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Going to give a try...

Well, I'm completely stalled on all of my long fics that I have in progress. I really enjoyed writing the short fic I posted this month. So, in an effort to get the Muse inspired and working again, I'm going to give a prompt table from [community profile] 100prompts a try, to see if I get into the flow of writing short fics again. Wish me luck. ;)

1. Evidence
2. I'm here
3. Funeral
4. Puppy love
5. Gloves
6. Blackboard
7. Muse
8. Magic
9. Clean
10. Secret
11. Superstition
12. Fantasy
13. Test
14. Tease
15. Storm
16. Strawberries
17. Weapon
18. Beach
19. Lost
20. Cry
21. Aloof
22. Blood
23. Tower Block
24. Taxi
25. Search
26. Writer's Choice (watching)
27. Writer's Choice (fireplace)
28. Writer's Choice
29. Writer's Choice
30. Writer's Choice
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