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Weak in the Knees; chapter thirty-eight

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Please see previous posts for disclaimer/summary/notes. As always, thanks to celievamp for the beta!


Chapter 38


He threw the file down on his desk in disgust. He was so angry he could no longer sit. It was only 11:15 in the morning, but he poured himself a bourbon anyway. He glared at Taylor. “How the hell did this guy ever pass the psych evaluation? Flying saucers, the government in a conspiracy with aliens, drilling holes in his head, faking his own suicide? What the hell was going on with this bastard and why was it allowed to go on so damn long?”


“I don’t know, sir. According to his file he was a gifted profiler when he was in the Violent Crimes Unit. Then he apparently got all caught up in the X-Files. I’ve never worked with him before. The X-Files division is under AD Skinner.”


The Director walked back to his desk and picked up his phone, calling his assistant. “Stacy? Get a hold of AD Skinner. I want to meet with him this afternoon. And get me everything you can on the X-Files Division.” He hung up.




It was 3:45 when Dr. Kelvin came to check on Jess. She found Scully asleep in the chair, still holding her hand.


The doctor uncovered the end of the bed and Morgan’s feet. She ran the handle of a mallet along the bottom of Jess’s feet to see which way they curled. Kelvin then pushed the covers up further and slipped a hand behind a knee, lifting it slightly. She then tapped below the kneecap with the mallet to test the reflex arc. She repeated with the other knee. Scully woke up while she recovered Jess’s legs and feet.


Kelvin smiled. “She has normal reflexes – a very good sign.”


“Thank God.”




When Casper woke up he looked at the clock. He’d been asleep for over 12 hours. He carefully dressed and left the hotel to go to the hospital. He wanted to see how his old partner was doing. He walked into her hospital room a little after 7:00 in the evening. Scully was still there.


“How is she doing?” he asked.


“According to the surgeon she has good reflexes, so the swelling around her spine has gone down and she’s not paralyzed.”


“Thank goodness.” He gazed at the redhead for a moment. “How are you doing?” He was surprised to see her bright, blue eyes water.


“I’m relieved she’s not paralyzed, but I’m worried she hasn’t woken up yet.” She paused. “And I’m angry as hell she went off on her own and got shot in the first place.”


“Yet you’re still here,” he pointed out gently.


She nodded. “Because, even though I only met her five weeks ago, I’m in love with her.” She wiped at her eyes. “I’m here because I want her in my life.”


“You mean that?” came softly from the bed and was accompanied by a light squeeze on Dana’s hand.


“Jess!” Dana jumped up and looked at the brunette.


Casper moved to the foot of the bed and smiled. “Welcome back, partner.”


She tried to swallow. “Thanks.”


Scully poured some water into a cup and put a straw into it. She held it so Jess could carefully take a sip. “Just a sip.”


“Thank you.” She gazed up into the Dana’s eyes. “Did you mean it? Even after everything... do you really want me in your life?” she asked softly.


Dana nodded and took Jess’s hand in her own again. “Yes, I do. I love you.”


This time it was Jess’s eyes that watered. “I love you, too.”


Dana bent down tenderly kissed Jess’s lips.


John cleared his throat while smiling widely. It wasn’t enough to get the women to stop kissing. However, when a second person cleared their throat Dana stood up, blushing.


“It’s nice to see you awake, Agent Morgan,” said Dr. Kelvin. “If you’ll excuse us, I need to examine my patient.”


“Right. I’ll be going. I’ll stop by tomorrow, Jessica.”


“Thanks for being here, John.”


“Of course, kiddo.” He turned to go.


“I’ll wait outside,” Dana said, giving Jess’s hand a squeeze.


Dr. Kelvin nodded, but Jess stopped her.


“No. You can stay, Dana.” Jess didn’t let go of her hand.


Dana looked at the doctor.


“If it’s alright with her it’s alright with me.”




When Dana and Jess were once again alone, Dana sat on the edge of the bed. “I love you, Jess... but I am angry with you. You shouldn’t have gone off alone to meet him.”


“It was the only way.”


“No, it wasn’t. You could have trusted me to have your back.”


“It wasn’t a matter of trust, Dana. I do trust you, more than you know.”


“Then why?”


“Because it was the only way I could be sure you and John were safe... especially you,” she fin­ished softly. “The Reaper never threatened my life, only yours and John’s.” Jess saw something pass behind Dana’s eyes. “What is it?”


“It wasn’t the Reaper.”




“The caller... the one who left the messages... he wasn’t the Reaper.”


Jess closed her eyes and sighed. “I was afraid of that. His behavior didn’t fit the profile.” She opened her eyes. “Who was he?”


Dana looked away, feeling betrayed and heartsick.


Jess carefully reached up and, with her hand on Dana’s cheek, turned her head back to look in her eyes. “Hey, what’s wrong?”


“It was Mulder. He’s the one behind the break-ins, the messages in blood, the threats, the calls... he did it all. He’s the one who tried to kill you.”


Jess gently tugged until Dana leaned down and she could wrap her arms around the redhead. “Oh, Dana, I’m sorry.”


