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Fic Master List

Fic Master List

Stargate SG-1


Against Regulations - Sam turns down a date. PG

Apology - Janet gets to apologize for something she's always regretted. PG

Bargain, The - Janet lives up to her end of the bargain. G

Because It's You - The sight of blood really bothers Sam. PG

Beneath the Surface - What will Sam and Janet do after 'Therra' and 'Neva' act on their feelings while beneath the surface of P3R-118? NC17

Breathe - Sam needs to breathe. PG

Cold Hands, Warm Heart - We need to share body heat. PG

Different Point of View, A - What if it wasn't Jack that Dr. Carter had been married to in the alternate reality? PG

Doctor... Soldier - She's not only a doctor. G

Doctor's Mystique, The - Sam comes to a deeper understanding of Dr. Janet Fraiser. PG

Fall From Grace - Temptation does Sam in. PG

Fight! - The next time you get drunk with the guys, you are not to include me in any of your bets. PG

Five Places Sam and Janet wanted to Have Sex but Never Did - The title says it all. NC17

Five Times Janet Made Sam Late to Work - The title says it all. NC17

Five Times Sam and Janet Almost Got Caught in a Compromising Position - The title says it all. NC17

Five Time Sam Didn't Wear Her Uniform - The title says it all. PG

Forever Lost - Sam pays the high price of complacency. G

French or Italian - Janet has a thing for Sam's smile. G

Ghosts (Sam/Janet; Janet/Clare) - Sam discovers things are very different in the alternate timeline. Starting a new life if difficult... especially when faced with ghosts of the past. PG

Green, Black, or Desert Beige - It would help if she could remember where it was they were gating to. PG

Grief's Tragedy - When tragedy strikes, Janet is devastated and angry. Can anyone save her from herself? R

Grounded - Cassie gets into big trouble. G

Happy Anniversary - It's their anniversary. G

Her Special Day - Cassie's been looking forward to this day for a very long time. PG

Her Suitor - Janet has a suitor. PG

Hundred and One Days, A -What if it wasn't Jack that had been stranded on Edora? And what would the repercussions be? NC17

I Know But... - Sam has a scare. PG13

If Only... - Sam is out of control. Sequel: Low-Level Primates PG

Insomnia Cure - Sam can't sleep. NC17

It Said Auburn - Janet tumbled out of the gate. G

Jump - Janet's not sure she can do it. G

Kiss Me - A camping trip goes very wrong. PG

Koll - Janet's eyes glowed and her voice resonated. PG

Leathers - Sam loves her leather. G

Low-Level Primates - Sequel to If Only... PG

Negotiation, The - Sam is stuck in the middle. G

Never the Same - Something about the SGC bothered Sam. G

No Greater Hero - Every single one of us would sacrifice anything to save her. PG

North - Sam and Janet get stuck in a traffic jam. NC17

Paid in Full - Janet has an unusual patient. G

Prometheus Unbound - Sam receives orders transferring her from the SGC to Atlantis. However, things do not go as planned - someone steals the Prometheus and takes her prisoner. PG13

Promise - Sam makes Janet a promise. PG13

Prophecy, The (Janet/Kris; Sam/Janet implied) - Months after Janet is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on a mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. NC17

ch 1|ch 2|ch 3|ch 4|ch 5|ch 6|ch 7|ch 8|ch 9-10|ch 11-12|ch 13-14|
ch 15-16|ch 17-18|ch 19-20|ch 21-22|ch 23-24|ch 25-26|ch 27-28|

Question, The - A certain question keeps coming up. PG

Rediscovery (Sam/Janet; Janet/Karen) - Sam makes a life-changing mistake and Janet begins a new life. Will a chance meeting several years later bring them back together, or has there been too much lost between them? NC17

Right Thing to Say, The - Janet's old professor is receiving an award. PG

Rules, The - Sam has to follow the rules. G

Saving Grace (alternate ending) - After Sam's lonely experience on the Prometheus she realizes she's in love with Janet. PG

