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Weak in the Knees; chapter thirty-five

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Please see previous posts for disclaimer/summary/notes. Special thanks to bara_brithand yellowsmurf6. As always, thanks to celievamp for the beta!


Chapter 35


Casper and Scully were able to catch the 4:30 flight to DC via Charlotte, NC. They landed at Reagan National at 8:50 and arrived at the Hoover building 15 minutes later.


Taylor met them as they entered the bullpen and brought them up to date on the new lead.


“We caught a break. Agents have been interviewing all of Sheila Cousins’ clients and coworkers. She was at an open house a couple of days before she was killed. We caught a lucky break because the owners had a nanny cam. It recorded everyone that was in the house that day. By reviewing the footage with Cousins’ clients and the other agents who were there, we’ve been able to put a name to all but three people who were there that day – three men.” He handed them pictures of the men. “These are the men. Based on interviews and information in Cousins’ computer and calendar, we’re pretty sure one of these three is Russell Schiff.”


Taylor’s phone suddenly rang. “Taylor... Great... Good job.” He hung up and pointed to the picture Casper was holding. “That guy is Ronald Blaine.” He tapped the one on his desktop. “And this one is David Yoro.”


“So that leaves us with this guy,” Scully said, indicating the photo she was holding. “How sure are we this is Schiff?”


“Everyone else has been accounted for and according to Cousins’ own calendar and notes, Schiff was there.”


“So, we possibly have a face to put to the crimes.” Scully tacked the photo up on one of the boards with pictures of the victims.


“We need to identify this guy. If he is the Reaper I’m sure Russell Schiff is not his real name. We need to find a name to go with this face,” Casper added with a tap to the picture.


“Right. We also need to find Morgan. The Director is all over me about her. No one has seen or heard from her. We verified she took a flight from Key West to here. But there’s no record of her renting a car.”


“Try running the name Essington,” Scully said.




“Just try it.”


“Alright, I’ll have it checked out.”




A couple of hours later Taylor told Scully and Morgan that there were no hits on the name Essington. He then returned to his office.


Scully pulled her phone out and tried to call Morgan yet again. Just like the previous half dozen times she reached Jess’s voicemail. She hung up her phone and looked at Casper. “Something’s wrong.”


“You don’t know that,” Casper said, trying to convince himself more than her.


Scully looked at him incredulously. “Jess left the island to supposedly go to a meeting. We know there was no meeting – at least not here. No one has seen her or heard from her since she left the island. And she’s not picking up her phone. We need to find her.”


Casper let out a sigh. “How?”


Not having an answer Scully shook her head in frustration. After a few moments she thought of something. She opened her phone and called the cell phone company that serviced the suspect’s disposable phone. She spoke to someone and verified there had been a call placed to Morgan’s phone the in the middle of the night and that it originated from DC. She hung up and looked at Casper. “She came here to meet with the UNSUB. In fact, she called him two hours before he called her. I think she initiated the meeting.” She felt her heart drop to her feet. “Why would she do that?”


“Damn it! I told her to change the game, but I didn’t know she’d pull something like this.”


“We need to have a trace put on her phone.” Scully turned and walked into Taylor’s office.


Taylor had the trace put on Morgan’s phone. Unfortunately they were unable to trace its location because it wasn’t turned on.




Morgan looked at her watch. It was almost time. She turned on her phone and waited. She noted the number of messages left, and the incoming call log revealed a Bureau number as well as Scully’s and Casper’s. She shook her head. Morgan knew she’d ruffle some feathers handling this the way she did, but she couldn’t risk anything happening to Dana or John.


She looked at her watch again. He should be calling her any minute. She didn’t have to wait long.


“Morgan... Yeah, I know it... I’ll be there in a few minutes.” She hung up and started walking to her destination.




Taylor’s phone rang shortly after midnight. “Taylor... You’re sure?... Alright, thanks.” He hung up and went to his office doorway. “Casper! Scully! Come in here.”


The two agents entered Taylor’s office.


“They traced Morgan’s cell phone. She’s down in the warehouse district. They’ll try to narrow it down a specific address if they can, but in the meantime–”


“We’re on it!” Casper cut him off as he turned to leave the office. Scully was on his heels.


“Wear vests,” Taylor called after them.




Scully and Casper slowly drove through warehouse district, looking for any sign of Morgan. They both jumped when Casper’s phone suddenly rang.




“They’ve narrowed her location to the 100 block of O Street.”


“Got it.” Casper hung up and told Scully the location.


“That’s just around the corner.”


Casper made the turn and turned off the car’s headlights. He coasted to a stop. They exchanged a look before slipping out of the car and into the night. With weapons drawn, they carefully moved to the nearest warehouse. It was mostly empty, but still took several minutes to verify no one was there. They made their way to the next warehouse.




Morgan stuck to the shadows. With the moon less than a quarter full, it wasn’t difficult. Her dark attire, and mood, helped her blend invisibly into the night. She arrived at the address she’d been given. Just as promised, the side door was unlocked. Morgan entered. There were crates piled all over the warehouse, but in the center was a cleared area. As instructed she moved to the center of the cleared area... and waited.


Finally she heard a voice. “How do I know you came alone?” She could tell the voice was coming from a radio somewhere in the stacks of crates. It was the same altered voice from the phone calls.


