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Dana's Malakim Pt 27/32

Title: Dana’s Malakim

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC (Logan)

Rating: NC17

Summary: Scully must identify Mulder’s body after his suicide. Dying of cancer, she now faces an uncertain future, a crisis of faith... and a new partner. Little does she know the extraordinary and incredible things she’s seen while with the X-Files are nothing compared to what’s to come.

Time line/Spoilers: AU. Starts immediately after S4E23 Demons.

Disclaimer: X-Files and its characters belong to C.C. and 1013 Productions. No copyright infringement intended, no money be made.

A/N1: Some dialogue taken directly from the show. Although I do a bit of research for my stories, I’ve never been a cop, doctor, herbalist, psychologist, or theologist.

A/N2: Special thanks to sinadino  for the German translations, and to xhuggles  and ivy_wang  for the Chinese translations.

A/N3: All mistakes are my own. Special thanks to oxfordshoes2  for the beta.


Dana’s Malakim

Part 27



Fort Smallwood Park

Anne Arundel County, MD

Saturday, July 4th, 1998


Everyone enjoyed the picnic. It was a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. The grown siblings took turns trying to embarrass each other with childhood stories. Nicole particularly enjoyed the ones about her partner. She also felt a deep sense of contentment observing a family that cared greatly for each and every member.


Dana reveled in the camaraderie with her family. It wasn’t all that long ago that she didn’t think she’d ever be able to spend time with her family again. Before she got cancer Dana didn’t go out of her way to keep in touch with her brothers. She let work take over practically every aspect of her life. She walked out of more than one dinner at her mother’s just because Mulder called about a case. Having come so close to dying, she had a new perspective on life and family and work... and the priority of each.


Dana and Nicole went for a walk along one of the park trails.


“It’s really nice to see you smiling and laughing and joking around with your family,” the blonde said with a small smile.


The redhead took in a slow, deep breath and let it out. “It feels good. Thank you,” she said softly. She paused for a beat before continuing. “Ever since I was a child, I've never allowed myself get too close to people. I've avoided emotional attachment. Perhaps I've been so afraid of death and dying that any connection just seemed like a bad thing... something that wouldn't last. But I don't feel that anymore.” Feeling more than a little emotional, Dana sat down on a nearby bench. The blonde sat down next to her.


“I don’t have the words to thank you for everything you done for me. You’ve given me a second chance – and I’m not just referring to you saving my life. I have a second chance to have a life. Thank you.” The two partners hugged.


“You’re welcome.”


They parted and Dana gazed into dark green eyes. “Nicole–”


“Aunt Dana!” “Aunt Dana!” Charlie’s two boys, Tommy and Bobby, came running up and grabbed a hand each.


“Come on. It’s time for s’mores!” said Tommy.


“And Grandma said no one could have any until you were there,” Bobby explained.


“Yeah, so hurry up, Dana,” Lisa said with a chuckle from about 20 feet away. “My husband demanded we retrieve you so he and Bill can have their s’mores.


“Yeah, Aunt Dana, let’s go,” Tommy urged, pulling on his aunt’s hand.


The redhead exchanged an amused look with her partner as she let her nephews lead her back to where her family was gathered.




Dana looked around and felt warmed by what she saw – Tara, with Bill’s protective arm around her; Charlie and Lisa, both with wide-eyed, wonder-filled boys on their laps; her mother gazing down at the sleeping grandson in her arms; and her partner, Nicole, relaxing against a tree and watching the fireworks over the water. Everything felt so... right. The day had been perfect.


This is the way it’s supposed to be. Enjoying time spent with family and loved ones, enjoying life... not constantly looking over my shoulder and keeping everyone at arm’s length. She smiled and let out a soft, contented sigh as she returned her gaze to the colorful show in the night sky.




Logan’s House

Washington, DC


Once the fireworks were over, Tommy and Bobby were finally coming down off their sugar highs and were ready to go to sleep. Everyone helped to make sure the area was cleared and that no one left anything behind before leaving for their separate destinations.


Dana drove Nicole back to her house, parking at the front curb. She smiled at her partner. “I’m really glad you came along today.”


The blonde returned her smile. “So am I.” She paused for a beat. “You want to come in, have a glass of wine?”




The redhead turned off the car and the two women went inside. Dana made herself comfortable on the couch as Nicole turned on some music and then went to the basement to retrieve a bottle of wine.


In truth, Dana was glad that Nicole had invited her in. She’d wanted to talk to her partner all day, but had kept putting it off, waiting until the time was just right. Well... she did try the one time during their walk, but then the boys arrived, interrupting her. The time’s not ever going to be just right if you don’t make it so, she told herself. She knew she was taking a big risk. Depending on Nicole’s reaction, Dana could lose the best partner she could ever hope for.


