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Weak in the Knees; chapter twenty-four

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Please see previous parts for disclaimer/summary/notes. As always, special thanks to celievamp for the beta.


Chapter 24


Morgan had to fight with the attending physician, but she vehemently refused to be admitted into the hospital for observation.


“Agent Morgan, you have a concussion, your ribs are broken, and your shoulder was dislocated–”


“All of which you can’t do a damn thing about at this point.”




“I’m a doctor – I know you can’t make me stay. And I’m not going to. So go get the damn paper­work I need to sign so I can get out of here.”


The paperwork was brought and she signed herself out A.M.A. (against medical advice).




Scully stood up when Bobby and Morgan both came out. “They’re not keeping you overnight?”


“I’m fine.”


Morgan’s reply received a highly arched eyebrow in response. Scully clearly didn’t believe her. The brunette continued on her way out the door.


Scully exchanged a look with Bobby, but then they followed.


“Det. Franco brought me in your car,” Scully informed Bobby. “It’s over here.” She took the lead.


Bobby helped Morgan into the back seat and then got in the front with Scully. “We need to make a stop on the way back to the hotel,” he informed the redhead.


Scully nodded and Bobby pulled out of the parking lot. When he pulled the car into a parking space Morgan looked at where they were.


“What are we doing here?”


“You know why we’re here,” replied Bobby.


“Forget it, Bobby. I just want to go back to the hotel.”


Scully turned slightly and looked at her partner, and noted the irritated expression on her face.


Bobby turned around to look at Morgan. “I didn’t say anything about want. This about need, Morgan, and you damn well know it,” he snapped, not giving an inch.


Morgan glared at him. “I don’t–”


“I know.”


When she didn’t reply he opened the door and got out of the car.


Scully watched Morgan. The brunette was obviously not pleased. In fact, she seemed downright sulky; something she hadn’t seen in Jess before. She was uncomfortable with the heavy silence in the car, but she didn’t know how to break it. She didn’t know what to say to Morgan. Hell, she didn’t know what to think.


Morgan, on the other hand, did know what to think. She knew as soon as Scully had seen her at the bar that it was over. Dana had seen something Toni never had; she’d seen her other half. She closed her eyes and mourned what was apparently not to be.


Bobby returned to the car after only a few short minutes. He lightly tossed a small, brown, paper bag to Morgan in the backseat. They exchanged a look before he turned back. “Now we can go to the hotel.”




At the hotel, Bobby helped Morgan up to her room. Scully watched silently as Morgan stiffly walked into the bathroom with the paper bag in her hand and closed the door. She was clearly in pain.


In the bathroom Morgan opened the bag and took out the plastic container within. She removed the lid and drank the still warm blood. She looked in the mirror at her own visage, obsidian eyes looking back at her, mocking her. The half of her heritage that had saved her life... had just lost her the chance of being happy again.


When Morgan came out of the bathroom she threw the paper bag, with the empty container in it, at Bobby. He caught it and, with a nod, left without a word.


Morgan began to unbutton her shirt with her right hand. She carefully shrugged it off, exposing her bound left arm and ribs. She then undid her jeans and managed to push them down and off. She didn’t bother with pajamas as she moved to the bed. Scully was transfixed by the visible damage, the bruising, on Morgan’s body; evidence of the brutality she’d withstood. She startled a little at the sound of her partner’s voice.


“If you don’t mind, turn off the light on your way out, please. I’ll be sleeping in late.” Morgan was lying under the sheet, her eyes already closed.


Silently, Scully turned off the light and retreated through the connecting door to her own room, locking it behind herself.


The snick of the lock as Dana turned it was as loud as a jail cell door slamming into place, locking her heart away. It was the first time the adjoining door between their rooms had been locked. A single tear escaped and rolled down the side of Jess’s face and into her ear.


Scully tossed and turned the rest of the night. Sleeping poorly, and having disturbing dreams. She dreamt of eyes black as night and sharp fangs... and blood. She dreamt of monsters and Mulder and being caught in quicksand, unable to escape. She dreamt of eyes sparkling grey and full of warmth and understanding. She dreamt of happiness and passionate lovemaking.




Since it was after 3:00am by the time they got done at the hospital and back to the hotel, it was a little after 10:00 when Scully woke. She awoke to find herself clutching the second pillow to herself and wondering why it wasn’t Jess she was holding. Jess...


Everything from the night before came flooding into her mind, including the dreams. She didn’t know what she had seen meant, but she knew she had to find out.


Scully got up, showered, and dressed. Having braced herself for the coming conversation, she unlocked the adjoining door and stepped quietly into her partner’s room. She was not prepared for what waited for her.




Jess was gone... as was her luggage. Scully was absolutely livid! She never thought Jess would ditch her like Mulder had done countless times. “FUCK!” She whirled around to leave the room, but something caught her eye. There was a folded, white piece of paper taped to the door adjoining their rooms. It had her name on it. She took it down and opened it. It was definitely Jess’s handwriting.




