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Weak in the Knees; chapter forty-nine

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Please see previous posts for disclaimer/summary/notes. Special thanks to bara_brith and yellowsmurf6. As always, thanks to celievamp for the beta.


Chapter 49


For over seven hours Kensey sat and told Morgan about the women he’d murdered. Finally Morgan gave the signal to have the plane land. When they landed Morgan ushered Kensey out of the plane and into the back of the waiting vehicle – without the shackles. He’d given her his word he wouldn’t try anything. And she believed him... at least as long as she was present. She had no doubt that if she wasn’t present that Kensey would be completely uncooperative.


As the SUV pulled away from the plane he turned to her. “Just out of curiosity, it was you that figured out about my refuge, wasn’t it?”


She shrugged. “It was the only piece of property you tried to hide, Hugh.” She gave him a hard look. “But did you really have rig booby traps. A detective was injured, could have been killed.”


He looked surprised. “I haven’t set any of the booby traps in years. Which one tripped?”


“A piece of rebar just about impaled him near the heart – would have if he hadn’t been wearing Kevlar.”


Kensey shook his head in thought. “That shouldn’t have happened. I swear, Jessica. After the first couple of years and no sign of anyone knowing I was up there, I stopped setting the traps. Hell, the only reason I wasn’t inside the cabin when they showed up is because I went to the storage cellar for some soup.”


“And what would you have done if you had been in the cabin? I understand you put up quite a fight. And then you kicked out the backseat window of a deputy’s car.”


Kensey actually looked sheepish. “I had always thought if I was caught I’d just accept it.” He shrugged. “But after almost 12 years and no one even coming close to catching me I guess it took me by surprise and kind of pissed me off.”


“And now?”


Kensey shrugged. “I went almost 12 years without anyone even coming close. And I didn’t leave any incriminating evidence behind. Not many can say that.”


“No, not many can say that.”


“Tell me, Jessica, how long have you been after me?” he asked with genuine curiosity.


“I was brought in six weeks ago today.”


“Six weeks?”


She shrugged. “I might have found you sooner but I was distracted by someone who pretended to be you.”




“It’s not important.”


“Actually, I was thinking six weeks was damn good considering how careful I was. Well done,” he said with a smile.




At the Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center Morgan accompanied Kensey as far through the booking process as she was allowed.




She turned back when he called out to her.


“It was good to see you again.”


“Try to behave, Hugh,” she replied with a nod.


He nodded and she left.




Dana took one look at Jess when she exited the prison and knew she’d reached her limit. She walked up to Jess and wrapped her arms around her. “It’s over,” she whispered in her ear. She tightened her arms around Jess as she felt the woman sag a little. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”


“Where’s John?”


“He headed back to the office.” Dana opened the passenger side door for Jess before getting in the driver’s seat. She looked over at Jess before starting the car. “John called Taylor when we landed at the airport. The Director was with him who said to take the morning off.”




“I thought that since we were in Baltimore anyway we could have that dinner with my mom, but I think I’ll call her back and cancel.”


Jess reached out and put her hand over Dana’s. “No, don’t cancel, Dana. It’s early and I like your mom.”


Dana turned her hand under Jess’s and gave it a squeeze. “Are you sure?”


Jess nodded.




When Maggie opened her front door she gave her daughter a hug. Then she got a look at her daughter’s new friend. Jess looked like she was about to drop. She pulled the young woman into a warm hug. She exchanged a look with her daughter that clearly expressed her concern.


Dana nodded, letting her mother know that while she was concerned about Jess she’d be okay.


With her arm around Jess’s waist, Maggie ushered them inside. “You look like you’re ready to drop, Jess. Come in and rest while I finish making dinner.”


“I’m fine, Mrs. Scully.”


“Now you know better than that! It’s Maggie.”


Jess smiled. “Sorry. And I’m just a little tired, Maggie. It’s been a long day.” 


“Do you need some help with dinner, Mom?”


“No, no. You two just make yourself comfortable.” Maggie disappeared into the kitchen.


Dana and Jess sat on the couch.


“Are you sure you’re alright, Jess?”


“Yeah. Kensey was just...” She sighed.


“A sick bastard.”


She nodded. “A true psychopath. He has absolutely no remorse, no feelings about killing at all. Nothing would have stopped him. And he was perfect, Dana. He didn’t leave any evidence behind. By all rights we shouldn’t have caught him. The only reason we did is because we caught a lucky break with a nanny cam.” She let out a slow breath. “I really do need a break from dealing with these guys.”


Suddenly her phone rang.


“Morgan... Just a second.” Jess looked at Dana as she stood up. “Would you excuse me, Dana?”




After Jess walked outside to take the call Dana went into the kitchen.


“Dana, are you sure Jess is alright?” Maggie asked.


“Yes. She’s just had an extremely long day interrogating a psychopathic serial killer for over seven hours straight.”


“Oh my.”


“Anything I can help you with?”


“Nope. The chicken is in the oven; we just need to wait for it to cook.”


They walked back out to the living room.


“Where’s Jess?”


“She stepped outside to take a call.”


Just then Jess came back in from outside. “Sorry about that.”


“Everything okay?” Dana asked since Jess looked a little shell-shocked.


“Yeah. That was the Director. You know he’s been trying to get me to Quantico.”


Dana nodded.


“Well, he said that wasn’t my only choice. He just offered me my choice of three SAC postings.”




“Miami, San Francisco and London.”