Second Chance, A - The war is lost, so what will become of humanity? PG

Secret Admirer, The - Janet has a secret admirer. PG

She Wasn't Going to Cry - Especially not in front of him. G

Solitudes - What if it had been Sam and Janet stranded in the Antarctic instead of Sam and Jack? PG

Something Had Obviously Gone Wrong - The men of SG-1 are in love. PG

Soylent Blue - "What happened?" "Colonel Fraiser shot her!" "Again?" PG

Strategy of Subtlety - Janet has a strategy. PG

Subtle Payback - Janet has her own way of dealing with problem patients. G

Tactical Surrender - Sometimes there's a tactical advantage to surrender. G

Thanks to Heimdall - You gotta love the Asgard. PG13

That Dragon Which Slays Love - Jealousy rears its ugly head. PG

That's No Excuse - Sam messed up. G

Three Wishes - Sam gets three wishes. PG

Tough Love - A family in crisis. PG13

Trevia - Sam has a bad reaction to alien juice. (Co-written with [personal profile] geekgrrllurking ) PG13

Unchangeable Law - Janet's abusive ex-husband moves to town. Will someone save her before it's too late? R

Unexpected, The - The Asgard have been keeping a secret. PG

Vandor - SG-1 return from off-world and start having problems. PG

We're Not Going, and That's Final - Janet puts her foot down. PG

Wealthy Woman - Janet is a wealthy woman. G

What the Hell Happened? - Something terrible happened off-world. PG

Willing to Try - Sam needs to make some major changes in her life. She's made a biggest mistake of her life and needs to make things right... if it's not too late. PG

Worth It - Sam comes to Janet's rescue. PG

You Should Have Told Me - Sam didn't tell Janet something. G


Janet Fraiser/Kris Fraiser

Prophecy, The (Janet/Kris; Sam/Janet implied) - Months after Janet is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on a mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. NC17

ch 1|ch 2|ch 3|ch 4|ch 5|ch 6|ch 7|ch 8|ch 9-10|ch 11-12|ch 13-14|
ch 15-16|ch 17-18|ch 19-20|ch 21-22|ch 23-24|ch 25-26|ch 27-28|

Tension (Janet/Kris) - Janet is tense and worried when Kris goes on her first off-world mission, and Kris has the cure. NC17

Torture (Janet/Kris) - Kris hates high heels, but Janet makes it up to her. PG


Ghosts (Sam/Janet; Janet/Clare) - Sam discovers things are very different in the alternate timeline. Starting a new life is difficult... especially when faced with ghosts of the past. PG

Rediscovery (Sam/Janet; Janet/Karen) - Sam makes the mistake of her life and Janet begins a new life. Will a chance meeting several years later bring them back together, or has there been too much lost between them? NC17

Saving Grace (Janet/Toni) - After Sam's lonely experience on the Prometheus she realizes she's in love with Janet. PG

SG-1 Crossovers


Feed Or Go Mad (Sam/Janet; Dana/Jess) - Sam has been infected. PG1



Always - It's all about love. PG

Angry Dreams - Monica comes up with an unusual solution to a problem. PG

Can You Hear Me Now? - Cell phones are a wonderful thing. NC17

Candlelight and Kisses - Dana invites Monica to dinner. PG

Date, A - Dana has a date. PG13

Dedication, The - Will a chance meeting, five years after Scully and Mulder went on the run, change anything? PG

It Was Raining - The rain was only fitting on a day like this. G

Life Was Good - It wasn't what Monica had predicted. G

No Regrets - Monica is concerned Dana may have some regrets. PG13

Walls - Will Reyes ever get past Scully's walls? PG


Dana Scully/Nicole Logan

Dana's Malakim - Scully must identify Mulder's body after his suicide. Dying of cancer, she now faces an uncertain future, a crisis of faith... and a new partner. Little does she know the extraordinary and incredible things she's seen while with the X-Files are nothing compared to what's to come. NC17

part 1|part 2|part 3|part 4|part 5|part 6|part 7|part 8|part 9|part 10|
part 11|part 12|part 13|part 14|part 15|part 16|part 17|part 18|part 19|part 20|
part 21|part 22|part 23|part 24|part 25|part 26|part 27|part 28|part 29|part 30|
part 31|part 32|