I’ve cleared it with the Director – there’s no need for you to continue this case with me or to stay on the taskforce. You’re free to do as you please and have your choice of assignments in any division, at any location you want. Good luck with whatever you choose.


With my highest regards,

Special Agent Jessica Morgan


Scully stalked back into her own room, the note crumpled in her fist. She was so angry she was having trouble thinking clearly. She closed her eyes and counted to ten, trying to calm herself down. She pulled out her cell phone and called Jess. Not surprisingly Scully got her voicemail. She was too angry to leave a message though. Scully went to her nightstand and picked up the busi­ness card Det. Bobby Marinelli had given her. She dialed his number.


“Marinelli.” He sounded half asleep.


“Det. Marinelli, it’s Agent Scully. I need to speak with you.”


“Umm... alright.” He gave her directions to his place.




Scully knocked on the detective’s door. The door opened and she stepped into a rather dark apart­ment. All the windows were covered by blinds and heavy drapery. The only light in the living room came from a lamp standing next to the couch.


“Come on in, Agent Scully.”


“Thank you. I appreciate you meeting with me.”


“Would you like something to drink? Coffee?”


“Coffee would be great.”


“Come on into the kitchen.” Bobby led Scully into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee as she took a seat at the kitchen table. He sat down across from her. “Now, what can I do for you?”


“How long have you known Jess?”


“Let’s see, the Stevenson case was in ‘91, so eight years.” He gave her a hard look. “Is something wrong?”


“I’m trying to figure out what’s going on; what’s happened.” She took a breath and let it out. “What was that all about in the car last night between you and Jess? What was in that paper bag?”


“I think that’s something you should ask her. It’s not my place to tell you.”


“I would, except she’s gone!” Scully snapped.


Bobby sighed. “I didn’t expect that... but it’s still not my place to tell you.”


“What can you tell me?”


“I can tell you that Morgan is the best damn cop I’ve ever seen. She has great instincts and really cares about the job, the cases, the victims. I’d work with her anytime, anywhere. She’s already saved my life once, back in ‘91.” He got up and poured two cups of the freshly made coffee. He set a cup down in front Scully before retaking his seat. “Morgan is as good a person as they come. I was pleased she called me for help. Although in the end, I didn’t turn out to be much help,” he added regretfully. He lightly touched a hand to the back of his head. “I got blindsided.”


“It can happen to anyone.”


“You said Morgan was gone. Did she indicate where she went?”


“No. She was gone when I got up – just left me a note saying it wasn’t necessary for me to con­tinue to work with her, that I was free to do whatever I wanted.”


“And what if what you want is to continue to work with her?” He paused for a couple of beats. “Or, do you?”


Scully looked down into her cup of coffee, feeling a little ashamed. “I don’t know,” she said softly. “I need to know what’s going on before I can determine that.”


“Then you need to talk to Morgan.”


“Yeah. But she left.”


Bobby let out a snort. “Well I can tell you she didn’t walk out on the case. And I don’t imagine it would be all that hard for you as an FBI agent to find her.”


After a few seconds of silence Scully put her cup on the table and thanked Bobby for his time. She then left.


Bobby poured the remnants of the coffee down the drain. He opened the refrigerator, pulled out a container of blood and put it in the microwave to warm it up. “What in the hell are you up to, Morgan?” After the microwave dinged, he took out the blood and started to drink it. It would be hours before the sun set and it was safe for him go out, but he could make a call. He dialed Morgan’s number.


“Hello, Bobby. Isn’t it a bit sunny out for a creature of the night like you?” she quipped.


“Up yours, half-breed. What the hell did you do, Morgan?”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean, you disappeared without telling your partner where you were going.”


“I told you – she saw me, Bobby.”




“So it was best for me to continue working the case without her. I gave her a glowing and well deserved review, and made sure she has her pick of assignments.”


“What if she still wants to work with you?”


“I highly doubt that.”




“Because most people don’t take it too well when someone they’ve gotten involved with has deceived them. And I can tell you that Dana is not a woman who takes kindly to being lied to or misled.”


“Involved w– You mean– Damn, Morgan.”


“Yeah, well...”


“So, where are you now?”


“Why?” she asked suspiciously.


“Keep your knickers on. Scully was just here asking questions about you.”


Morgan sighed. “What did you tell her?”


“Well, I didn’t tell her you’re a half-breed. But you need to sit down and have a talk with the woman. You owe her that, Morgan.”




Scully placed a few phone calls. Morgan had returned to Miami. She didn’t know why, or where the brunette would be staying, but she decided to go and see if she could get the woman to talk to her.



Chapter 25...

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  • Fic: Diary

    Title: Diary Author: dhamphir Fandom: SG-1 Pairing/Character: Sam/Janet Rating: R Word Count: ~500 Summary: Janet is home alone and feeling…

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