Nicole returned with wine bottle, corkscrew, and glasses in hand. The redhead’s tension didn’t escape her notice. More than once during the day she’d wondered what Dana had wanted to say before the boys had interrupted them. Part of her felt some trepidation. Despite the huge strides the redhead was making in opening up, Dana still had some pretty thick walls when she wanted to, so the blonde hadn’t been able to tell what was on her partner’s mind. On the other hand, she had a feeling that the Dana wanted to talk about whatever it was, but that she wasn’t quite sure how. So Nicole promised herself she’d be supportive and patient.


Dana took the wine bottle from the blonde and uncorked it. She filled the two glasses and sat back. When she turned to hand a glass to her partner, she was surprised to find Nicole was trying to remove her sling.


“You really should keep the sling on.”


“I wore it all day and I feel fine. It’s okay. Remember, I heal fast – it won’t take me as long as you think to fully heal. Trust me, Dana, I won’t overdo it.”


The redhead’s concern showed in her eyes, but not wanting to be a nag she held her tongue.


With a silent sigh, the blonde gave in and left the sling on. Nicole lightly clinked her glass against her partner’s. “Relax and enjoy the wine,” she said with a soft smile.


Dana couldn’t help but return the blonde’s smile.


As they sipped wine and talked, both women grew more relaxed. Despite the tension hiding her feelings caused Dana, she truly was at ease with the blonde no matter the situation.


It was time.


“Nicole... I need to talk to you about something.”




Dana took a deep breath and slowly let it out, hesitating.


“Hey, whatever it is it’s okay. You can talk to me about anything, Dana,” Nicole said as she gave her partner’s hand a squeeze.


“I don’t...” She stopped and searched for the right words. “Your friendship and our partnership mean a lot to me, and I don’t want to do or say anything to lose either one.”


“Dana, there’s nothing you could possibly say or do that would make you lose my friendship.”


“I do hope that’s true,” she murmured softly.


“It is,” the blonde softly replied, trying to convey her sincerity in her eyes.


Dana gazed into dark green eyes and saw the truth of it. She swallowed and drew in a fortifying breath. “I love you, Nicole.”


Nicole smiled. “I love you, too.”


She reached up and tenderly cupped her partner’s cheek. “No... I’m in love with you.” Dana felt the blonde’s reaction as Nicole took in a quick breath of surprise. Time seemed to stretch and warp as she waited for Nicole to say something, to give some indication of where they stood.


The blonde felt her heart skip a beat and she had almost jerked back in surprise. She never expected Dana to feel that way about her, much less say something about it. She wondered briefly why her partner’s expression was changing to one of sorrow and disappointment... then realized how much time had passed and that she hadn’t said anything in response. Tell her how you feel, you idiot!


Nicole caught Dana’s hand as the redhead pulled it back and dropped her gaze. “Dana...” With a couple of crooked fingers under her chin, Nicole gently nudged Dana’s gaze back up. “I fell in love with you some time ago,” she said softly but clearly.


Dana couldn’t believe her ears. What she felt was mutual! Now what?


A smile broke out on the blonde’s face as she let out a soft chuff of amusement. “‘Now what?’ Now this...”


Oh, God, I said that out loud! Dana blushed.


Nicole leaned in and gently pressed her lips against the redhead’s. Dana took the blonde’s face between her hands and deepened their kiss, her heart racing when Nicole responded in kind. They continued, slowly exploring each other’s mouths.


Feeling lightheaded, the blonde broke the kiss and rested her forehead against Dana’s. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” she murmured with a soft smile.


Dana returned the smile as she caressed Nicole’s cheek.


“In fact, I want to do that again... and again,” she said with grin, but instead of kissing Dana again, the blonde pulled back and gazed into crystal blue, her expression turning serious. “Are you sure about this, Dana?” Nicole had to know Dana was sure before they took things any further. She’d already lost her heart, but it would be better to stop now than to pass the point of no return and then lose the redhead.


Dana saw apprehension in beautiful, dark green eyes, and realized that she wasn’t the only one taking a risk. She also saw what Nicole was truly offering. All she had to do was say yes and she’d get everything she ever wished for – unconditional love. She smiled.




Nicole was amazed. As much as she had hoped that her feelings would be returned, she had not really allowed herself to believe it was possible.


Once again, the redhead reached out, gently cupping Nicole’s cheek. “Yes, I’m sure. I’m in love with you, Nicole.”