Dana's Malakim Book Cover - by loopyallie

Dana's Malakim Wallpaper - by loopyallie

Dana Scully/Jess Morgan

Weak in the Knees Series

Weak in the Knees - Scully and Mulder are assigned to a taskforce to catch a vicious serial killer. But who is that agent assigned by the Director? And why does she make Scully's temperature rise? NC17

prologue|ch 1|ch 2|ch 3|ch 4|ch 5|ch 6|ch 7|ch 8|ch 9|ch 10|
ch 11|ch 12|ch 13|ch 14|ch 15|ch 16|ch 17|ch 18|ch 19|ch 20|
ch 21|ch 22|ch 23|ch 24|ch 25|ch 26|ch 27|ch 28|ch 29|ch 30|
ch 31|ch 32|ch 33|ch 34|ch 35|ch 36|ch 37|ch 38|ch 39|ch 40|
ch 41|ch 42|ch 43|ch 44|ch 45|ch 46|ch 47|ch 48|ch 49|ch 50|

Snapshots: A Brief History of a Life Less Ordinary - A brief history of Jessica Morgan leading up to Weak in the Knees. Even though this is a prequel, I highly recommend you read it after Weak in the Knees. R

part 1|part 2|part 3|part 4|part 5|part 6|part 7|part 8|

Dana - Who was she? PG

Northern Lights - Jess has been gone for several weeks on an undercover assignment, but when she calls home to let Dana know the c ase is over Dana knows right away that something is very wrong. Now it's up to find out what it is and to put the pieces back together when she realized Jess is falling apart. NC17

Weak in the Knees Book Cover - by k_icker

Weak in the Knees Music Video - by loopyallie

Sensuous Senses Series

Scent - A scent so uniquely perfect. NC17

Touch - Dana love to touch. NC17

Listen - Listen to my voice. NC17

Watch - You must watch... only watch. NC17

Taste - Mmmm, delicious! NC17

Schmoop Bingo Series

Trust Me - Jess has a surprise for Dana. (prompt: picnic) PG

She's a Keeper - Dana gets a call from an old college friend. (prompt: wedding - shower) PG

Baby It's Cold Outside - The electricity goes out during a winter storm. (prompt: fire in the fireplace) PG13

Home - Dana's had a bad week. (prompt: reading aloud) PG

Lily - A rescued baby reminds Dana of every taken from her while being Mulder's partner. (prompt: baby - adoption) PG

I'm Here for You - Dana knows just how to make Jess feel better. (prompt: greeting card) PG

Card, The - Dana has a secret, admirer. (prompt: secret admirer) PG

Date Night - Dana treat Jess to a special evening. (prompt: wooing/courtship) PG

Dana/Jess One Shots

Absolutely Not! - Sex in a morgue? R

Amnesia - Jess suddenly forgets. PG

Anger, Trust and Forgiveness - Dana is very angry, and Jess won't apologize. PG

Busted! - Dana discovers Jess's secret. PG

Captivated - Dana and Jess attend a charity benefit. PG

Carrot?!, A - It was the most bizarre thing she'd ever seen. G

Christmas - Dana and Jess spend their first Christmas together at the Scully family cabin. PG

Compromise - It was a fair compromise. G

Conditioner Treatment? - Something went wrong at the hair salon. PG

Dana's Surprise - Dana has a surprise for Jess. PG13

Dentist, The - Jess has to go to the dentist. (crack!fic) PG

Dessert - Jess has a big appetite. PG

Distraction - Dana is trying to read a book. R

Do You Like Your Surprise? - Jess has a surprise for Dana. PG13

Fever - Jess is very sick. PG

Five Time Dana Wanted Jess to Bite Her... and One Time She Bit Back - The title says it all. NC17

Flu, The - Jess has the flu. G

Good Time, A - Someone is having a really good time. NC17

Her Rock - Jess was her rock. PG

How Long - How long has it been? PG

I Do Give a Damn - Dana puts a doctor in his place (companion piece to Incorrigible) PG

