dhamphir (dhamphir) wrote,

Oooh! A Fun Meme!

Snertched from [personal profile] ariestess

Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.

Give me a name and I will tell you what that person is afraid of, loves, and has lost.

The usual suspects apply re: fandoms and characters. You might get a comment, a drabble, a list, or something completely different. Who knows? It all depends... ;-)

I'm just trying to coax my muse into being more cooperative.

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Tags: character: annabeth chase, character: dana scully, character: janet fraiser, character: jessica morgan, character: lilly rush, character: samantha carter, fandom: close to home, fandom: cold case, fandom: sg1, fandom: x-files, meme: 2010
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