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Dana's Malakim Pt 31/32

Title: Dana’s Malakim

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC (Logan)

Rating: NC17

Summary: Scully must identify Mulder’s body after his suicide. Dying of cancer, she now faces an uncertain future, a crisis of faith... and a new partner. Little does she know the extraordinary and incredible things she’s seen while with the X-Files are nothing compared to what’s to come.

Time line/Spoilers: AU. Starts immediately after S4E23 Demons.

Disclaimer: X-Files and its characters belong to C.C. and 1013 Productions. No copyright infringement intended, no money be made.

A/N1: Some dialogue taken directly from the show. Although I do a bit of research for my stories, I’ve never been a cop, doctor, herbalist, psychologist, or theologist.

A/N2: Special thanks to sinadino  for the German translations, and to xhuggles  and ivy_wang  for the Chinese translations.

A/N3: All mistakes are my own. Special thanks to oxfordshoes2  for the beta.


Dana’s Malakim

Part 31



Logan’s House

Washington, DC

Sunday, July 12th, 1998


Ian knew, that as a master vampire, Fritz would not have any trouble entering Nicole’s house uninvited, but only a handful of his vampire followers would be able to follow – even a master vampire had limits. The rest would still be prevented from entering without an invitation. Even so, it was likely that Fritz would send in his human, and most dispensable, followers first. A lack of invitation was no barrier for them, and they could soften up his target first.


So when Ian arrived and found a number of Fritz’s followers outside the house, he had to fight his way past them to get into the house. He made it to the front door just in time to see Fritz’s head and body hit the floor separately and then Nicole crumple to the floor.


Ian knelt next to the blonde, careful of her wings, full of concern for his friend. “Nicole? Nicole!” He pulled out his phone. “Where the hell are you?!... I’m here and she’s not in good shape... No, no, she did it. She killed him, but it looks like he almost took her with him... Okay, see you when you get here.”


After hanging up his phone, Ian slipped off his duster, folding it and putting under the blonde’s head. He then pulled his t-shirt off over his head and used it to press against the wound in her side in an effort to staunch the bleeding.


“Come on, luv, hang in there.” He looked around while holding the material in place. “Red!... Dana! Are you here?”


Ian was concerned because he knew Dana had been with Nicole when he called – he’d called the redhead’s phone, after all. But he didn’t feel he could leave the blonde’s side, afraid that she might bleed to death if he did. His head popped up when he heard someone’s footsteps on the porch after a couple of minutes.


“Red? Is that you?”




He was surprised to see Lance tentatively stick his head in the front door. “What are you doing here?”


“I was... worried.” The elf came in and looked around nervously.


“Don’t worry, they’re all dead or gone.” He paused. “What were you worried about?”


Lance’s eyes locked on the blonde. “Her... Is she going to be okay?”


“I hope so. If she comes to she should be able to heal herself.”


“And if she doesn’t wake up?”

“Then hopefully Thea can do something for her. She should be here any minute.”


“Who’s Thea?” the elf asked.


“I am.”


Both men whipped their heads around and saw the brunette enter through the front door.


“Thank god you’re here. She’s been unconscious since I got here,” said Ian.


Thea knelt next to her friend, careful to avoid her wings. She moved aside Ian’s hand and looked under the blood-soaked, makeshift bandage. “Dammit!”


“Do what you do; help her,” Ian said.


“I can’t.”


“Why not? You’re a witch, aren’t you?”


“A witch?” Lance exclaimed, backing away from her nervously.


“I can’t help her because she’s a Malakim.” She looked at Lance. “Don’t worry, you’re safe, elf... unless you had something to do with this.”


“Me?! No, no!”


“He’s a good bloke, Thea. Lance is the one who warned me Fritz was going to come after Nicole.”


Thea looked at the elf again. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” he replied.


“So why can’t you help her?” Ian asked.


“Malakims are immune to magic. It’s one of the ways they’re protected.” She looked around. “Where’s Dana?”


“I don’t know.”


“D... Dana...”


