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Dana's Malakim Pt 9/32

Title: Dana’s Malakim

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC (Logan)

Rating: NC17

Summary: Scully must identify Mulder’s body after his suicide. Dying of cancer, she now faces an uncertain future, a crisis of faith... and a new partner. Little does she know the extraordinary and incredible things she’s seen while with the X-Files are nothing compared to what’s to come.

Time line/Spoilers: AU. Starts immediately after S4E23 Demons.

Disclaimer: X-Files and its characters belong to C.C. and 1013 Productions. No copyright infringement intended, no money be made.

A/N1: Some dialogue taken directly from the show. Although I do a bit of research for my stories, I’ve never been a cop, doctor, herbalist, psychologist, or theologist.

A/N2: Special thanks to sinadino  for the German translations, and to xhuggles  and ivy_wang  for the Chinese translations.

A/N3: All mistakes are my own. Special thanks to oxfordshoes2  for the beta.


Dana’s Malakim

Part 9




New Orleans, LA

Sunday, June 22nd, 1997


Nicole and Monica had coordinated their outfits for the night because of the dance contest. Nicole was dressed all in white. She was wearing white, form fitting jeans; a very snug, low scoop neck, white tank top under a crisp starched white oxford, and white boots. Monica was dressed identically, except her clothes were black and her pants were leather.


The result was a striking study of contrasts. Light and dark, blonde and brunette, yin and yang. They looked so different yet they completed a perfect picture, complimented each other, belonged together. There was an aura about them as they entered the club – heads turned as they moved through the crowd.


“Damn...” Sgt. Laffite said.


Scully turned to her. “What?” Then she saw her partner and the brunette agent.


“Well if our suspect didn’t notice her before, he will tonight!” Laffite said. “If we weren’t working a case I’d ask her out,” she added.


They heard muted agreements from both Larry and Ben over their ear pieces. Scully kept her thoughts to herself. But there was definitely something about Logan, something different, an air about her that she hadn’t seen before. Several words came to mind: animal magnetism, charisma, sensuality, nobility. It wasn’t that she didn’t think Logan was an attractive woman before, it was just... Her partner just seemed to be projecting an aura of all these things and it made... Scully couldn’t really put it into words, but the effect was obvious. Heads were turning everywhere.


Nicole and Monica found a table and it was as if they were royalty holding court. They received excellent service from the staff and many people came and went from their company.


Once again, a nagging hint of irritation gnawed at Scully when she saw the ‘loving’ looks Logan and Reyes were exchanging. She shoved it to the back of her mind, telling herself she needed to be on alert. She needed to keep her eyes open for any possible suspects.


About an hour before the dance contest was to begin Monica and Nicole made their way to the dance floor. They wanted to warm up and prepare for the contest. While they were dancing Scully went to the bar to get refills for herself and Laffite. By the time she got back to the table, Det. Moore had arrived. Laffite’s arm was around the detective’s shoulders, keeping up their cover as a couple.


Suddenly Moore’s jaw dropped. She was looking toward the dance floor and she had just gotten a look at Monica and Nicole dancing together on the floor. “Um,” she shook her head absently and sort of pointed toward the dance floor. “Damn...” she whispered as Monica and Nicole gracefully moved toward their table.


“Tell me about it,” Laffite commiserated.


“What the hell did she do? Jump into a vat of ‘look at me, I’m hot’ pheromones or something?” Moore asked incredulously. “Damn, I’m tempted to go over and ask her for a date.”


Laffite made an amused noise and bumped her shoulder against Scully’s. “Well, your partner just got the straight girl vote. So it’s official – she’s hot.”


Moore let out a chuckle. “It’s not going to be a problem finding someone watching her tonight. It’s going to be hard to find someone that isn’t,” she said grinning.


The detective’s comment made Laffite and Scully exchange a look.




The dance contest was fun to watch. It started with several couples on the floor at the same time while the judges pared them down. Nicole and Monica seemed to move well together as if they were quite accustomed to dancing together. When the large number of couples was pared down to a dozen, they were still standing. There were four couples each of female/female, male/male and male/female. There would be a first, second and third place picked in each category, and then an overall champion couple picked.


