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Snowflake Challenge

Day 15 (last day): Talk about why you participated in Snowflake &/or what you got out of it.

I chose to participate in the Snowflake Challenge this year (though not every day) because I've basically been absent from DW/LJ for a couple of years due to 'life,' and I wanted to get back into the habit of posting. I used to have some really close friends online, that due to my own lack of attention of drifted away. It was due to medical issues that I was absent for so long, but I still regret losing touch with people. Posting some of the challenges from the Snowflake Challenge has helped me post more often, and interact with some new people. It also allowed me to say hello to couple of people that I haven't interacted with in a long time. Those are the best things that have come out of the Snowflake Challenge.

Also, it did prompt me to think about some of my creative processes. It's never a bad thing to examine one's creative processes, and I'm hoping that doing so has shaken loose and woken up the muse a bit. I did manage to write a short story and post it as part of the challenge. I can't actually say for sure the challenge directly contributed to the story being written, but it is entirely possible. I haven't written anything else since, but I have had a couple of ideas come up for other stories I've already been working on develop, so I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. ;-)

I do know I'm looking forward to participating in this challenge again when it comes around. :)

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