Witch, elf, and vampire all looked down to see the blonde’s eyes were open, though dulled by pain as she struggled to stay conscious. She retracted her wings.




“Where is she, Nicole?” Thea asked.


“Safe... room...”


“I’ll get her.” She stood. “Continue to keep pressure on the wound,” she instructed before quickly heading to the kitchen and then down to the basement.


As soon as Thea opened the door Dana burst out of the room and raced up the stairs. “Nicole!” She dropped next to the blonde, appalled at the injuries she could see... and terrified of the ones she couldn’t. “Call an ambulance!” she ordered.


“No...” Nicole said softly.


“You’re hurt; you need to go to the hospital,” Dana argued.


“I’ll be okay... just need some time...”


It was clear that she wanted to argue the point, but Thea stepped in. “She’ll be okay, Dana,” she said, though she didn’t sound as convincing as the redhead would have liked.


Dana slipped into doctor mode in an to effort deal with her overwhelming fear. “She’s lost too much blood; she’ll go into hypovolemic shock.”


“We can get blood.” Thea looked at Ian. “Ian?”




“Let’s get her settled before you go.”


Ian very gently slipped his arms under the blonde and picked her up.


Dana felt confused and out of her element as she followed Ian to Nicole’s bedroom. He carefully laid the injured woman on the bed and then moved aside to allow the redhead to check Nicole out. He excused himself when Dana started to carefully remove the blonde’s bloodied clothes.


“I won’t be long.”


Dana gasped when she saw the wound in her lover’s side. And the dark bruises that littered Nicole’s body could mean some broken bones. “Nicole, this is bad; I have to call an ambulance.”


“No. It’s not necessary. I just need some time,” she asserted weakly.


Dana didn’t know what to think. The wounds were not minor, but Nicole was... Well, what the hell is she? She mentally sighed. What the hell do you think?! Humans just don’t sprout wings, glow, and fight 1200-year-old vampires.




She looked into those dark green eyes that made her heart flip-flop.


“I’m still me, Dana. I’m as human as you are.”


Somehow I find that a little hard to believe. She swallowed. “I need to get you cleaned up,” was all she said.


Dana left the bedroom to obtain and a large bowl of warm, soapy water and a clean washcloth. She found Thea and the young man she didn’t know straightening up.


“Do you need any help with Nicole, Dana?” Thea asked.


“Yeah, that would be good.”


“Just continue to clean up, Lance. I’ll take care of the blood stains later.”




Dana returned, set the bowl on the nightstand, and sat on the side of the bed next to Nicole. Thea sat on the other side and helped Dana to gently clean the blood from her lover’s battered body. The cuts on the blonde’s legs and arms weren’t overly deep, but they had bled a lot and marred her flawless skin. Nicole sucked in a painful gasp when Dana carefully cleaned the blood from the wound in her side.


Dana stood and went into the master bathroom, rifled through the medicine cabinet, and returned. “Here, take these, Nicole,” she said while holding out two strong pain pills – leftovers from the prescription Nicole got following her injury and surgery on her pectoral muscle.


The blonde hesitated, knowing her mind would have to be clear for her to heal, but she decided some pain relief would offset the delay. She took them.


“How do you feel?” Thea asked as she and Dana resumed their task.


“Like the tomato in a Ginsu commercial.”


Looking at the wounds made by the sharp edge of Fritz’s sword the comparison seemed more than apt.


Dana’s heart ached at the painful damage done to her lover’s body. Reluctant to make eye contact, she focused on the cut on Nicole’s forehead and spoke softly. “So what’s the penalty for trying to kill an angel?”


“Fingernails on a chalkboard... neverending...”


Dana couldn’t suppress a small smile at the lighthearted answer.


Nicole exchanged a look with Thea, who nodded in understanding.


“I’m going to go check on Lance.” The brunette left the two women alone.


Nicole winced as the redhead continued to clean her wounds. She looked up into Dana’s crystal blue eyes. “And I’m... not an angel...”