It was the overall competition that everyone was really looking forward to, because that’s when the couples really went all out and also got to do freestyle routines of their own choosing in addition to the required dances.


During the finals for the women Monica and Nicole had to dance the Swing, the Cha-Cha, and the Salsa.


“They look like they’ve been dance partners for years,” Moore said.


“I know they practiced all this afternoon,” Scully replied.


“Well, your partner is a hell of dancer,” Laffite chipped in.


“They’ve both got some great moves,” Moore added.


After all 12 couples were done dancing the results were announced. Nicole and Monica took first in their group. They would now compete against the other two first place couples for the overall competition. There was going to be a break, however before the competition resumed, giving everyone a chance to rest.


Nicole and Monica sat at their table and rested. Since several people were stopping by and congratulating the couple, the law enforcement women decided to do so as well. It gave them the chance to move around the crowd and to touch base with the couple.


Scully and Laffite were first to go by their table.


“You were great!” said the sergeant.


“Thanks,” replied Monica.


Scully put her hand on Logan’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “You’ve got some hidden talents there, Logan,” she said with an amused smile and a sparkle in her eyes. “Who would have thought?”


“Gee thanks, Scully,” the blonde replied with a smirk.


Scully and Lafitte returned to their own table. Other well wishers stopped by their table to compliment the couple and wish them luck.


Nicole and Monica were finally alone at their table. They were holding hands and sitting close. They continued to play their roles as lovers. In truth, it wasn’t very hard. Even though Nicole was in a different state of mind – on the hunt – she was not immune to the beauty and allure that was Monica Reyes. Especially while dancing, holding her body, feeling her move in perfect rhythm with her own. She leaned in and spoke softly in Monica’s ear.


“In case I haven’t told you tonight, you’re beautiful.”


Monica pulled back to she could look in Nicole’s eyes. She tenderly caressed Nicole’s cheek and then leaned in and kissed the blonde. She pulled back and smiled at Nicole. “I want you to know, regardless of the circumstances, I’m glad our paths crossed again. I’ll always be your friend.”


Nicole returned her smile. “Same here.” She leaned in and they kissed once again.




The final three couples took the floor.


The emcee took the microphone. “Ladies and gentleman, as our finalists in the overall competition take the floor I’d like to go over the rules for this part of the competition. We will be doing things a little differently than we did in the earlier portions. Rather than having prearranged dance selections, our couples will now be judged on their knowledge and ability perform without preparation. Our couples have no idea what dances they will be asked to perform, and you, our audience, will be the ones to decide.”


A murmur went through the audience.


“Then we will finish up with a freestyle performance by each couple. And now, let me once again introduce our judges for this evening’s competition.” The judges stood as he reintroduced them.


An audience member was chosen at random to pick the first dance.


“How about the Bolero?”


Not only was the Bolero a bit slower than the earlier dances, but it was a bit more suggestive since the partners held each other much closer. It was also clear that one couple, the male/male couple, was not as familiar with the Bolero.


For the next dance someone chose the Tango. The emcee continued to pick people from the audience. Rumba, Mambo, Waltz, even Dirty Dancing were requested.


When it came to the final performances, the freestyles, it was pretty clear it was going to be between Nicole and Monica, and the male/female couple. They drew numbers to see in what order they would go. Monica and Nicole would be last.


The crowd absolutely loved the freestyle dances. The couples got to show off their best moves. Both the male/male couple and the female/male couple showed off their best steps and seemed to have fun.


Finally it was Nicole and Monica’s turn. Their number had humor in it. It started with Nicole trying to instruct Monica in textbook, stiff, formal dance steps. Correcting her posture, arm position, etc. as they danced. And for her part, the brunette was having trouble with the steps and keeping time with the formal metered music. Then Monica appeared to throw up her hands in aggravation. She marched over to the DJ to request different music. The music changed to something very sensual and romantic.


