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Tales of Ryh'na

I've had a number a people ask me about my writing. And to be honest, I wish my muse would come home to roost, because I'd really like to be writing again. And while I have been making icons, that's not all I've been spending time on. I've also been involved in a time-consuming project called Tales of Ryh'na.

Tales of Ryh'na is a shared story world (SSW). In an SSW a detailed "canon" background is created for a brand new universe. Then that universe and background become open to the public, available for anyone to play around in artistically -- writing stories, drawing art, making videos, etc. An SSW is a true collaboration. Since this is a new and original universe, I'm participating under my alter ego carson_fletcher (though I suppose dhamphir is actually Carson's alter ego *lol*).

I've been working with an incredible group of women on this project since July of last year. And now that we're nearing our beta launch, you'll be hearing more about it. In fact, some of us will be on Allaine's FemSlash4Fans BlogTalkRadio show on Thursday, March 29 at 10pm EDT! So you should tune in and check things out. :-)

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