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Welcome to my Lair

This journal was specifically started for me to post my fanfic... and I hope the muses will continue to provide me with enough inspiration to continue writing for some time. However, it has transformed a bit, and lot of other postings are being made, not just my fic. So, I think it's time to make this a friends only journal.

My fic and icon entries will be still be available to the public.

If you want to be friended, simply reply to this post. Thank you.
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To prevent the crossposting of comments to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., on my public posts, comments will be screened. This is not a reflection on any individual. By screening comments I am able to keep most of my posts open to the public rather than having to lock them to my f-list.

Also, under no circumstances is anything in my journal to be reblogged on Tumblr! If I find out this has happened, you will be permanently banned.
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Submit Your Special Requests Here

What kinds of themes you would want or be interested in? For example, would you like a header and matching icon for a boat theme? What about seashells? Fireworks? Wine? Horses? You name it (other than a fandom specific theme).

Tell me what kind of header, banner, or icon you would like, and I'll do my best to make it. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to have personalized, such as any text you'd like on the header, or a name on an icon. If you have any questions just ask.

Just let me know what you want and I'll let you know if I can do it or not.

Snowflake Challenge

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Challenge 5

In your own space, promote a canon/talk about a part of canon that you love. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Whether it is to fix-it, honor it, or expand upon it, canon is why we are all here. So, let's celebrate canon today and talk about our favorites. Nostalgic, new, problematic, or forever canons are all welcome to be loved, dissected, and discussed. Have a favorite scene? A much-loved character? A much-maligned character? Just love the whole thing epically? Talk about it all or as little as you want!

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Snowflake Challenge

Well, it's that time of year again. The Snowflake Challenge is back.

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Challenge 3: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

In your own space, tell us who, from one of your fandoms, would you most want to have dinner with (or tea, or a random afternoon visit), And why? This could be a creator, an actor, a costumer, a set designer, a director, a character, a composer, anybody! What would you talk about? What are you dying to know?

For anyone who knows me at all, this should not be any kind of surprise! I'd choose Janet Fraiser. She is, after all, my number one character love! Not only is she smart as hell, but she's got a razor sharp wit that can cut anyone to size. She can intimidate macho Air Force colonels and Marines alike, not to mention a general or two. And she's her fiercest when she's caring for those she loves.

I'd love to be able to spend some time with her off the clock though, to see her cut loose and have a little fun. (I heard a rumor she made a still when she was in med school.) But also, to get the 411 on everyone she knows, because you just know she's got everyone figured out, and as a doctor, she's must have some funny and embarrassing tales to tell. *lol*

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A meme...

Snertched from debrakla

* Comment on this entry saying Rhubarb!, and I'll pick three things from your profile interests or tags.
* Write about the words/phrases I picked in your journal and link back here.

The three tags she chose were:
1. Icons
2. Love
3. Sensuous Senses

1) I do have a lot of icon posts. I started making and posting icons just over ten years ago. I eventually started making personalized icon offers and then animated icons as I learned more and more about graphics. I haven't made many icons in the last couple of years and haven't posted an offer in quite some time. I enjoyed them, perhaps I'll get back to them this year.

2) Love. What to say about love? I've been in two relationships in the past 10 years, both of which started online, and one of which I'm still very much in contact with and care very deeply about.

3) Sensuous Senses was a series of ficlets I wrote about the five senses for my Scully/Morgan pairing. Jess Morgan is an original female character I created for Scully and is half human/half vampire, and completely in love with Scully. Their story, Weak in the Knees was the first fic I ever posted.

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Maybe I am nuts...

I'm not sure what posessed me, but I signed up this round of genprompt bingo. It's been ages since I've written any short fic, and none of my long fics have been finished, despite working on a couple of them during NaNo. Hopefully the Muse will cooperate. Here's the card I got. Bingo's only 5 little fics, right? So I can do this, right? *lol*

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Hurricane Hanna...

I just thought I'd give a quick update to my friends.

11:30AM Saturday: Right now, the leading bands of the hurrican are hitting us here in Corpus Christi. There's rain and wind... and blessed a break from the ungodly heat we've been experiencing this month. All but three days this month we've experienced heat indexes of 105 and up, with some days as high as 116. Right now it's 77 degrees. I have to admit, I'm rather pleased about the temperature part. *lol*

Anyway, things are calm, and I'm fine. I have plenty of water, food, and batteries. This hurricane is nothing like Harvey that hit us 3 years ago. Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane while Hannah is a Category 1. The eye of the hurricane is expected to hit a little south of us by 6 this evening. I fully expect to lose power at some point this afternoon due to the winds.