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My new journal.

Test... test...1-2-3... testing...

Well, if you're reading this, then it worked!

I've had a DW account for some time, but haven't really used it, other than to store backup copies of my fics. However, given everything that's happened recently with LJ, I think it's prudent to at least be prepared. So, I have official joined the ranks of those who now use both sites. I will be primarily posting from DW, but still posting in both LJ and DW.

No, I am not leaving LJ. But commenting will, for the most part, be closed on my LJ journal. Any post that I make from DW will include a link back to the mirror entry there. And don't worry, you do not have to have a DW account to comment there. You can simly use your LJ ID.

Anyone that I have friended on LJ, has already been friended (under their LJ ID's) in my DW journal. However, if any of you already have a DW account, I'd really like it if you'd let me know so I can add you on DW, too. But rest assured, it's not a requirement.

Just to let you know, all of my public entries (and their comments) have been imported to my DW journal. I did not, however, import any of my locked posts of a private nature. So for those of you who commented on entries of a private nature, your comments have not been imported to my DW journal.

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