With the pain medication kicking in, the blonde’s eyes closed and she drifted asleep. Dana finished cleaning Nicole’s wounds, bandaging the wound in her side, and then pulled the covers up over her. Taking the bowl of water with her, she left the bedroom. She found Thea and Lance in the kitchen. The brunette was fixing some tea.


“How is she doing?” Thea asked when she turned and saw Dana.


Dana emptied the bowl and washed it and her hands. “She’s sleeping.” She sat down with a sigh.


“Don’t worry, Dana, Nicole will be fine,” she replied, trying to convince herself as much as the redhead. She took in Dana’s expression as she gazed off into nothing. “Are you okay, Dana?”


“I’m just...” She struggled to find the words to accurately capture what she was feeling. “Nothing makes a whole lot of sense right now. I mean... that man was... he was...”


“A vampire – a master vampire to be more accurate.”


The redhead closed her eyes and shook her head. “How am I supposed to react to that?” She took a couple of slow breaths. “Or to what Nicole is?” She opened her eyes and looked at Thea. “What is Nicole?”


It was the brunette’s turn to sigh. “I think that’s something you need to discuss with her. It’s not my place.”


They all heard Ian return. He entered the kitchen and held out a pint of blood, some saline, and an IV kit to Dana. “Here. This is for Nicole.”


“How do you know it’s her blood type?”


“It doesn’t matter,” Thea said.


Dana whipped her head around. “It does matter. She’s not AB-positive.”


“I know. Her blood types as O-negative, but she can receive blood of any type. It’s... an advantage she has.” She saw the redhead’s skepticism. “Trust me. I’ve known Nicole most of my life and I would never do anything to jeopardize her. Our families have been close for generations.”


Given what she’d seen already that night, Dana was almost glad that someone else seemed to know more than she did about everything. She and the brunette went into the bedroom. She inserted the IV needle and opened the valve to let the blood flow. Tears filled her eyes as she again took in the blonde’s injuries. Thea sensed Dana could use a few moments alone, so with a reassuring pat on the redhead’s shoulder, she left the bedroom.


When Dana returned to the kitchen, the other three were sitting at the kitchen table sipping some tea. She poured herself a cup and then sat down.


“Don’t worry, Red, she’ll be right as rain,” Ian said. “Nicole’s a lot tougher than she looks.”


She looked at him. “What the hell is going on? And why were you at The Mission with Nicole?”


“Lance tipped me off that Fritz was in town. I told Nicole and she decided to go after him,” he answered calmly.




“Because it’s what she does. It’s who she is.”


“And who exactly are you?” she demanded, looking each of the three in the eyes.


“I’m Ian McGregor. I was born 117 years ago in Glasgow, Scotland.” He held her gaze. “And I’m a vampire.” He allowed his eyes to change and his fangs to lengthen. At the look in her eyes, he changed back and continued. “I do not feed on humans and despite the fact that Nicole and I are natural born enemies, we’re friends now. With her help I’ve... redeemed myself. I told you before – Nicole stood by me when no one else would. I know that if I ever need anything, all I have to do is ask and she’ll be there. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”


Before she could even process what Ian had said, Thea spoke up.


“I’m Althea Wickersham and I’m a witch.” She shot Ian a look of ominous warning, preventing him making any comment about her first name. “My clan has served Nicole’s clan for countless generations. My duty is to assist Nicole in whatever way I can.” She smirked and added, “When she lets me.”


“I thought you were a hacker and owned a software company.”


“I am and I do. Nicole’s tendency to work alone has left me with plenty of time to turn my hacking skills into a profitable software company. It was my company’s jet that flew you down to Great Thatch Island.”


Dana slowly rubbed her face with one of her hands before she pinned the other person at the table with a look.


Lance almost winced at the hard look in the redhead’s eyes. “I only met her a few days ago.”


“Lance is the one who warned me Fritz was going to come after Nicole,” Ian explained.


“And how did you know?” Dana demanded.


He shrugged. “I’m an elf; I hear things.”


“An elf?” Blue eyes widened.


