April 20th, 2011

doing nothing today


Ugh... I really hate being sick. It started Saturday. I felt achy and just plain icky. I barely slept Saturday night and by very early Sunday morning I was completely in the grips of a bout of the flu -- the chills, fever, the runs, body aches, congested, stomach ache, headache, etc. I ended up sleeping practically the next two and half days.

I finally started to feel a bit better yesterday, though I was rather wiped out and had no energy. This morning I took it as a good sign that my appetite had returned. So I fixed something bland to eat -- some ramen noodles. *sigh* Apparently, bland didn't make a difference. I wasn't able to keep it down. In fact, I can't seem to keep anything more than a sip of water down and my fever is back.

I hate being sick.

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