May 17th, 2009

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The Pathology of Attraction

Title: The Pathology of Attraction

Authors: Dhamphir and [info]yellowsmurf6

Fandom(s): X-Files/CSI Miami

Pairing: Dana Scully/Calleigh Duquesne

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: X-Files and CSI Miami and their characters do not belong to us; they belong to CC and CBS. We’re just borrowing them for a little fun and promise to put them back unharmed when we’re through. We intend no copyright infringement and are making no profit from this.

Summary: Calleigh is attending a forensics seminar at Quantico and is quite taken with the instructor – Dr Dana Scully.

Spoilers/Timeline: This is an AU where Scully is about 37, teaching at Quantico and never slept with Mulder and was never pregnant; Calleigh is about 34, over Jake and certainly not interested in Eric.

Archive: please ask first.

A/N 1 (Dhamphir): The idea for this came about through a group chat. Some ideas were being thrown around to provide a plot bunny to inspire a story. No one was willing to take the plot bunny and run with it. However, somehow, Yellowsmurf and I ended up agreeing to each write one of the characters. Obviously I agreed to write Scully. ;)

A/N 2 (Yellowsmurf6): What Dhamphir REALLY meant to say is that she and my girlfriend (Widge) were chatting one day on my way home from work, and by the time I got home, they had decided it would be a good idea for me to write this story. O_o Not being confident enough to tackle this on my own, I somehow ended up agreeing to the buddy system, which resulted in me writing Calleigh. *scratches head* Anyway, it turned out to be much less painful than I had feared, and last time I checked, I AM still alive. So there you have it! :D

A/N 3: We would like to thank [info]widget007 for providing the title (and for repeatedly reassuring Yellowsmurf that writing a story would NOT result in her eminent death), and [info]bara_brith and [info]darkbardzero for the awesome beta services which they provided.

The Pathology of Attraction