ve gotten used to it and it’s left you with a sense of... expectation, entitlement even. You feel that everyone should just do as you say and shut up about it.”


It was Scully’s turn to laugh, her blue eyes sparkling. “Or it could just be that when I tell you to do something, I’m right!” She swiftly spun around and took off, leaving her companion behind.




After having spent most of the afternoon at the ice rink, the two women finally headed back to the car.


“Since you were such a good sport about the ice skating, you get to pick where we have dinner,” Scully announced. “What are you in the mood for?”


“How about Japanese.”




“No, hibachi.”


“Sounds good. There’s a place not far from here.” Scully put the car into drive.


“By the way...”




“I know you pushed me into that snow bank on purpose.” Morgan paused. “And I’ll get you back.”


Both women were smiling as they continued on their way.




Scully and Morgan had a good time at dinner. Since Scully had cooked dinner the night before, Morgan had insisted on paying for dinner. It was still rather early when they arrived back at Scully’s. They had stopped on the way to rent a movie. However, when they got out of the car to go in, the movie was left in the car, forgotten in the midst of their conversation. Just as they neared the door to the apartment building Scully remembered.


“Oh! The movie!”


“Give me the keys to the car and I’ll get it. You go on in,” Morgan volunteered. She accepted the car keys and headed back to the parking lot. She was only about halfway to the car when she was suddenly, and very unexpectedly, smacked in the back of the head with a projectile. Morgan stopped dead in her tracks. Cold, wet snow began to fall in clumps from her hair and icy cold drips ran down her neck and back. She reached up, unbelievingly, and brushed the clinging splatters from the back of her head. She slowly turned around and just looked at the redhead. “Did you just...”


Scully’s expression was a mixture of feigned innocence and smug guilt. And she was already preparing another snowball.


Morgan held up an index finger and slowly wagged it her partner. “You don’t want to do that.”


“Oh, I’m pretty sure I do,” the redhead replied with an evil glint in her eyes. Just as Morgan opened her mouth to reply Scully let loose with her second snowball, nailing her partner in the ear as she turned away.


“Now you’re going to get it!” Morgan shoved the car keys in her jeans pocket and took off chasing Scully, scooping up some snow on the way. She had excellent aim and splattered the collar of Scully’s coat at the back of her neck.


An all out war had begun.



Chapter 8...

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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

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