“Don’t be an ass,” she snapped with irritation. “You undoubtedly watched my approach to the build­ing, and then you waited several minutes after I arrived to see if anyone followed me. Be­sides, this was your choice of location, so you obviously scouted it out in advance. So let’s say we get on with this.”


“What did you want to meet about?”


“I was hoping we could come to a resolution.”


“A resolution? A resolution to what?”


“I want to stop the killing. What will take to get you to stop killing young women?”


“What if I told you I don’t know why I kill them?”


“I’d say you’re a liar. I’m not here to play games. If that’s all you want to do I’m leaving.” Morgan turned and took a step to the exit.


An almost silent shot chipped the concrete a few inches from her feet.


“You don’t leave until I say so,” the disembodied voice growled.


Morgan let out an exaggerated sigh. “This is tedious. I wanted to meet with you so we could talk and find a way out of this.” She heard a derisive snort.


“You think you’re going play head-shrinker with me, Dr. Morgan? You think you can help me?” he replied mockingly. “You can’t even help yourself! You certainly couldn’t help Agent Jeffers and you won’t be able to help Agent Scully!”


Despite her desire not to, Morgan couldn’t hide her reaction to his baiting. The son of a bitch really did know how to push her buttons. Her hands curled into tight fists, her whole body began to tremble with anger and she clenched her jaw, grinding her teeth. “You sick bastard.”


Morgan suddenly burst into motion, running for the stacks of crates, bullets striking the floor in her footsteps, but not nearly as close as they could have been – he was still playing with her.




Scully was getting more and more frustrated. The second warehouse she and Casper entered took over 20 minutes to clear. As they exited the building she tried to call Morgan’s cell phone again. “Come on, Jess, pick up!”


“Still no answer?” Casper asked.


“No. It just goes straight to her voicemail.” She closed her phone.


“Come on, there are two more warehouses to check. If we don’t find her we’ll get some more people down here and expand the search area.”


They headed into the next building. They found themselves in a maze of stacked crates. They both heard something. With a nod they split and started working their way through the building along opposite sides. The closer they got the better they could hear.


It was Morgan. She was talking to someone. Scully’s heart did a little flip with the knowledge that Morgan was alive. Now she had to make sure Morgan stayed that way.


Scully and Casper both moved through the stacks, quietly approaching Morgan’s location.




From the sound of Morgan’s voice, Casper figured he was closer to her than Scully was since she was on the other side of the warehouse. He also heard a man’s voice, but not from the same location. It was coming from a radio.


A couple more turns in the stacks and he spotted his partner. “Morgan,” he whispered.


When Morgan turned her head to look at Casper anger burned in her glare. He was actually taken aback.


Morgan suddenly burst into motion, running towards him, bullets striking the floor in her footsteps, but not nearly as close as they could have been – the shooter wasn’t actually trying to hit her.


She marched past him, anger rolling off of her in waves.


“Morgan, what the hell is going on?” he whispered as he followed her.


She ignored him and retrieved a radio hidden in the stacks.




Morgan had been able to determine where the radio he was using was located. She glared at Casper then moved through the stacks to the radio. She picked it up. “If you have anything to say to me, come out of the shadows and face me. Or are you too much of coward to face a woman when she knows what you really are?”


“And what’s that?”


“Scared. Scared to be yourself, so you put on a fake personality like most people put on clothes. A fake personality you know a woman will like. But you don’t do it for her. No. Everything you do is for you, about you. You probably can only come when you masturbate. I bet you don’t even know how to make love to a woman. And you certainly don’t know how to please a woman, how to make her come. But then you don’t care about them enough to even try, do you?”


“Stop it!”


“Why? Hitting too close to home?” Morgan walked out of the stacks back into the cleared area. “I already know you don’t have sex with your victims. You do terrible things to them but you don’t have sex with them. Is that why you kill them? Be­cause after you sweep them of their feet they want to take things to the next level, they want to have sex? But you can’t, can you? You’re impo­tent when you’re with a woman, aren’t you? How much porn do you watch? Jerking off to porn is the only way you can get off, isn’t it?”




Morgan smiled. The stress level in his voice was increasing. She was definitely getting to him. “You have your dick in your hand right now, don’t you? You’re trying to get your puny, flaccid dick hard right now – just to prove I’m wrong. But you can’t. You can’t get hard without watching some trashy porno movie. You can’t get it up with a real woman.”




“You don’t know what it’s like to be loved by a woman, do you? You don’t know what it’s like to be wanted by a woman, not as yourself. Only by playing a part can you get them interested in you. But you’re all talk and no action. You can’t deliver when it counts. You can’t give of yourself to anyone because you’re too selfish, too self-centered... because you’re an egomaniac.”


“That’s not true!”


“You’ll never know what it’s like to hold a woman and have her be open and vulnerable and pas­sionate. You’ll never know what it’s like to look into her eyes and see love shining in them just for you. You’ll never know what it’s like to give her so much pleasure she cries out to God. You’ll never know what it’s like to touch her so deeply you touch her soul. You’ll never know what it’s like hear your name on her lips in passion. You’ll never know what it’s like to be loved by her.”


“She will love me!!”


“No she won’t. She’ll never love you, because you can’t be what she desires, what she needs, what she deserves.”




Morgan miscalculated – she’d found his most vulnerable button and pushed it... just a little too hard.


Morgan went down, a look of surprise on her face.



Chapter 36...

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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

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