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ARRGH! %@#*^#%

Well, I was complaining to some friends last night that it was hot. I admitted that I don't handle it as well some days. So, I attributed my increasingly unfortable feeling to just me having a rough day.

That is, until I woke up this morning. It was over 85 degrees inside my house! And the A/C was on... or so I thought. While the central unit outside was running, there was little air flow inside, and what flow there was, wasn't cool. Of course, this had to happen on a holiday weekend! FRAK!

I turned on all my fans and simply lay still on top of my bed, trying to think cool thoughts and convince myself I could make it until Tuesday morning. That didn't last once the temperature inside got over 95 degrees. I called my A/C guy and left a message for him to call my cell, and then started to pack up to go to a hotel... and almost passed out. So while I was sitting on the floor I picked up the yellow pages and searched for an emergency A/C repair company. I called and they said that yes, they could come out.

So I poured cold water over my head and went outside where I laid in my driveway (under the carport) since, even though it was 97 degrees outside, it was cooler than inside. The repair man showed up and fixed my A/C -- it was only a $40 part that went out.

I'm finally, just now, started to feel a little better, but I do have a heat-induced migraine. I'm hoping a second dose of meds will knock me out and let me sleep tonight. It's still hot in here, but I've turned the A/C down lower than usual to help my body recover over the next several hours.

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Tags: rant, sick
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