I Was Only Joking - Dana and Jess make a bet. G

I'm Cold - Jess is freezing (crack!fic) G

Incorrigible - Dana's had enough of someone's attitude. (companion piece to I Do Give a Damn) PG

Is That a Yes? - Jess asks a question. PG

Manor, The - A lot of work went into it. G

No Choice - Will a case come between Dana and Jess? PG

No Matter What - Dana hasn't spoken to Jess for a week. PG

No One Will Know - Jess promises to keep it a secret. G

Phonus Interruptus - Will they answer the phone? PG

Picture, The - Jess has posted something on LiveJournal. (crack!fic) R

Plotting - Dana's going to get some revenge. G

Possessive - Mulder held the stake over Jess's heart and sneered... PG

Private Celebration - Dana doesn't feel the urge to party. PG13

Proms, The - Jess introduces Dana to a British tradition. G

Purple Nightmares - Dana doesn't want anymore nightmares. PG

Raw - Jess asks Dana about a phone call she received. PG

Reaffirmation - It wasn't much of an argument. PG

Safe and Sound - Dan's been worried about Jess. PG

Shootout, The - Dana and Jess are pinned down, outgunned, and surrounded. PG

Sleep Aid - Dana hasn't been able to sleep. G

Steam - Dana and Jess use the steam room at the gym. NC17

T and A - jess isn't into high fashion. PG13

Their Undefined Bond - Will Dana find Jess in time? PG13

Three's Company - Will two become three? PG

To Right a Wrong - Dana's been searching for someone. Very AU. PG13

Too Tall - Someone is too tall. G

Unfixable - Can it be fixed? PG

Yes, Dear - Jess is in trouble. G

You Never Know - Jess was used to local law enforcement officers noticing Dana. PG

X-Files Crossovers

X-Files/CSI Miami


Catharsis - Angry women, big guns, and hot sex. NC17

Downright Irresistible - Calleigh did something at work and Dana is angry about it. PG

Interior Decorating - Calleigh has some decorating ideas. PG13

It Was Just the Beginning - There was passion beneath her cool exterior. NC17

Moving Day - Calleigh has a new neighbor. NC17

New to Town - Calleigh meets the new ME. G

Other Half, The - I think I see part of my soul... PG13

Pathology of Attraction - Calleigh is attending a forensics seminar at Quantico and is quite taken with the instructor - Dr. Dana Scully. (Co-written with yellowsmurf6) NC17

See You Tomorrow - Dana helps rescue Calleigh. PG

You Do the Paperwork - Dana leaves the paperwork to Mulder. PG

X-Files/Lost Girl

Hunger (Scully/Bo) - What happens when a hungry succubus hooks up with a certain redhead? NC17


Feed Or Go Mad (Dana/Jess; Sam/Janet) - Sam has been infected. PG13


Birds of Prey

Taking Flight (Barbara/Ravenhawk) - A new bird joins the team. G

CSI Miami/Saving Grace

Another Round For My Friend (Calleigh Duquesne/Grace Hanadarko) - Due to unforeseen circumstances, two cops meet in a bar. They share a taste for bourbon, swap some stories, and find themselves in a situation new to them. NC17

The Devil Wears Prada

How to Become a DragonMaster (Miranda/Andy) - After walking away from Miranda in Paris, Andy decides to make her way on her own terms and finds professional success in an unexpected way. This is her story. Question is, will it end the way she wants it to? PG13

Lost Girl

"Normal" (Kenzi, Bo/Lauren) - Kenzi's life isn't normal. PG13

Only One, The (Bo/Lauren) - Lauren watches Bo. G

Tattoo (Bo/Lauren) - Lauren provides Bo what Dyson never can. PG13

Hunger (Bo/Scully) - What happens when hungry succubus hooks up with a certain redhead? NC17

Wolf Tales

Blood Wolf/Lady Wolf

Christmas Getaway - Lady Wolf needs to be rescued. (Written by [personal profile] geekgrrllurking  with special guest writer [personal profile] dhamphir ) PG13

Pack of Two, A - A new pack is formed. NC17

Original Stories written as [personal profile] carson_fletcher 

The First Time... - (Traci/Diana) A few of their first times. PG13

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