Monica went back to Nicole who tried to start over with her ‘dance lesson’. Monica shook her head though, and took over the lesson. She moved behind Nicole, put her hands on the blonde’s hips, and by moving her own hips while pressed against Nicole, got the blonde to slowly loosen up and get into the new music. From there she eased her ‘instructor’ into loosening up more and more. It was a dance of pure seduction. It was full of sensuality, romance, and eroticism. During their dance the only sound in the whole club was the music they danced to. Not a single drink was poured or served – not that one was ordered. All eyes were on them.


Once they finished there were a couple of seconds of complete silence. Then the whole place burst out in applause. Nicole and Monica kissed tenderly, then retrieved their oxford over-shirts which had been discarded during the dance.


My god, that was... Scully searched for the right word.


“That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,” Moore said in awe.


“It was pretty amazing,” Scully agreed.


“Incredible? I’d say that was hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Laffite said in no uncertain terms.


Hot... yeah, that’s one word for it. Hot, sexy... erotic.


“If that didn’t get the suspect’s attention nothing will,” Moore added softly.


It wasn’t long before the judges were ready with the results. The male/male couple came in third; the female/male couple second. And, not surprisingly, Nicole and Monica came in first.


The emcee called them up to the stage. “And what are your names?”


“Monica Reyes.”


“Nicole Logan.”


“What do you do for a living?”


“I’m on sabbatical from teaching, writing a book.” Nicole gave Monica a glance and tightened her arm around the brunette’s waist. “And I’m so very glad I’m here.”


“What do you do, Ms. Reyes?”


“I’m a post grad student at Tulane,” she answered.


“Well, congratulations to both of you.” He handed the trophy to them.




Bait Condo


Nicole and Monica opted to go out for something light to eat after leaving the club. It was also a way to see if they were being followed. They played up their roles and were very obvious about being a couple – holding hands, kissing, whispering in each other’s ear, etc.


They then drove to the condo building. Upon entering the bait condo Nicole pointed out the hidden surveillance equipment. “At least there’s privacy in the bathroom,” she said with a smirk.


She poured them both a drink and they stepped out onto the small balcony. It was a move specifically designed to let anyone watching the building know which condo was Nicole’s. Once they finished their drinks, Monica left and drove home.




Monday, June 23rd, 1997


Only a few short hours later, despite being out so late, Logan got up in the morning, dressed, and headed out for a run. Det. Ben Corbin discreetly shadowed her on a bike on her run. They were both cataloging who they saw on her run so they could hopefully recognize someone from the club, or determine if she was being followed by someone.


When she returned to the condo Scully was waiting for her. She tossed Logan a cold bottle of water. “I can’t believe you went for run so early this morning.”


The blonde smiled. “Have to make myself a choice target – make our boy take the bait,” she replied.


“Were you followed?”


“I didn’t see him, but he was there – I could feel his eyes.” She started for the bathroom. “I need a shower. I’ll just be a couple of minutes.”




Logan took a fast shower and changed into some clean clothes. She then joined Scully and they had some breakfast and mapped out the day.




The French Quarter


Logan decided on a little bit of window shopping. While she was browsing she ran into a familiar face – Brian Monroe. Brian was one of the doormen/bouncers from Dreams. He was a nice guy that everyone at the club knew and liked. He was always protective of the patrons, ensuring their safety both inside and outside the doors. If someone, male or female, didn’t want to walk to their car alone, Brian was always there to escort them. If someone got out of hand inside the club Brian had a way of calming people down and convincing them to behave. And if they got out of hand he had the size, strength, and will to enforce their good behavior, or if necessary, compel their departure.


They decided to have a cup of coffee. At the coffee shop Brian offered to get their drinks while Nicole got a table. She indicated she’d prefer tea to coffee. While Brian got their drinks Logan got a table next to the window. She was trying to keep an eye out for anyone following her. She spotted Det. North and Sgt. Laffite, though they were inconspicuous.


Nicole and Brian had a nice visit over tea and coffee. Afterwards they prepared to go their separate ways. Brian walked with Logan to her car and then bade her farewell. As the blonde opened her car door she suddenly felt lightheaded.




She heard concern in the voice. She looked up and saw Brian looking at her from several yards away.