The blonde took Dana’s hand in her own and stood. A small tug on her hand prompted the redhead to stand. Smiling, they kissed... then walked down the hallway to the bedroom, hand in hand.


In Nicole’s bedroom the blonde turned on the small lamp on the nightstand then turned to face the redhead. Dana put her hands on Nicole’s shoulders and gently directed her to sit on the side of the bed, planting a lingering kiss on her lips before carefully removing her sling.


Nicole scooted back from the edge of the bed, lying back and smiling as the redhead, with hands and knees on either side of her, crawled onto the bed. Dana captured soft lips and lowered her body onto the blonde’s. Nicole wrapped her left arm around the redhead’s shoulders, pulling Dana’s body down tight against her own, and rested her right hand on Dana’s waist. Their legs scissored, their bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces.


Dana trailed kisses along the blonde’s jaw line and down her throat, finding a particularly sensitive spot at her pulse point. Nicole ran her hands down Dana’s back, slowly bringing them up under her shirt. The redhead moaned softly at the feel of Nicole’s hands against her skin and arched into them. As their bodies moved against each other’s in a sensual rhythm, the redhead was lost in the sensation of Nicole’s touch. She craved more; she want­ed to be closer, to feel the blonde’s skin against her own.


She brought her knees up on either side of Nicole’s hips and then sat up, straddling her thighs. She unbuttoned the blonde’s shirt and then slipped her hands under Nicole’s neck and shoulders, helping her to sit up. Sitting upright, Nicole tilted her face up, accepting a deep kiss as she felt Dana’s hands gently remove her shirt from her left shoulder and arm, and then ease it from over the bandaging on her chest and down her right arm.


“Are you okay?” Dana asked quietly as her fingers lightly traced over the bandage.


“I’m fine.”


Dana trailed kisses along a clavicle as she reached around and unhooked the blonde’s bra. She hooked her fingers in the loose straps and slid the bra down and off, dropping it onto the floor. With her hands behind Nicole’s neck and shoulder, she gently guided the blonde onto her back again. She placed a soft kiss on Nicole’s lips before sitting back up. She unbuttoned her own shirt, one slow button at a time, and smiled at the look of obvious want in dark green eyes.


Once Dana had her shirt completely unbuttoned she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, slipping both off and tossing them aside. She let out a quiet gasp as warm hands came to rest on her waist and then slowly slide up her ribcage, barely brushing the sides of her breasts. She lowered herself down on top of Nicole, capturing her soft lips in a passionate kiss and moaning at the exquisite sensation of the blonde’s bare breasts pressed against her own.


Nicole rolled onto her left side, taking the redhead with her. Four hands worked to removed two pairs of jeans, followed by their panties. Both women moaned at the feel of skin to skin contact the entire length of their bodies as they rolled back. Nuzzling Nicole’s neck, Dana slid her hand up the blonde’s ribcage until she reached the swell of her breast, which she gently cupped.


The redhead’s touch was liquid fire flowing through Nicole’s veins, heating her from within... it gave her chills and goose bumps, making her shiver. Dana’s touch stayed light even as she began to gently knead Nicole’s breast, feeling the nipple harden against the palm of her hand. She kissed and licked her way down the blonde’s throat and chest until she took a hard nipple into her mouth, eliciting an erotic moan.


Nicole arched up into the redhead as she suckled, sending electric bolts from her nipple straight to her center and making her shiver with arousal. A velvety tongue trailed over to her other breast, circling her nipple. She then felt the moist warmth of Dana’s mouth close over her nipple and begin to suckle. She sank her fingers into silky, red tresses. Nicole’s breath was ragged and her heart was beating loudly beneath her breast. Dana kissed her way back up and claimed the blonde’s lips in a kiss. Though her kisses were passionate, they weren’t demanding... they were giving.


As hands roamed and hips ground together soft moans mixed with whispered ‘I love you’s. Dana slipped a hand between their bodies, sliding down to trail her fingertips through downy curls. Nicole sucked in a quiet gasp as knowing fingers discovered her wet desire. Dana trailed kisses along the blonde’s jaw line and nuzzled just behind her ear as she gently pushed a couple of fingers inside of Nicole.


The blonde let out a moan and her body arched up into Dana’s. It had been so long since she’d been with anyone. She moaned and then called the redhead’s name as she came. She fought to catch her breath as she collapsed back on the mattress. Despite being more turned on than she ever remembered being, her orgasm had surprised her. She felt Dana’s lips place tender kisses along her clavicle, up her neck, along her jaw line, and up to her temple.


Feeling more than a little embarrassed about her apparent lack of control, Nicole opened her eyes and looked up into bright blue eyes. She started to say something, but Dana smiled and tenderly placed a finger across her lips.


