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A Colorful Story Told in Black and White

Here are some black and white icons that I've made for my Cotton Candy Bingo entry. The prompts I filled (in order) are 1) sketch/draw, 2) umbrella-sharing, 3) daytime, 4) bows/frills/lace, 5) prompt: fantasy.

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I was sitting on the boardwalk, sketching, when he approached and asked me my name. I'm not even sure why I said yes when he asked me out for coffee.

We were happy just to be in each other's company; to simply walk in the rain.

Our honeymoon was in paradise. We spent our days in the sun and surf.

We spent our nights in carnal delight.

Then the full moon arrived. I initiated him into my other life; a life humans can only fantasize about.

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