Dana’s eyes widened. All prime postings... and all some distance from DC. “Wow. Those are all choice postings.”


“What exactly is a SAC?” Maggie asked.


“It’s a Special Agent in Charge. They command a field office,” Dana answered her mother.


“And the FBI has field offices overseas?”


“Well, actually they’re legal attaché offices within American embassies rather than field offices,” Jess explained.


Maggie looked at Jess as she sat down. “Would you want to go overseas?”


Jess took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I think the Director offered me London because he knows I have home there.”


“You do?”


“It was my grandfather’s.”


“Well, it sounds like you have quite a decision to make. Congratulations.”


“Thank you, Maggie.”


“How soon do you have to give him your decision?” Dana asked.


Jess looked at her lover and smiled. “Not until after I get back from vacation.”


“Oh, you’re taking a vacation?” Maggie asked.


“Yes.” She chuckled. “I think I shocked the Director. I haven’t taken a vacation in years.”


“You sound like my daughter.”




“Well it’s true,” Maggie quipped.


“Actually, I’ve invited Dana to go on vacation with me, Maggie.”


Maggie looked at her daughter. “Are you going to go?”


Dana felt herself blush. “Yes, I am.”


“Good!” Maggie said with a smile. “You’re long overdue for a vacation.”




After dinner Dana and Jess drove back to DC. Despite wanting to talk to Jess about what posting she was thinking about taking, Dana recognized Jess’s need to decompress from the very stressful day. So they made the journey in a comfortable and companionable silence.


As soon as they entered the apartment Dana reached out and caught Jess’s hand. Jess turned and looked at her.


“Why don’t you go and get undressed while I start a hot bath for you?”


Jess was touched by the offer. “That would be wonderful. Thank you.”


Dana went into the bathroom and started a hot bath, adding some bubble bath to the water, while Jess entered the bedroom and undressed. Jess slipped on a robe and entered the bathroom, a little surprised not to find Dana present. When the water reached the correct level she turned off the water and shed her robe. She let out a sigh as she carefully eased herself down into the large claw foot tub full of steamy water and bubbles. She closed her eyes and laid her head back. After a couple of minutes she opened her eyes when she heard Dana’s voice.


“Mind if I join you?” Dana was wearing a robe and holding a tray with an opened bottle of wine and two wineglasses.


Jess smiled widely. “Not at all.”


Dana pulled over a small stand and set the tray on it. She then shed her robe and slipped into the tub behind Jess. After pouring two glasses of wine and handing one to Jess she pulled the brunette back against her, kissing her temple.


“Mmmm, this is nice. Thank you.”


“You had quite a day.”


Jess closed her eyes and allowed herself to fully settle against Dana. “God, to sit there and listen to him recount every one of the murders so dispassionately as if they were nothing...”


Dana tightened her arms around Jess. “They weren’t nothing. They were 98 women who were loved and are missed by their families.”


“Those are just the ones he planned and took blood from.”


“What do you mean?”


“The first one wasn’t planned; a woman named Crystal Norris. He killed her in his office at Boeing. When he got away with it without any questions he quit and started planning and execut­ing murders.”


“Well, he was flawless.”


“Until Claudia Keenan in Chicago. Kensey was sure he’d been spotted. So he followed Ben Lufkin home. It turned out Lufkin was a cop. He made him call in to work and quit. Then he killed him, his wife and two kids. He cleared out their home making it appear they’d moved. He even had the nerve to use Lufkin’s name and give his lieutenant’s name as a reference to your pal Chief Bud Calhoun in Midway, Georgia. Lt. Sawyer was so relieved to hear from Calhoun that Lufkin was in Georgia that he simply gave a glowing reference without questioning if it was really him.”






“And he told you about all of them?”


Jess nodded and sighed. “Seems he found me worthy. ‘Someone of proper breeding and intelli­gence,’” she quipped mockingly. She let out a derisive huff. All because my ‘father’ was Philippe Rodier – a misogynistic bastard who could never be described as nice on his best day.”


Dana kissed Jess’s temple. “Well, you were certainly a gifted student.”


Jess waved her hand dismissively. “There are plenty of people who could excel scholastically if given the same advantages.”


“Can I ask you something?”




“Why is your name Morgan if your parents’ name was Rodier?”


“Ah, that. Elizabeth was a little flighty, and Philippe was a cold-hearted bastard. Sometimes Elizabeth would go off on her own, especially when they traveled on business trips. Often times it was the only way she could get his attention. When he eventually noticed he would send someone after her. He became a little more attentive once he was told she was pregnant with his son. How­ever, on a business trip in the States, Elizabeth once again took off and checked into a hotel under her maiden name. She ended up having some complications and was rushed to the hospital where she was given an emergency c-section. It was the next day before Philippe realized she’d taken off again. When the family lawyer tracked her down he’d told Philippe she’d already given birth. He showed up with a large bouquet of flowers... which he promptly threw in the trash when presented with his daughter instead of the son he expected. Anyway, Elizabeth had been checked into the hospital under her maiden name and that’s what was put on my birth certificate. When Philippe was asked about changing it he said only his son would bear his name.”


Dana set her wineglass down and wrapped both her arms around Jess. Her heart ached for her lover. “Oh, Jess. I’m so sorry.”


Jess shrugged. “It’s okay. Morgan was my grandfather’s name and he was a good man... a very good man,” she said softly.



Chapter 50... Conclusion

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