He reached up with both hands, brushing the hair back on the sides of his head and tucking it behind his pointed ears. “Yeah. People don’t take elves seriously, so they don’t always notice we’re around.” He shrugged.


Dana had had enough; she needed to think. The redhead stood and walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. She stood in the middle of the room with her eyes closed, trying to order her thoughts.


After several moments, Thea followed.


“Are you okay, Dana?”


“How am I supposed to believe all of this? I’m supposed to believe that Ian’s a vampire, Lance is an elf, you’re a witch, and Nicole is–” She couldn’t finish that sentence. “She has wings!”


“I know it’s a lot to take in. But Nicole has told me about the kinds of cases you work. Surely you’ve encountered things that seemed just as incredible during your investigations.”


“I’m a scientist, I need...”




The redhead turned to look at Thea who was sporting an amused smirk. The brunette gently grabbed Dana’s arm and coaxed her to move aside a couple of steps. She then recited something in what sounded like Latin but wasn’t. The redhead couldn’t believe her eyes as the blood stain from where Nicole had lain bleeding from her wounds disappeared. Dana shot the brunette a look of incredulity.


Thea smiled benevolently. “Go sit with Nicole; I’ll take care of fixing things,” she said with a wave at the coffee table, broken windows, and the splintered front doorjamb. “Then I’ll chase the other two out of here before leaving as well.” She put her hand on Dana’s arm, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “As far as Nicole goes... just talk to her, Dana. She’s the same person you’ve known all along.”


The redhead sighed but nodded. She met Ian in the hallway on the way to the bedroom. He gently caught her arm, and looked into her eyes.


“Red...” He wanted to find the right words to make things okay for his friend. “She would have told you if she knew how. She’s never stuck around long enough to have to explain.” He held her eyes to convey the import of his words. “Nicole chose to stay here... for you. She loves you.” After a moment he let go of her arm. “I’m going to go, but if you need anything call me – I left you my number on the counter in the kitchen.”


Not knowing what to say, she simply nodded and headed into the bedroom. In the bedroom, Dana checked on her lover, making sure her breathing was regular and her pulse was strong. She then sat in the chair... and watched Nicole sleep while trying to sort through her thoughts and feelings.




Sunday, July 12th, 1998


When Nicole woke up it was still dark out. She slowly turned her head to look at the clock radio on the nightstand.


“It’s just after 3:00 am.”


Dana’s voice almost startled her. She looked at the redhead, seated in the chair across from her bed. “You’re angry,” she sighed.


“I’m not sure what I am.” She took a slow breath. “You lied to me.”


“No, I didn’t. I just didn’t tell you everything.”


“You said your abilities were a result of you being able to use the unused part of the brain, but that’s not it, is it?”


The blonde closed her eyes and let out a slow breath. “It’s part of it.” She opened her eyes. Her fear for her relationship with Dana was almost too much to bear. Tears began to fill her eyes as she stared at the ceiling. Part of her really didn’t want to do this now, but Dana deserved answers. “I’m sorry, Dana. I’m sorry. I really believed that I couldn’t tell you. I tried to tell you... in small doses.”


“You still haven’t really told me.”


“What would you have had me do? ‘Hi, I’m Agent Logan your new partner, and by the way, I’m a Malakim. In fact I come from a long line of Malakims – like my grandmother.’”


“Malakim? But that’s an ang–”


“That is a commonly held misconception. Malakims are not angels. We’re human, completely human. We just... we’ve just been given certain... gifts... like enhanced senses, augment­ed strength and recuperative abilities, and the gift of tongues – the ability to speak and understand any language.”


“The gift of tongues? Then why do you have translation texts?”


“Writing and reading are different from speaking and understanding. Or at least it is for me.”


There were a few more minutes of silence, which Dana finally broke. “Is there anything else I should know?”


Nicole let out a heavy sigh. “Probably...” Nicole turned her head to look at Dana. “But can we, please, not do this right now?... I don’t have the strength for anymore right now.”