“Are you alright?” He started coming back towards her.


She took a deep breath and held up a hand in the universal gesture for stop. “Yeah, I’m okay. Just a little light­headed.”


Brian stopped in his tracks. “Are you sure?”


She nodded. “Yeah. I’m headed home. I think I just need some rest.”


“If you’re sure...” he replied, but stood his ground and watched her, presumably to make sure she got away alright.


As Nicole bent to get into the driver’s seat she wavered and almost nosedived into the parking lot.


Brian raced to her side and helped to steady her. “I’ve got you. Nicole, I don’t think you should be driving. Let me drive you home.”


She groggily nodded and handed him her keys. He helped her around to the passenger’s side, then got her settled into the seat and even put her seatbelt on for her. She fought to stay conscious. Brian got behind the wheel of the car and started it up. She managed to look in his eyes – he either hid, or controlled, the evil within very well – she had never sensed it in him... until now. She fought the substance within her but before he got out of the parking lot Logan was out cold. He pulled out of the lot, but did not go in the direction of the condo.


At first, Laffite and North weren’t sure what was going on. The equipment they had allowed them to hear what Logan and Brian had said. And they knew Logan had not slept but a couple of hours the night before. But when Brian drove by, they saw Logan’s slumped form in the passenger seat. They rushed to their car and called for backup. They had no idea what condition the blonde was in.




Logan came to as a flashlight was shined in her eyes. She swatted at it. The blonde tried to sit up but was pushed back against the car seat by a firm hand on her shoulder.


“Take it easy, Nicole. You’ve been drugged,” Scully’s concerned voice soothed. She gave Logan’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.


Logan swallowed. “I’m fine. I just need a couple minutes.” She took a few deep breaths, trying to clear her head and get her system going again. She felt Scully’s hand on her wrist, checking her pulse.


The redhead gently lifted the blonde’s eyelids so she could get a better look in her eyes. “Follow my finger,” she said holding her index finger up in front her partner’s face. She moved it around and watched Logan’s eyes as they tracked the movement of her finger. “Do you remember what happened?”


She nodded. “I ran into Brian window shopping. Agreed to have coffee with him. He must have put it in my tea. I didn’t smell or taste it because I had spiced tea.” Logan sat up again. She took a couple of slow, deep breaths before pushing herself to her feet, forcing Scully to back out the way. She held onto the car door to steady herself.


“You should wait for an ambulance, Logan. You need to be checked out.”


She shook her head. “I’m fine, Scully.” She looked around. “Where’s Brian?”


“They took him in. Reyes is heading up a team to go through his apartment.”


Logan lowered her head and rubbed her temples. “They won’t find anything, not at his apartment. He would have to have somewhere more private. Let’s get back. If they don’t find anything on him, he’s going to walk.”


“We can at least hold him for drugging you.”


The blonde shook her head. “No proof if they don’t find anything at his apartment. He’ll say he knows nothing about it. A lawyer would say I could have been drugged at lunch, and that he was just being nice and helpful, taking me home since I got sick. And he’ll be able to produce over a hundred character witnesses to say it would have been out of character for Brian not to do so.”


“That’s just another reason to get you checked out. We need to find out what he gave you.”


“You can draw my blood back at the station and have it analyzed.” Logan got back into the car, a bit unsteady but completely on her own. “You can drive,” she added a touch sarcastically.


Scully drove car to the police station, keeping a discreet eye on her partner as she did so. She was still concerned about Logan, despite the fact that the blonde seemed to have come to only a few minutes after she’d passed out.




New Orleans Police Department


Logan was still a little lightheaded as she and Scully walked into the police station. Scully led her partner to the lab and pointed at a stool.


“Sit,” Scully ordered.


Logan didn’t argue. She sat down and leaned against the counter. Scully opened a couple of cabinets looking for a blood collection kit.


One of the techs entered. His name was Eddie. “Can I help you find something?” he asked.


“I need to draw Logan’s blood. Where do you keep the kits?” Scully asked.


“I’ll get it for you.” He was only gone a minute.


Scully drew a couple of vials of blood from Logan. “Could you have a complete tox screen run for us?”


