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Snowflake Challenge

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Challenge 5

In your own space, promote a canon/talk about a part of canon that you love. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Whether it is to fix-it, honor it, or expand upon it, canon is why we are all here. So, let's celebrate canon today and talk about our favorites. Nostalgic, new, problematic, or forever canons are all welcome to be loved, dissected, and discussed. Have a favorite scene? A much-loved character? A much-maligned character? Just love the whole thing epically? Talk about it all or as little as you want!

Well, this is just an opportunity to expand on Challenge 3! I get to talk about Stargate SG-1 and, more specifically, Janet Fraiser! *VBG* I remember when I first caught an episode of SG-1 on TV. The show had already been airing for a few years, but it started on a premium cable channel. As soon as Dr Janet Fraiser entered, I was hooked. So after watching several episodes back-to-back one weekend (I don't remember why they were airing them that way), I went out and rented earlier seasons, and watched from the beginning. I love the entire concept of the show and fully enjoy the main cast. But it's the doctor that keeps me coming back for more. *G*

It's no surprise that I'm a Sam/Janet shipper. They're my OTP, but I've been known to create original characters for Janet as well. Since Janet's personal life was never shown, there's actually a lot of room to play with her character outside of work. Even after Janet adopted Cassie, we rarely got to see that relationship. All 4 members of SG-1 were actually shown in relationships, so we got to see them outside of work relationships occasionally.

I know I'm not the only fan who thinks killing Janet was a huge mistake. There have been a lot of "Heroes Fixit" stories written. As far as I'm concerned, Janet is alive and always will be in my corner of the universe, whether it's because she was revived from the dead by the Ancients, is from an alternate universe, or simply wasn't on P3X-666. *VBG*

Here's a list of things about Janet. Some are canon, some are things the actress Teryl Rothery contributed to Janet's backstory, and some are my personal head-canon...

1) Her parents are Jameson and Marjorie (call me 'Kate') Fraiser
2) She has two younger brothers: Scott and Jeffrey
3) Scott is a stock broker and Jeff has a ski and snowboard tour guide business
4) Janet and her med school roommate made a still. Their moonshine was very popular, while it lasted. *g*
5) Due to her high metabolism, Janet can generally drink anyone, including Jack O'Neill, under the table.
6) She hates being called Jan because her ex-husband called her that. That and honeybuns.
7) Her ex-husband is named Nelson Porter and he was an abusive S.O.B.
8) Her full name is Janet Elizabeth Fraiser, or Janet Elyssa Fraiser... depending on the source. Most people assume the E. is for Elizabeth, and she lets people think that because she didn't like Elyssa when she was a kid.
9) Her father is a retired Army colonel.
10) Janet enjoys dancing, especially a nice waltz or foxtrot.

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