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Snowflake Challenge

One of the things that I promised myself that I would do was post with some more regularity. Perhaps the fandom Snowflake Challenge will help me with that. :) This is my first year participating in the challenge and while I don't plan on doing every daily challenge, I do think it'll be fun and that it lead to making some new fannish friends. So without further delay, here is the first challenge: 

Day 1
Talk about your Happy Place -- the things that give you joy, calms you or keeps you sane.

Actually, writing is what keeps me sane. And at least 90% of what I write is fanfic, and most of my fanfic is about either SG-1's Janet Fraiser or about Dana Scully from the X-Files. Whether I'm writing, just playing on my computer or Kindle, or reading, I usually enjoy having some mellow instrumental music playing, especially piano music. That really helps me to relax and focus. When I write I experience the full spectrum of emotions of my characters; or at least I do if it's a good scene. If the scene doesn't move me, it most likely ends up rewritten or on the cutting room floor. 

I'm currently visiting my gf for the holidays and didn't bring my computer, but I do have a notebook for any writing I may decide to do. Twice in the last few days I've taken off out of the living room and gone up to the bedroom to hurriedly dash down a scene that's "jumped into my head" before I forget them. A scene here and a scene there is often how a story comes together for me. Sometimes it's a scene that the reader never even gets to read, but it's still something essential for me to know about the character to get the right feel, or flow, or voice.
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