“Shhh.” She leaned in and replaced her finger with her own lips. After thoroughly exploring the blonde’s mouth, Dana licked and kissed her way down, pausing at Logan’s breasts for a few minutes before continuing down the flat plane of her abdomen. Her mouth watered at the prospect of tasting her new lover for the first time. It had been too long since she’d taken a lover, even if for a one night stand – and even longer since she’d felt anything even remotely resembling genuine like, much less love.


Dana gently caressed and placed light kisses along Nicole’s inner thighs. Finally, she pressed her lips to the blonde’s center, extending her tongue and exploring between Nicole’s lips, lightly, gently, like a first kiss should be. As the blonde raised her knees and dug her heels into the mattress, Dana wrapped her arms around Nicole’s thighs.


When the blonde approached orgasm again, Dana slowed down and backed off, trying to draw out her lover’s pleasure. She slid her hands up the mattress and covered Nicole’s where they were fisted in the sheet. The blonde relaxed her grip and their fingers interlaced.


When Nicole climaxed she cried out Dana’s name and squeezed her hands. It took her several seconds to catch her breath and slow her thundering heart. When she opened her eyes again she looked up into emotion-filled blue eyes. The redhead smiled down at Nicole before ducking her head and tenderly kissing her, allowing the blonde to taste the trace of herself on Dana’s lips and tongue.


With her arms wrapped around Dana, Nicole rolled them over. She trailed open-mouthed kisses along the redhead’s throat, focusing on a particularly sensitive spot she discovered. She slid her leg between Dana’s, who moaned at the contact and pressed herself against Nicole’s thigh. The redhead’s arms tightened around Nicole as their bodies slowly rocked against each other, falling into a sensual rhythm.


Nicole slid a hand down between Dana’s legs and through damp auburn curls. She slipped two fingers inside of Dana, eliciting a gasp followed by a moan from the redhead. She trailed kisses down the redhead’s chest until she took a hard nipple into her mouth. She felt Dana’s fingers fist in her short hair as the redhead’s inner muscles squeezed around the fingers inside her. Nicole continued to push her fingers in and out of Dana until she cried out with her orgasm.


Before Dana could even catch her breath she felt the blonde’s velvety tongue trail down her torso. Her hips jerked when she felt Nicole’s mouth and tongue on her. Her body bowed and she pulled the head between her legs tighter against her. Her breathing grew heavier and the heat between them intensified, melting the two into one.


Nicole didn’t relinquish her place between her lover’s thighs until Dana begged her to after two powerful orgasms that left her euphoric and spent. Nicole slowly kissed her way up and lay on her left side next to Dana with her head on the redhead’s shoulder. She felt soft lips place a kiss on her forehead as the arm around her shoulders gave her a gentle squeeze. She took a long, slow, deep breath.


“I love you, Nicole,” Dana said softly.


“I love you, too.”


They held each other as they drifted to sleep.




Sunday, July 5th, 1998


Nicole took a breath as she woke up. A small smile graced her lips as she enjoyed the warmth and curves of the body she was snugged up against. Soft lips kissed her forehead and then her cheek.


“Good morning.”


She opened her eyes. “Good morning. How long have you been awake?” the blonde asked.


“Not long.”


She moved her head from Dana’s shoulder and laid it on the pillow.


Dana brought her hand up and gently caressed her lover’s cheek as she gazed into dark green eyes. She could feel her heart rate increase as she was filled with love for the beautiful blonde in her arms. She leaned in and kissed Nicole, thrilled as the blonde immediately responded. After a few minutes Dana gently slipped her fingertips past the damp curls she could feel against her thigh and tenderly caressed Nicole’s already slick folds as she nuzzled her throat.


Nicole’s hips jerked and her neck arched as she hissed and moaned in pleasure at Dana’s touch. The redhead held her close as she recovered from her orgasm, running her fingers through Nicole’s hair.


The blonde drew in a slow, contented breath. “I love you, Dana,” she whispered.


“And I love you,” Dana whispered in return.


The intimacy of the moment was shattered as someone’s stomach growled loudly. They both chuckled.


“I guess we should get up so I can feed you,” Nicole said with a smile.


Dana returned her smile and kissed her. “Let’s go out for something.” She paused. “If you feel up to it.”


Nicole continued to smile and nodded. “Sounds good.”


They got up and dressed. Dana helped Nicole on with her shirt when she winced. “Do you want some pain medication?”


“No. I’m okay. The stitches just pulled a little bit.”


Dana slipped the blonde’s prescriptions in her pocket before they left so she had them just in case.