“Sure. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?”


Scully shook her head. “We don’t know what he gave her. Test for as many things as you can think of.”


“Alright.” Eddie left with the vials.


Logan and Scully then sought out Lt. Grant Scipio. The three of them stood outside the interview room and observed their suspect.


“Has he asked for a lawyer yet?” Logan asked.


“No. He says he doesn’t need one. That he doesn’t understand what’s going on. He says he was helping you because you seemed to get sick, and he’s expressed concern for you. He’s asked if you’re alright.” Scipio looked over at Logan. “Are you sure he’s the one? That he drugged you? Even Sgt. Laffite reported he didn’t say anything to indicate he was anything but a nice guy helping someone he knew.”


“It’s him,” Logan said confidently, remembering the taint of his soul.


Lt. Scipio nodded. He looked at her again. “Are you alright, Agent Logan?”


“I’m fine. Whatever he gave me seems to have worn off quick­ly. I don’t think I got a full dose,” she stated with a touch of humor coloring her tone.


“What was it?”


“We don’t know yet. I drew her blood and asked your people to analyze it for us,” Scully supplied.


“Well it wasn’t Rohypnol – I remember everything. And I seriously doubt it was GHB, ketamine, or MDMA.”


“You want to interview him?” he asked.


“Yes. But I want to know everything we can about him first. And I want to wait to see what Monica and the others turn up at his place. If they don’t find anything the only way we’ll get him is through a confession.”


Logan suddenly turned and made her way to the break room where she made herself a cup of hot tea. She then went into the bathroom. She was doing a fairly good job of fighting whatever he’d slipped into her drink, but she needed to clear her system. She locked the door to the bathroom long enough to extend her wings and pluck a feather. After snapping open the quill and mixing the liquid into her tea, she retracted her wings and unlocked the bathroom door. She returned to the break room and made herself comfortable on the couch, drinking her tea.


Once Logan finished her tea she settled herself, closed her eyes, and turned her mind inward. After a few deep, cleansing breaths her entire being stilled. Her heart slowed to a slow but steady 20 beats per minute, and her respiration to a slow and deep four breaths per minute.


Scully walked into the break room and found Logan with her eyes closed and head down a bit. She was so still Scully thought she may be asleep, or possibly unconscious again – a real concern since she didn’t know what Brian had dosed her partner with yet. Even though Logan seemed to shake the effects of whatever she’d ingested rather quickly, Scully didn’t like that the blonde wouldn’t go get checked out.


She was just about to call Logan’s name when she realized Logan’s back was perfectly straight and she was basically sitting in a classic lotus position. Scully simply observed her. Although slow, the blonde’s respirations were steady.


Logan’s mind had turned inward to assist her body. However, she immediately sensed Scully’s presence. She allowed part of her mind to linger there.


“Do you need me, Scully?” she asked softly.


Scully startled at the sound of Logan’s voice. The blonde hadn’t opened her eyes or given any sign she was at all aware of her presence. “We’ll need a urine sample when you go to the bathroom. I brought you a specimen jar.”




Scully lingered for a several more moments before she left.




Since Logan had upped her preventative steps that morning, the additional dose she drank in the break room was enough to aid her in cleansing the foreign substances from her system. It didn’t take as long as it could have. When she opened her eyes she felt good and her mind was perfectly clear. She picked up the specimen jar Scully had left and went to the bathroom. She took the jar to the lab where her blood was being analyzed. She found both Scully and the lab tech Eddie working. She set the sample on the counter.


“Found anything yet?” Logan asked.


Scully looked up. “Not yet. But it may not have been long enough for whatever drug it was to get into your bloodstream. We’ll take another sample in a few hours.”


“He’s too smart to use a drug you’d normally test for. Certainly nothing synthetic or artificial. I’d look at organics – possibly biological, probably botanical.”


“Do you have any idea how many drugs and toxins are of biological or botanical origin?” Eddie asked.


Logan shook her head. “That’s not what I mean.”


“I think I understand,” Scully replied. “You’re talking about something that’s not too difficult to obtain and can be used by an informed lay person. You’re thinking homeopathic and herbal substances.”