Dana looked at Nicole and saw the truth of her words in her eyes. After a couple of seconds she moved to sit on the side of the bed and grasped the blonde’s hand, squeezing it. No matter what, she loved Nicole and nothing had changed that. And... Nicole was right. What did she expect Nicole to do differently? If the blonde told her before the night’s events that she was a... a Malakim, Dana would have thought her crazy. And in analysis, Nicole did tell her the truth – she told Dana about her knack for languages, and demonstrated them; and almost from the first Nicole had said she was a fast healer and she was stronger than she looked; and she had told Dana about her enhanced senses. She brought Nicole’s hand to her lips and kissed the back of it.


“I am upset – more with the situation than with you. And I do have questions, but they can wait for now. I love you, Nicole, and I don’t want to lose you.”


The tears in Nicole’s eyes rolled down her face. “I don’t want to lose you either, Dana.”


Dana squeezed her hand and brought it to her lips once again. “You’re not going to.” She took in the lines pain had etched in her lover’s features. “Do you want some more pain medication?”


“No. I need to be clearheaded to heal.” She felt Dana squeeze her hand. “I really do heal quickly... even more so now... that I don’t have to hide it.” She gave Dana a small smile before closing her eyes.


As the blonde’s heart rate and respirations slowed, Dana stood and just looked down at her lover. The beating Nicole had taken was brutal, and the sight of her battered face and body tore at Dana’s heart. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. She wiped them away with a sniff and grabbed a robe. She escaped to the bathroom. She let out her sobs once under the running water of the shower. She jumped when she stepped out of the shower and saw Nicole leaning heavily against the doorjamb, still clearly in a lot of pain. Dana reached for a towel and wrapped it around herself as she moved towards the blonde.


“Are you alright? Do you need anything?” she asked full of concern.


“Are you alright?”


“Me? I’m fine.”


“You were crying.”


Dana’s first instinct was to deny it, but then she realized it would be of no use. “Just... everything catching up with me,” she said softly, looking at the floor.


Nicole held her arms out. “Come here.”


Dana almost hesitated, but she needed Nicole’s arms around her. She moved into her lover’s arms and they closed around her. She put her arms around Nicole’s waist, careful of her damaged ribs and the bandaged wound on her side.


Nicole held Dana’s still wet, towel-clad body to her. “I’m so sorry, Dana. I never meant to hurt you. I’m sorry. I understand if... if it’s too much–”


She pulled back. “Don’t. Don’t even finish that thought,” Dana warned.


The blonde took a deep breath and let it out. “Sorry. Guess things are catching up with me as well.” She pulled the redhead back close to her. “Just know one thing – I love you.”


“I love you, too.” Suddenly Dana felt Nicole slump a little. “Are you okay?”


She nodded weakly. “I need to lie down.”


“Let me help you.” With her arm around the blonde’s waist she helped her lover back to the bedroom and to lie down again. “Is there anything you need? You took your IV out – I should hook that back up.”


“No need to do that. I just need some time.” Her eyes closed and she centered herself, once again lowering her heart rate and respiration.


Dana slipped on the oversized, men’s shirt and retrieved her laptop. She settled in the chair in the bedroom and kept watch over her lover as the blonde slept, researching, trying to learn as much she could about Malakims. Everything she found said Malakims were angels, heaven’s soldiers and champions, single-minded in their love of battle and defeating the forces of hell. They were also known as the Virtues, and were sometimes called ‘the shining ones.’ They provided courage, grace, and valor.


Courage, grace, and valor... that’s a perfect description of Nicole, Dana thought to herself.


However, nothing she could find told her how to deal with having a Malakim as a lover. She closed her laptop and her eyes. What now? Where do we go from here? I love her, but...


No. No buts. For the first time in my life I know I’m in love, and Nicole makes me feel loved. I’ve just found her and I’m not going to lose her.


As the sun began to rise she turned off the light, set her laptop aside, and slipped into the other side of the bed. Despite her exhaustion, sleep did not come easily.




part 32 - conclusion

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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

  • Fic: Heat

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