They spent a relaxed day together – a late lunch, a walk in the park, a stop at Dana’s apartment to pick up clothes for the next day, and a candlelit dinner prepared by Dana. After dinner they watched a little TV before turning in.


Nicole approached Dana from behind as she washed her face in the bathroom sink. She gently ran her hands along the redhead’s back and waist.


“Mmmm...” Dana dried her face and turned around with a smile.


Nicole slipped her arms around Dana’s waist as she captured her lips in a soft kiss. Dana responded and slipped her arms around Nicole’s neck, deepening the kiss. She didn’t realize they had moved until she felt the back of her legs bump against the bed. They laid down wrapped in each other’s arms.




Monday, July 6th, 1998


In the morning, Dana got ready for work as the blonde watched. She then sat on the side of the bed. “If you need anything call me. And make sure you take your antibiotics – you have to take them all.”


“I will. I’ll see you after my physio and the doctor’s appointment.”


“Only if she clears you for light duty, otherwise you need to take it easy.”


Nicole smiled at her lover’s protectiveness. “Yes, Doctor.” She reached out and caressed Dana’s cheek. “I’ll be fine, Dana.”


The redhead smiled, then leaned forward and kissed the blonde. “I’ll see you later.”




FBI Headquarters


Dana looked up with surprise when her partner entered their office. “The doctor cleared you for light duty?”


Nicole smiled as she handed over a copy of her doctor’s release. “Yes, she did.”


“And what about the sling?” she asked pointedly. “With your injury I’d expect you to be in a sling for at least two more weeks.”


The blonde carefully removed her blazer and hung it on the back of her chair before sitting at her desk. “She said as long as I took it easy I could go without it, and if my chest gets too sore I can still use it.”


“If you have it with you,” Dana challenged.


“It’s in my briefcase,” she replied with a knowing smirk.




Mid afternoon Dana received a call requesting she do an autopsy for DC Metro, so she packed up her stuff and prepared to leave. She stood at the side of her partner’s desk where Nicole was busy catching up on her paperwork and emails.


“Promise me you won’t work to late today. You have plenty of time to get things caught up – you’ll be on light duty for some time.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Nicole replied without looking up from her computer screen.


Dana put her palms on the top of the blonde’s desk, leaning on them. “Hey.” She waited until her partner met her gaze. “I can’t help but worry about you – I love you.”


Nicole was warmed by her partner’s words, tone, and the look in her eyes. She smiled softly. “I know; I love you, too. I promise I won’t overdo things.”


The redhead returned her smile as she bent down and gave Nicole a soft kiss on the lips. “I don’t know how long I’ll be, but I’ll give you a call later.”




She left.




When Dana returned to the office she was glad to find her partner was not there. She was pleased that Nicole had kept her promise to not work late. After filing her copy of the autopsy report she started to pack up for the day. She picked up her phone and called the blonde.




“Nicole, it’s me.”


“What’s up?” The blonde sounded distracted.


“I was about to call it a day and wondered if you wanted me to pick something up for dinner and bring it over.”


“Oh. Uh, not tonight.”


Dana frowned. “Are you okay, Nicole?”


“Yeah. I just don’t feel up to anything tonight. I think I’ll go to bed early.”


“Okay. You should take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. I’ll see to you tomorrow. I love you.”




Dana stared at the phone, confused by the dial tone and Nicole’s abruptness.




Logan’s House


“That was rather rude, wasn’t it?”


Nicole turned around. “Well, under the circumstances I can’t exactly risk her coming over, now can I?”


“I know, but–”


“Drop it, Ian.”


“I know you love her, pet.”


“I said drop it.” She set her cell phone down and removed another weapon from the wall rack. “Just how sure are you that he’s here in the city?”


“Nothing is ever for certain where Fritz is concerned. He moves around and always keeps his nest a secret. It’s part of how he’s survived longer than any other vampire.”


“Can you trust your source?”


Ian nodded. “Yeah, he’s a good bloke. No one can say definitely that they’ve seen him, but the prevailing rumor is that Fritz Klingemann is here.” He paused before continuing. “How close did you get to him last time?”


“Not close enough,” she growled.


With that they left the safe room and Nicole locked it back up. Upstairs in the kitchen they finished their preparations.




Nicole stepped out of her bedroom and heard a loud wolf-whistle. She just gave Ian an unamused look.


“Looking good, luv. You do wear leather well,” he said with a cocky grin.


She picked up a knife from the table and tucked it away in her boot. “Let’s go.”


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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

  • Fic: Heat

    Title: Heat Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: G Word Count: ~ 370 Summary: Janet surprises Sam at…

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