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Help needed!

Okay, folks, I need your help! I've just sent the last chapters of Dana's Malakim off to my beta! That means, other than some editing, I'm done writing that particular story. And the International Day of Femslash is just around the corner! It's less than a month away and I have nothing planned for it! *flails in panic*

So, I'm asking you for help in the form of first line prompts. Here are the couples I'd like prompts for:

SG-1: Sam/Janet (duh!)

SG-1: Janet/OFC

X-Files: Scully/Reyes

X-Files (Weak in the Knees universe): Dana/Jess

X-Files/CSI Miami: Dana/Calleigh

Also, I'll take some suggestions for unusual crossovers for Calleigh. For example, last year I wrote a crossover pairing Calleigh Duquesne with Grace Hanadarko from Saving Grace.

I make no promises on how many prompts I'll use, but the more the merrier. ;-)

Please do not request Calleigh/Natalia fic, since I just don't 'feel it', or any crossovers with Criminal Minds since I'm not a fan.

ETA: WOW! Ask and ye shall receive. I can't believe the number of prompts I've received in less than 24 hours! There's no way I could ever write all of them, but they have definitely sparked some ideas. Thanks, everyone. :D
Tags: idf: 2010, prompt request
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