“Alright. We’ll get started on it. Sgt. Laffite has been doing some background work on Brian. You might want to see what she has so far.”


“Thanks, Scully.”




Logan found Laffite working at a computer. “Hey, Sergeant.”


The police sergeant popped her head up. “Agent Logan! How are you?”


“I’m okay. Scully says you’ve been digging into Brian’s background.”


She nodded. “I haven’t found much. He’s coming up clean. No record, no arrests, not even any traffic tickets. Checked his past employers, all of them say the same thing – couldn’t ask for a nicer person or a better employee; would hire him back in a second. I still can’t believe it’s him myself.” She shook her head. “Anyway,” she took a deep breath, “no college or other higher education on his record.”


“Where did he go to high school?”


“He was tutored overseas. His mother was with the consulate in Hong Kong.”


Logan’s eyes lit up as a piece of the puzzle fell into place. “Alright. Keep digging.”


Laffite nodded.


Logan stepped out into the hallway and pulled out her phone.




“Hey, Monica.”


“Nicole, are you alright?” she asked clearly concerned.


“Yeah. I’m alright.”


“They told me you were unconscious when they stopped Brian Monroe in your car.”


“I’m okay, Monica, really. I was only out for a few minutes. I may not have gotten a full dose.”


“A dose of what?”


“Still working on that. Are you finding anything at his apartment?”


The brunette let out a sigh. “Nothing out of the ordinary. There’s no blood to be found anywhere, no drugs – not even aspirin. They’ve dusted only a few places so far, but there’s no indication anyone but Brian was ever here.”


“I’m not surprised. Listen, can you do me favor?”


“Name it.”


“Take pictures of everything, every room, every book shelf, everything. And bring them back as soon as you’re done.”


“Alright. I’ll get right on it.”


“Thanks, Monica. I’ll see you when you get here.”




Logan was on a computer doing some research when Reyes entered. She walked up to Nicole and put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey there.”


Nicole turned on the stool to face her. “Hi.”


Monica just looked at her for a few moments.


The blonde gave her a small smile. “I’m alright, Monica. Really.”


The brunette lightly touched Nicole’s cheek. “I was worried about you,” she said softly.


Nicole stood and they embraced. Once they released each other Logan sat back down. Monica pulled the digital storage disk out of the camera.


“Your pictures,” she said with a smile.




They got to work.




Logan stared at pictures of the kitchen.


“Do you want to see inside the cabinets?” Monica asked.


“You got pictures of that?”


“You said you wanted everything, every detail,” she replied with a hint of a smirk.


“Yes, please,” Nicole said, pleasantly surprised. She then addressed Scully who had just entered. “Hey, Scully.”


Scully held up a folder. “We have some results. Kava-lactones and valeric acid.”


Logan nodded. “Kava and valerian. Not surprising.”


“There are some other things in smaller concentrations that we haven’t nailed down yet.”


“I think I know what they are,” Logan replied cryptically and looked at the image on the computer screen with the open kitchen cabinets. She took a breath and let it out. “It’s time to talk to him.”


“But we don’t have anything to tie him to any of the crime scenes and the only prints we recovered from his apartment are his,” Monica said. “We didn’t find anything that indicated he owns, rents, or leases any property, dwelling, or storage locker anywhere – except for his apartment. And no clean suits or any paper trail showing he procured any. We can’t even prove he was the one who drugged you. Basically we have nothing.”


Logan took another breath. “Then he’ll have to confess.” With that the blonde turned and left the room.



part 10

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  • A meme...

    Snertched from debrakla * Comment on this entry saying Rhubarb!, and I'll pick three things from your profile interests or tags. * Write about…

  • Personalized Easter Icons -- CLOSED

    THIS OFFER IS CLOSED. Here are some Easter icons available for personalization. I will personalize up to 3 icons per person. Just let me

  • Easter Icons (Animated and Stock)

    I've posted 32 Easter Icons over at my icon comm. (16 stock and 16 animated). Samples: 14 28 See the rest HERE @…