dhamphir (dhamphir) wrote,

Cotton Candy Bingo or "What the heck did I get myself into?!"

I'm not sure why I did this to myself since my muse has been so glaringly absent, but I signed up for Cotton Candy Bingo on DW. This is the card I received.

Unexpected LoveSoundCotton CandyBody LanguageSkinny-dipping
DreamsPetsBruiseNew House / ApartmentComfy Clothes
(Fic: Torture)
RoommatesSmellWILD CARDCharityQuickie
(Fic: Tension)
Roasting MarshmallowsDay OffKey to HeartKiss (on lips/face)Game Night
(Icons: games)
MakeupCasualMaking Someone SmileMaking OutMeet Cute
(Icons: cats)

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