Dana finally let a few tears go. “I never knew he could... I knew he could go off the deep end some­times, but I never thought he’d do something like this. I’m so sorry, Jess. I should have–”


“Shhh... You don’t have anything to feel guilty about. It’s not your fault, Dana; it’s not your fault.” Jess held Dana until she stopped crying. When Dana sat back up Jess looked into her puffy eyes. “I’m sorry you got pulled into the mess between me and Mulder.”


“It’s not your fault either. He’s the one that did this.”


“Have you spoken to him?”


Dana shook her head. “The Director ordered me to stay away from him. They moved him to prison a few hours ago.”




Jess finally convinced Dana to go home and get some sleep in her own bed. After Dana left, Jess made a few phone calls. One to Lindsey MacRusso. She asked Mac to make arrangements for all their stuff on the private key to be transported to DC. John’s things were to be sent to his hotel room, Dana’s things to her apartment, and Jess’s things to her office.


Her second call was to a place that made deliveries. She would be alright, but if she didn’t have some more blood her recovery would be too slow. She’d wasted enough time dealing with Mulder; she needed to get back to work and find the Reaper. She made arrangements for a delivery first thing in the morning.


Her third call was to the Director. Dana had let him know how Jess was doing, but Jess wanted to talk to him about Mulder.


“What’s going to happen to Mulder?”


“He’s going down. And there’s nothing you can say to me that will change my mind this time. I should have had his badge after he assaulted you.”


“I told you that was about Toni, Lou. I couldn’t fault him for caring about her.”


“Well, I’ve been going over his file and his work on the X-Files. I can’t believe this guy is still with the Bureau. He should have been axed a long time ago. I’m surprised he ever passed the psych test.”


“Don’t forget, Mulder has an advanced degree in Psychology. He knows all the right answers to give and he’s very manipulative – always has been. Are you going to have him psychologically evaluated?”


“After going over his files I don’t think I have a choice. But I’ll be damned if I let him get off because he’s crazy!”


“Calm down, Lou. Remember, sane is a legal term, not a medical one. All they have to demon­strate is that he knows right from wrong.”


“I’ll have someone see him tomorrow. And now, you should be getting some rest. You’ve been through a lot, Jessica. You need to take care of yourself.”


“What I need is to find who the Reaper is and stop him!”


“You’re not getting anywhere near the case until a doctor says you can,” he retorted.


“I am a doctor, and no one knows my body and what I’m capable of more than I do.”


“Be that as it may, no work without a doctor’s clearance. That’s final.”


“Yes, sir.”


She hung up. She was angry. She was angry at being sidetracked by Mulder’s interference in the investigation; angry with herself for miscalculating and getting shot; and angry with the Reaper for killing so many young women.




Scully woke up early the next morning. She got dressed and headed to the hospital. When she arrived, she found out Jess had been moved from the ICU to a private room.


The head of Jess’s bed was elevated so she was sitting up when Dana entered her room. Dana walked over and kissed her. “Good morning.”


Jess returned her smile. “It is now. Good morning.”


“How do you feel?” Dana asked as she sat on the side of the bed.


“Not bad considering.”


Suddenly there was a knock and a woman stood in the open doorway. “Jessica Morgan?”


“Come in.”


“You requested a delivery?” she asked somewhat hesitantly with a glance at Scully.


“Yes, thank you,” Jess replied, holding out her hand for the brown paper bag.


The woman handed over the bag and made her exit.


Dana made an educated guess as to what was in the bag. “That’s blood, isn’t it?”


Jess dropped her eyes, feeling ashamed. She simply gave a small nod.


Dana reached out and gently lifted Jess’s chin with her fingers so she could look her in the eyes. “Hey, you don’t have anything to be ashamed about.” She waited until she sensed Jess relax before continuing. “But I do want to talk to you about it.”


Jess felt her stomach do a little flip with the trepidation that suddenly filled her. She gave another small nod and tried to brace herself.


Dana took the paper bag and set it on the rolling bed table. She then took Jess’s hand in hers. “First, I have a couple of questions.”




“At the warehouse, when you took my blood... you didn’t take as much as you really needed, did you?”


“No,” she answered softly.


“Why not?” Dana asked gently.


“I took what I thought was enough to tide me over until I got to the hospital.”


“But it wasn’t enough to guarantee you’d live.”




“I need to know why, Jess. I told you to take my blood because I love you and I didn’t want you to die. So why didn’t you take what you needed?”


“You have to understand, Dana, I’ve never had human blood – not even donated blood. My whole life it was drummed into me that I should never take human blood, especially directly. There can be consequences, and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


“From what you told me there are two things that could possibly happen to me. One is that I might become addicted to you... feeding.”


Jess nodded.


“But that doesn’t mean I will. The second was something about a bond that could develop between us?”


Jess again nodded.


“What did you mean by that?”


“Sometimes a bond forms between the vampire and human, a kind of connection... an empathy for each other.”


“I don’t see the problem, Jess.”




“You need blood to heal.” She gestured to the paper bag, “And that will not help you as much as my blood will.”




“I love you, Jess, which means I want what’s best for you. That pig’s blood isn’t.” Dana cradled Jess’s face in both of her hands, gently pulling her into a kiss. When she felt Jess’s lips part slightly she slipped her tongue into her mouth and gently explored it. Dana broke the kiss then guided Jess’s lips to her neck. “Please, Jess,” she whispered.



Chapter 39...

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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

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