June 15th, 2011


I should've known better...

I'm allegic to bee stings, and of course other flying, stinging creatures. This also means, as I found out many years ago, that I'm also allegic to other non-poisonous insect venoms. In other words, I can have an allergic reaction to the bite of what is considered a harmless insect... or a spider. Several years ago I was bitten by a non-poisonous spider and I had an allergic reaction that sent me to the ER. (And yes, I do have a sting kit, it's called an Epi Pen.)

So, when I was bitten by a spider this past Sunday night, I should have known right away that I was going to have a problem. I should have used my Epi Pen immediately instead waiting. Yes, my doctor has read me the riot act about it -- I've been duly chastised. *sigh* Anyway, I've spent most of Monday and Tuesday really out of it from the shots she gave me, but I'm okay and don't think the bite will leave a permanent mark behind.

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